Making School Supplies out of Candy! Learn How To Diy Back To School Edible Food Challenge Prank

– Taste the rainbow! (laughing) – What is going on? – Well, you know what happens when you taste the rainbow.
– Dude. – Right, Devan?
– No. – This happens. Boom, you get a pot of gold, dude. Check this out! Bro, this makes no sense. – You know what else happens when you get a pot of gold, Devan? – No. – You turn into a Leprechaun, bro. – Wait, what?
– Check it out. Alright, watch it, I guess
it doesn’t quite make as much sense as I thought it would. So, Yeet!
– No, it doesn’t. – You challenged us to make
an edible candy backpack. – But this isn’t candy. Yeet! – That was a great Yeet, Devan. – Thank you. – Yeet. Right, let’s have some avocados. Wait, I mean marshmallows. Here we go. We’re just going to add all avocado, why do I keep forgetting
these are marshmallows? Alright, we’re gonna add all
the marshmallows in here. Just dump them in. Ah, we got one straggler. Alright, now we gotta mix it up. Yo, it’s like fully melted, dude! This is so good! D.I.Y is very difficult when
you’re doing it by yourself. That’s what D.I.Y stands for… – Alright it’s all done,
so, Devan, pick up the bowl. – Okay. Be very careful.
– Three, two, one. Oh, that’s a lot. – Oh, it’s so smooth! – I think it’s too much! Is it all marshmallow chunks, or is it? – [Devan] All marshmallow at the bottom. – Man, we did not mix this well. Three, two, one. Boom. – Well, there it goes.
– Nice. – There it goes, so, yes,
spray your hand first. – And then I’m diving in, bro! – Woo! Wow, it’s a little hot, it’s a little hot! – Ow, yeah, okay, ow. – Here we go! – Carefully. – Alright, so now we
gotta mold this thing. – We’re molding it in
opposite directions, bro. – Now that we’ve shaped it,
it’s time to decorate it. – We’ve got some roll-ups. – [Both] Yeah! Strap is attached. – You gotta have a whole bunch of red vines for the top strapping, so I twist them together like this. – Alright. – This is now an indestructible… And here we go, the final zipper on it. Here’s what we’re gonna do. That is the coolest
backpack I have ever seen. Ready, set, go. But, first, – [Both] We’ve got merch! Aye! – Yo, we got Keyper’s Squad merch. – We got Yeet merch! – We’ve got hoodies! So, click the top link in
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right now to get your merch before it all sells out. Ready, set, go. You can literally wear this as a backpack. – Oh, yeah, okay. Whoa. – High-five. – Alright. – Gotta prank bro! – Awesome. – No, no, no, no. For this one you challenged
us to make edible glue, so right now, let’s go! – Look at that. – [Collins] Alright, so
now we got the butter. – Yay. – Oh, it’s slippery. – Got it. – So, I just need a bowl for this. So, I’m, oh, snap!
– Oh, perfect. – There we go.
– And mine is, where? – Did you hold up your hands?
– Okay. – Here we go, you ready? Three, two, one, boom. Just like that, there you are. There’s yours. Now it’s very important that
you empty out the entire glue, and you then wash it out, ’cause you want to make sure there’s no glue left inside of you. What?
– My hands are so slippery. They’re just slipping all around. – On the count of three, we’re going to make our glue disappear. – Okay. – Three, two, one, boom, there we go. – Now time to mix it! – [Collins] What are you doing? Why are you using your hands?
– [Devan] It feels so crazy. – Bro! – Dude! (mixer whirls) – We had one of those? – Oh, my gosh! – We’re going back to the hands. – Oh yeah, this thing’s out. Alright, so next up, we’ve got
to add some powdered sugar, I have to be very careful with this. (licks lips) The air just tasted like
sugar for a split second. – I was like what happened? – We need eight cups total. Man, that is a lot of powdered sugar. I hope you don’t spill that, bro. – [Collins] We’ve got to
get some more in here. – Oh, man. – Then we gotta get one more here. – [Devan] It’s actually really chalky but a little bit smooth. – Dude. You know what, I’m actually gonna take mine to the next level. Bro, I’m gonna make like a rainbow glue. That way when you’re gluing something you can be like, “Whoa.” Next up we got the bag right here. – [Devan] Do I need one? (laughs) – This is for you. – Oh, thanks, slightly used. – So, here we go, we’re gonna
pop this in here like this, just a very reasonable amount
is kinda the goal here. – Got it, it’s open. – Bro, you really need a spatula. – Well yeah, you took my spatula, bro. – Well, you got to find a new one. Ask and you shall receive. – Cool. – I’ve become a master I mean the frosting. You’re leaking out the side, buddy. – What, it’s fine. Alright, mine’s ready to go. Oh, no. – It’s not even coming out. – It’s not big enough. – You’ve got to bite
through it again, I think. – [Devan] I guess so. – [Collins] I’m gonna add
some food coloring here. I think that should be enough. – You’re dripping on me, bro!
