Meet Mischief – The New Warcraft Pet

From the tower above
you could hear Krazzle wail, For he hated, and loathed
and despised Winterveil! Perpetually vexed by the townsfolk
and their revelry. And above all there was one
he hated the most: A gnome named Lemmy But he had a plan, a dubious plan! A machine to kibosh
all the gifts in the land! He tested it once, he tested it twice! There would be no gifts
for those naughty OR nice. The countdown began,
but shortly thereafter, a knock at the door
interrupted his laughter. He peered through his spyglass
to see what’s amiss Twas his nemesis Lemmy,
and he was leaving a gift! He threw open the door,
but Lemmy was gone Just a bow-wrapped box,
he looked suspiciously upon. He looked in the package,
and what did he see? A kitty as dubious,
and maniacal, as he! He tearfully took
the evil bundle into his arms, then remembered his anti-gift ray
was still armed! He RAN to the lab
to shut the ray down! But it was too late to cancel,
the final countdown If there was any chance
to stop this he’d have to think fast How lucky that his knowledge
of explosions was vast! He set the charges, and then lit the fuse and jumped into the escape pod
without a minute to lose. And as his lab went up
with a fireworks flair, Kraz and his kitty soared high in the air! From orbit they saw
all the joy in the land! It just took a furry fel miracle For Krazzle To understand. Merry Winter Veil from World of Warcraft! Adopt Mischief, the Fel Kitty today! Visit
for more details!


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