Mario Maker 2 Story Mode stream – 14 – Feeling the burn

“Lava Rising.” “Have you heard about the
latest workout craze? “It’s all about trying to avoid
falling into boiling-hot magma!” “Come on and feel the burn!” “Agent 1.” I don’t know about that. Wow. [wailing] I don’t want
the lava to rise! Nngh! Nngh! Nngh!! [chuckles] I got too greedy on that one. Ngaah! Argh. [chuckles]>>LUIGI: Oh yeah!>>MUSKY: We always
say no to Luigi. Like, ‘this is your
brain on Luigi.’ Oh! Well, that wasn’t gonna happen. Nngh! Nngh! (x2) No! Oh boy, this is gonna go… Faster! Ngyah! [laughs] [weird howly noise] Loud trucks outside. Noo! [laughing] Oh no! Why would you do this to me? Noo! I got booted off of that one. Nngh! Hmm. No! Game overed!>>LUIGI: Oh yeah!
>>MUSKY: No. Hngh. Ngah! Ngah! [chuckles] Hmm… Yeah, the dogs don’t like
the weather sometimes. Hope it won’t be a
bad storm for y’all. It just ain’t safe. No! And it keeps bouncin’ me off. I think I have to jump
off before it does that. [inarticulate protests] [chuckles] Noo! Eeaaagh! [laughs] Oh wow. Okay. [sighing] Oof. The lavaisgonna
kill me, right? I can’t just sit on the
platform and let it ride out. Yes, it will kill me. I didn’t need to waste
a life testing it. [laughs softly] Jumping off the platform
will also kill me. [laughs]>>LUIGI: Oh yeah!
>>MUSKY: No! [laughs] Okay, it is a three
star level, so… I mean, I guess. IguessI’ll let it have
some* difficulty, *but
… I’d rather beat it! [laughs softly] Ngah! [sighing] Uhff. Nngh. Nngh! All right. [humming along] All right, so made it
to the halfway point. At least,oneof
the halfway points. Noo! Jumped just asplit
second too soon. [laughs softly] Grr! And that was… just a
split second too late. [laughs softly] Nngh! Those blue skull platforms are
not easy to keep hold of. Wow.>>LUIGI: Oh yeah!
>>MUSKY: No. Nngh! Nngh! No! [scoffs] Okay, I was rushin’ there. Oop. [humming along] Whoa— Tryin’ to destroy me… No!Succeedingat destroying me. [laughs softly] [humming along] Be moving… [scoffs] Whew. [hums along] There we go. All right. So. [sucks teeth] Wow. OINK! Okay, good. No no no. Hold on. Let it go up and go down again. It doesn’t go that high, so
it can’t bethatdeadly. Except it is. Ngaah! What—! Fell right through it! [chuckles] Nngh! These boys ain’t safe. Okay. Rise… fall… ‘I’d better not die
this time’? [laughing] I’d prefer not to! Nngh… nngh! Saws?! [boo-hooing] That’s the end of the
track though, almost. Noo! [growls] [humming along] Noo! Oh no!! [sighs] Thought I was dead. And apparently I had landed on
what was left of the donut lift? I thought you weren’t
allowed to jump off of anything in lava anymore. Nngh! Whoa… Yeah, well, it’s a hard level. And they know it’s hard.
They rated it as hard. I’ve just been spoiled rotten
by all the easy stuff. [laughs] But perseverance! What gets ya!
Gets ya through the things. That’s what we got. Even if it means comin’ back
to it later, ’cause… [laughs] ‘Cause now we’re
just failing gratuitously. [laughs] [humming along] Mrowr… What—?! I thought it was
gonna land on that… I should probably stop
trying to be clever and trying to land on
the cannonnballs, because obviously I am not
succeeding with that today. Just dodge? ‘You believe in me’? [chuckles] I guess I appreciate that. Okay. No! We were going
to not do that! And we did it anyway. [laughs] Oh well. Checkpointed. Okay, hup! Ngaah! Ngeh! Ngah! Aaah! [laughs] You just get booted right off. [growls] Nngh! Okay. Up with the lava… slowly… Down with the lava… slowly. Nngh! [sighs]>>LUIGI: Oh yeah!
>>MUSKY: I don’t want
Luigi to do it for me. I’ll do it, but— [chuckles] [humming along] Okay. Hup hup… Noo! [scoffs] Think it changes the— ngeh. I think it’s doin’ weird stuff with the trajectory
of those cannonballs. I mean, up and… Above and beyond my
being terrible with them at the moment.
[laughs] Hngh? It justlooksweird, the way the seesaw moves
faster than the cannonball. [laughs softly] All right, up! Unf! Okay. [sighs] Stay on. Don’t get
kicked anywhere. Okay. Whoa…! Ngaah! Yeehaaw oohoohoo…! All right, so I’m guessing that
if I can stay on the thing that it’ll send me right
to the axe, but… From experience I’m probably
not going to be able to stay on the thing. Except with witchcraft. [chuckles] [humming along] Okay, oop! Okay… As we were saying, over… Oop… Opa! [laughs] All right! [sighing] Finally! [chuckles] Okay, let’s build
somethin’ else. CHIEF: “Check
out the castle!” “You’re sure about this, right?”
Yep! CHIEF: “Okay, let’s
get buildin’!” “Construction has started
on the Main Hall roof!” “Let’s get some more of
those jobs done, yeah?” Okay. “Impassable Castle.” It’s another hard one. Let’s do it. “Gwahaha! This castle
is protected by Thwomps and Chain Chomps! “There’s no way Mario
is getting through! “Well, unless he figures out
that he can pick “up Buzzy Shells with Y
and tilt down on the left stick “to wear them as helmets!
But that ain’t gonna happen!” “Father of Name Withheld.” [laughs softly] Fun. All right, Bowser, whaddya got. [laughs softly] At least the lava isn’t moving. Ooh! That was… Something I hadn’t
had to do before. [laughs] Okay. So I can knock this
fellah out of the way! Maybe. Depending on how well I jump. Kind of interesting. We have to learn how to
get him to go sideways. Oh wow, and we have to
bump him up again? Sufficiently. [sighs] All right. Okay… Smash the chompy boy? Nope?Pleasesmash the chompy boy? There you go. Oh no! Oof. No! Noo! What the… Got ’em. Okay. Oh. Fun. Okay, first off, you… Pickin’ off this guy… Do it. That’s what we’re talkin’ about. No! Mushroom! Precious mushroom! Hngh. All right, big fellah… Oh dear. [shuddering] Oh no! There ya go. [chuckles] Woohoo! All right. Think we’ll take one more and
then we’ll go on to, uh… Non-story mode. [laughs softly] “Lava Bubble Limbo.” “Kehehehe! I created an
ocean of Lava Bubbles! “But now I can’t
get through it… “Someone, please get through
this part for me. I’ll pay you!” “A Certain Mage.” TASKMASTER: “Take
care out there.” Hmm. What? This is a water level, why
is it full of lava bubbles? [wailing] Why would you do this? Won’t do me no good with
these fellahs,but… We won’t have so
much fish pressure. Maybe. [laughs softly] And now there’re bigger ones. Bellissimo.
[Beautiful.] [humming along] (?)Please! Uwaa! [laughs] [humming along] All right. Okay! That was enough story
mode for now. Let’s, uh…

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