– There we go. There we go. – [Collins] Oh, it’s
not very precise, is it? – Oh, this is a failure.
– [Collins] Whoa! – Oh, no! I’ve overflowed. Look at, it’s all falling apart! So, this is what it’s like to be Collins. – Excuse me, bro? Now that I’ve got all my colors mixed, so now it’s time to add
them to my glue bottle, so. – We gotta get some bags.
– It’s about time. (thump) – [Collins] Alright, here we go. Gonna add the first color in. – Wait, why is the edge of yours curled? – ‘Cause see now, you fold it up like this and so now I can fully
squeeze it from the top and it’s legit and I’m
going to win this round. Hold the bottle for me, bro. – [Devan] Alright. – [Collins] Then we’re
gonna add the first color, which is blue. – Does this mean I get half
of your win, if you win? – What? So, here is the big reveal, dude. This thing turned out so good. Here we go.
– And so did mine. – [Both] Three, two, one, ta-da! Dude, this looks so good. So, I’m gonna pop the top on right now. You know what, I can’t even wait bro, let’s eat these things right
now, alright, you ready? – Let’s do it. – Here we go: – [Both] Three, two, one. – Wait, first, five second
subscribe challenge. We want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
notifications in five seconds. Are you ready? – [Both] Five, four,
three, two, one, done! – If you could do that, comment down below.
– Comment down below. – Keyper Squad right now. Let’s see how this thing tastes. Alright, so I’m going to
dispense it in a circle first, before I try it so we got all purple right now.
– Oh, nice. – [Both] Oh! – [Collins] It’s coming out, there we go. We got some red, some yellow, some greens. – Here we go. Three, two, one. – [Collins] Is it good? – Oh, my. – Got it on your lip. So, here we go, I’m
going to give it a shot, here we go: three, two, one. Dude, that taste so good. Oh, my God!
– [Devan] Yeah? – Comment down below who made cooler glue and right now we are on to the next round. Yo, this is the greatest
treasure chest ever. – What? – Nothing you can’t know
what’s inside of this. This is my very secret box. – Okay, well now I’m super
curious as to what’s in that box. – Watch, I need a padlock for
this, you can’t get into it. So, we’re gonna show you
how to make a candy padlock. Let’s go. (laughs) First up, we’ve got to add some water. (slurping) Next up, got to add the gelatin. Do you know what we do with this, Devan? – No clue. – Guess. It’s written on my shirt. Yeet! Pack of gelatin is mixed. So, here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to use a
marshmallow to stir it up, so it’s gonna pour it in. Nailed it, alright. Get out of there marshmallow. Now it’s time to pop these in the fridge. Next up, we’ve got to get some Airheads and now you mold it together. Next up, just got to grab some toothpicks. Look it, our fingers are all sticky! Is this what Spider-Man feels like? – I’m a little pirate, yar-dee-dar! – You better never go in the ocean, bro, ’cause I bet you the pirate associations gonna come after you, dude. Send the Kraken on him. – Jello’s are now done
and now we’ve got to grab another toothpick. So, toothpick boy. So, we’re gonna pop it
around the edge here. – Well, this going to be tough. – I’ve got to wet my lips first. – Why? To get more suction, traction,
friction, I don’t know. (slurps) Nothing. (pounding) (thump) Yeah, boy. – That’s so close. – You don’t know what you’re doing. – Yeah. – So, when you got your toothpick,
straight down the middle. Boom, look at that. Last but not least. We have this little button, here. Here we go, there’s
like a little dial thing that you use to turn it.
– [Devan] Oh, nice. – Final step. I’m going to pop this here. It’s a lock. (thump) Oh, no, I lost my dial. – It’s like a rappers chain. – Yo, we should be candy rappers. You know what time it is?
– Aye, what! It’s candy time. Ey, ey, ey! Whoa! Lyrics, lot’s of lyrics. We got chains, we got candy, and licorice. – Look at these chains. Ain’t nobody got these chains.
– Oh snap I broke my jewelry. We’re the sweetest candy
rappers of all time. – Locks are made, and now
it’s the moment of truth. I think mine is not gonna work, ’cause it just falls apart really quickly. So, Devan, yours is the chosen lock. – This is going to be a tough move here. Oh, it’s so close, it’s so close. – [Collins] Move it to the side? – I got it, I got it. Yeah! – That’s awesome. So, you gotta comment down below, who made the best one right now. If you want to know what’s
inside the mystery chest. – Hey, what? That was mine. – Yep, I figured out the code. We’ll here’s the big reveal
of what’s in the chest. You ready?
– Can’t wait! – [Both] Three, two, one. – Yo, check it out, guys. It’s a Keyper Squad shirt. And if you want to get this shirt, click the top link in
the description right now or go to and right now, we’re on to the next one. Dude, this is a magical ruler
that literally shrinks people. – Yeah, sure, bro. – Dude, watch, it’s gonna
shrink you right now, here we go. Three, two, one. Yo, dude, it actually worked. Holy cow. – Argh! What is going on? – Well, you guys challenged
us to make a edible ruler that you could literally
eat, and right now, Devan, you’re going to have a very
hard time making it, bro, ’cause you are really small right now. – Yeah, I know, and if you don’t fix me, you’re going to be in big trouble. – Alright guys, well, right now. – Whoa, yes! I’m back. And you are not allowed to do that again! (snaps) – No. I’m gonna use this
color here for my ruler, so, we got to open it up. Oh, no, that didn’t work. And a Yeet. To give this a proper open, we’ve got to give it the once around. – The what? (laughter) It’s time to roll mine out. I have one goal, Devan,
you’ve ruined the magic ruler and so I got to make another magic ruler. – Oh, no. What? – Man, this is actually
very difficult to roll out. There’s got to be an easier way. You know what? I think I
can use a big box, just- (thumps) It’s like helping out so much, bro. – It’s like 10% flat. Dude, it’s so stuck. – Well, yeah, ’cause the, yeah. Pop this little bit in here, like this. Then you stick this thing
in there, like this. And then just– (thumps) Low-key, I’m creating art right now, bro. Look at this, look at
this, look at this, bro. And now my ruler is complete. – Okay. – You know what this thing rules? – The world. – No, it’s a face ruler. It’s to measure your
face shape, so what am I? – You’re a square. – [Collins] This represents
my head, apparently. – This is the part that
could mess it all up. – [Collins] Oops, sorry, sorry. – Alright, it’s finally cut out, now you just peel this part back.
– [Collins] The big reveal. Yo!
– [Devan] Oh! That is super satisfying, bro.
– Yes, yes. Alright, and done.
– Dude. Well done. So you get to comment down
below who won this round and who made a better ruler. For this round, you challenged us to make
an edible Post-it note. – Wait, no, no, no, dude
you can’t eat paper, bro! (spits) – And you know what, Devan, I now have the power of the Post-it. So, check this out. If I just rub my finger on it like this, oh, Yeet bam, there we go. It’s right on you like that.
– What? – Yeet! – Here we go it’s working great! – What are you doing? – And Yeet! Bam, dude, there’s like Yeets everywhere. Here we go, in three, two, one, Yeet, bam! Now I’ve got arm of Yeets. And here we go Devan, for the final one, you ready? I got to make the fist of Yeet. Three, two, one, ah, Yeet. And now they’re everywhere. Wait, wait, wait, that backfired. I thought there was gonna
be Yeets everywhere. – So, basically, you’re
going to trace a Post-it note just like this. Collin, what are you doing? I have the sense that
you’re not paying attention. – I’m fully paying attention. – [Devan] What are you making? – Here we go! Look at that. Look at that, look at that, look at that. Mario Wheels are really
gonna get the splice in. – [Devan] Now you’re not
even using anything to trace? – There we go, bam! You know how you fix it? You go like this, one, two, three, bam, and just like that and
now it’s all square. – The next step it’s time to
write a super secret message on our Post-its. I’m going to choose yellow. ‘Cause there is nothing
more secret than yellow. – Oh, yeah, ’cause it’s
gonna blend right in. Right now, if you can guess
what I wrote on my sticky note, you will automatically
win, so comment down below what you think I wrote down,
Devin what you think it is? – I think you wrote, “Snuggle bunny.” (crickets chirping) – [Both] What? – Snuggle bunny?
– Snuggle bunny, yeah! – Why would I write snuggle bunny? – I don’t know. – I wrote, “Yeet!” So, who commented down below, great job. What did you write on yours? – It’s a super secret
message, you’ll never know. – We’ll be eating these
at the end of the video, but right now it’s on to the next round. (bell dings) This round you’ve challenged
us to make edible paint, so, right now, let’s do it. So, first we’ve got to
separate some Skittles here. – No! What? – Whoa, what happened to this one, here? Now it’s time to actually make the paint. – Whoa, hey, bro, I made a hand print! – [Collins] Gonna add
water to the Skittle paint. – That could have been so bad. – Oh, it’s already starting
to work, look at it. – We’re gonna have a little
picnic competition right here, and you know what? We’re gonna battle it out. – What? – This. (snaps) Boom, a pot of gold! I’m gettin’ that pot of gold. – Let the competition begin! – [Devan] Oh, I’m excited for this. – Yep. Dude, this is actually super cool. Yes, yes, I’m all about this. – Dude, what is that? It looks like a little face. – This is coming along
nicely, oh dear, oh dear, I messed up, I messed up. – You know what? I’m starting over. But you know what, Devan? I don’t even need to get a new canvas, you know why? – [Devan] Oh. How does it taste? – Dude, it tastes so good! Ah, geez, dude, the after taste. Don’t lick a canvas, ever! But I’m going to use some edible paper, that way I can really eat it, but. – Oh. – Alright, so, I’ve got my edible paper, and I know exactly what I’m
going to paint for this. I can’t tell you, Devan,
but it’s going to be legit. – An eye! You’re paint an eye! (buzzer) A music note?
– Nope. – You’re painting a leg, with a foot! (buzzer) – What is you, what are you doing? – Bro, it’s awesome, trust me. – I think we’ve filled
these up too much, bro. My painting is done, bam, nailed it. Dude, I can not believe
you actually painted that masterpiece with Skittles, it looks like a real painting. Alright, here we go, three, two, one. – [Both] Ta-da! – That looks so good! – [Devan] Dude, yours actually
looks amazing, as well. – Thank you, it is a giraffe. – Oh! I get it. But, wait, does that mean
that I won the pot of gold? Yeah? No? – How about this, the
pot of gold will choose the rightful winner as we high-five. You ready? – Three, two, one (claps) – [Both] Yeah! – And I’m the, wait- Where where is the pot of gold? – Wait, dude where did it go? – I guess none of us are
the rightful winners. You get to comment down below, who made a better Skittles painting, and right now we’re on to the next one. – Alright, for this one
we’re making edible globes. – What? – Edible globes. – What? – Can you hear me? – Okay, that was actually really loud, it, like, started to echo in
my earlobe and I was like, woo! It’s time to make some batter. Check this out. – Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! (egg cracks) – For this one here,
this is how you dent it, you break it on yourself
for some whipped cream. There we go. – Oh, no! – This last one here, it’s
just a one handed crack. – See, that’s the thing
about a Yeet shirt, you get a little bit dirty,
and you eat a lot of stuff, and then you wash it
and it’s back to normal. So, now we’re gonna add
some of this oily stuff in, got the cake batter. Whip it to the sauce, boy! Alright, the batter is mixed, so now it’s time to fill these things up. We’re going to use my measuring
cup to hold it in place. – Ooh, yeah! – [Devan] Yeah! It’s working. – [Collins] Oh, no! – I’m gonna scoop up
the rest of this, here. Let’s go, like-
– [Devan] With your hand? – We’re gonna pop these in
the oven, and bake them up, and then we’ll be right back. – Cakes are done, we’ve removed the tops, so now it’s time to pop out the first one. – Wow! That worked! – [Both] It’s so smooth. – Ah, they’re so fluffy, so light. They smell so good, too! – Ah, Yeet! – [Collins] There we go.
– [Devan] Ooh, yeah! – [Collins] And then just
kinda spread it around. Alright, so here we go,
we’re gonna pop it on top. – [Devan] Time to add mine! – My base, it’s stuck in the bottom of it. This is definitely not as satisfying as I thought it would be. Frosted, frost my cake. – It is time to roll out the fondant. Bro, this is the best part, – It’s no longer a planet, it’s just a pla- and a -net. (thumps) – There’s somebody over here, me, who is doing it properly,
that you might wanna watch. – Well, there’s someone over here, me, that’s doing great jobs, that’s me. Just a couple of peas in a planet. Look at that. Oh, yeah! Ha-Ha! He’s a clown! This is the planet of all planets, Devan. You know what it’s called? – No clue. – It’s called, Yeet! Oh, Yeet! – Well, that wasn’t
technically wasn’t a Yeet, that was more like a downward Yeet. – That was a first ever, deet, with a planet of Yeet. Yo, that looks absolutely amazing, are you ready for the big reveal? – Wait, wait, wait. – Oh, yeah, three second like challenge. We want to see if you can like this video, in three seconds. Are you ready? Three, two, one, done! Alright, here we go, are you ready? Three, two, one, ta-da! That looks absolutely amazing. But you know what the
one thing is missing? – What? – It’s missing the flag of Collins. – Wait, what? Wait, why is your face on this? – You know why? Yeet! There we go. So, yeah, if you could comment down below who made a better cake, is it the Deet planet, I
mean, sorry, the Yeet planet. Alright, fine, I’ll take that back. Or Devan’s version of Earth? Got the backpack and now let’s
see how this thing tastes. (groaning) – Wow. It’s so sweet. – It’s so crunchy and
smooth at the same time. and right now it’s on to the next one. Well, now it’s time to
eat the edible artwork, so I’m going to take mine. – Wait, how am I going to eat mine? There’s a little bit here that
is kinda coated really high, so I should be able to do it
without licking the canvas. – [Collins] Oh, there we go. – Oh! – Let me try this, here
you go, are you ready? – Yeah, I’m so ready. – Just take the artwork and I guess just– – Well, can I have some? – Uh-ah, uh-ah, uh-ah. – Oh my, how is it? Are you sure I can’t have any? – Oh, yeah, here you go.
– I just want some! (chomping) – Dude, edible artwork, it’s
the future, I’m all behind it. Alright, next one, here we go. So, it’s time to eat our planets, I’m going to take a giant bite of Yeet. I’m just gonna kinda like
ball mine up into this kinda lookin’ like a pouch of gold, bro. Cheers me. – I’ve already cheers you. I already did. – Okay, here we go, ready? – [Both] Three, two, one. (chomping) – [Both] Whoa! – Man. – Yeet! Alright, time to do the next one. Alright, I’ve got my square
ruler and now let’s see how these things taste. Ready? (chomping) Whoa! – I expected it to crunch! – So, I’ve got to say, these aren’t the best for measuring stuff, but, boy, do they taste amazing. Trick shot! Oh! Now we’ve got an edible Post-it notes, and there’s only one way
to get these Yeet Post-its into my mouth, Devan. – You lick it and you stick it. – No! Dude, it’s stuck to my forehead. – Ah. – Three, two, one, Yeet! – Dude, nicely done. – Throwing it in to that
Yeet trick shot, man. Well, this could be great if
we’re passing notes in class, when you pass someone a note, they read it and then they eat it. Well, I got to eat the last lock, so, Devan, you get the
honor of eating this candy lock right now. – Alright, here we go. – Oh, the crunch on it, so satisfying. – Is it good? – It’s so good. – Here’s my question, Devan, how effective do you think it
is at actually locking things? – Zero. – But how does it taste? – Well, that’s it and if
you want to get our merch click the top link in the description, get a Yeet shirt, get
a Keypar squad shirt, we’ve got a whole bunch of cool stuff, and, also, we’ll be shouting out people who buy our merch. So, literally click that link right now. And if you want to watch another video, click right over here,
you’ll have five seconds. Here we go: Five, four, three, two, one, done! I love you so much, bye!


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