what’s up guys welcome back to another
call of duty modern warfare video and today’s video I will be talking about
the launch times and everything regarding the preload information for
call of duty modern warfare on PC so this will go over every bit of
information you guys need to know prior to launch for call of duty modern
warfare on PC in regards to when you can start pre loading the game how big the
game will be as well as the large times worldwide and also just more information
about the PC version of called routing modern warfare so first off let’s go
over some quick little features of the PC version for call of duty modern
warfare they say that there will be a 4k and an uncapped framerate they say
you’re able to watch and play at 4k resolution without a framerate capping
allowing you flexibility when adjusting your settings this is something that
community has been asking for for a while and only in recent Ecology games
have really started to be worked on but a frame rate cap like previous Call of
Duty games some of them were limited to like 90 fps and just community hasn’t
loved that I remember ghosts had a lot of issues with that with like the
framerate cap and stuff but now you know it has a 4k resolution I mean that’s
nothing new you could technically play like color 34 at 4k but I assume this
just means like 4k assets as well as just resolution so you’re able to easily
set your resolution to 4k and it was developed for it so all assets of the
game are gonna translate to 4k whereas like an older game like Cole 34 you know
not all the assets were designed for 4k and some of the menus and other things
weren’t you know meant for 4k so they’re not gonna scale properly but this is all
even gonna work the 4k monitors and TVs or whatever you’re playing on next they
say they have expansive customization options for PCs a developer B Knox has
been working closely in conjunction with Infinity Ward to ensure the PC version
of modern warfare sets a new high-water mark for customization featuring more
customization options than we’ve ever had in the Call of Duty game so this is
for like the graphics settings and other settings within the game so of course
there’s gonna be different like key binds you can be able to remap while
your keys stuff like that but also like graphics options been able to turn off
specific settings and dial in your graphic settings tailored to your
specific PC so you know that way you’re gonna be able to get the best experience
possible on your PC and turn on some settings
we’ll make as much of a difference but may have a big impact on frame rates and
just really allow you to customize more than you’ve ever had before which is
pretty cool I mean we’re living in 2019 so it’s nice to see that the PC versions
the games are actually getting a lot more options than like say the console
versions and even previous call dirty games on PC as well they say they have
64 player ground more matches they say modern warfare features a variety of
gameplay modes from close quarters to v2 gunfight mode to large-scale ground war
32 b32 battles as well a fan favorite 6 v 6 and 10 V ten modes to play these are
all available on all platforms so I’m not sure why this is like here’s an
overview of the features for PC and it says 64 player ground war but it’s like
it’s on all platforms so doesn’t like exclusive to PC like expensive
customization options for PC yeah it’s PC exclusive 4k look at frame rate yeah
it’s included PC and these next two months we’re going to talk about as well
those are PC ones as well but this is like all platforms getting this so why
are you like showcasing this is like a PC feature but next time they say squat
up with cross play cross play the ability to fight with or against players
on console and PC is available at launch so this was available in the beta and
you can team up with anybody that you want no matter what platform they’re on
and you can hop into a party with them also this was announced on Twitter as
well that there will be a chat system you’ll be able to talk and play with
your friends on any platform so previously in the beta there’s no way
for you to chat with anybody on a separate platform but now for the final
game there will be a way for you to actually like communicate with your
teammates and your friends who are on other platforms in-game as well so
that’s pretty cool and the last thing they say here about the PC features is
ultra-wide a multi-monitor support how why do you want your aspect ratio to be
how many monitors do you want to play modern warfare on it’s up to you so
that’s nice cool little feature for those of you who
have multi monitors or an ultra wide monitor it will support all of that so
next up let’s talk about the pre loading of the PC version so the PC version
preload will begin on Tuesday October 22nd us today at 8 a.m. Pacific time for
those of you who have pre-ordered call of duty modern warfare so it’s super
easy to do I have another video on the channel coming basically all you have to
do is just open the battlenet launcher and just hit install and it will start
installing it is a pretty large game it is 128
gigabytes on PC and not all that is like actually used up it’s just that a lot of
that is for future space for any future DLCs and updates and stuff like that
just like reserves all that space so just be aware of that but the preload is
live so if you guys have pre-ordered this game on PC you can preload it now
because 128 gigabytes is a lot so it’s good that they give you over two days to
preload this game that way you guys aren’t gonna be able to make sure that
you hundreds that have this downloaded I won’t have to worry about it it’s
already downloaded that way when it launches you’ll be able to be ready and
be able to hop it in place so now let’s talk about the launch times so-called
early modern warfare will be available on blizzards battlenet on for everybody
who has pre-ordered the game over who buys the game starting at 6 p.m. Pacific
time on October 24th so the game technically comes out you know all the
release date and all the things have said October 25th for modern warfare but
it is gonna be a global launch this year so it doesn’t matter where you are in
the world you could be in Sydney Australia or Los Angeles California and
it will release literally the exact same time in the world so nobody gets the
game early depending on the region it will unlock for everybody at the same
time it’s a little unfortunate if you’re on the eastern side of the
globe it kind of sucks because you’re gonna have to wait a couple hours past
the launch on the 25th to be able to play it so here is an actual schedule
for the worldwide regions launch time for the game and it shows you on the
left you have the 24th you know for north and south america what it will
release for those and then on the 25th is the eastern side of the globe where
everybody over there will be able to see what time they were released there it’s
kind of bad for people in like Australia you know over there in Sydney because
they have to wait until noon on the 25th to be able to play it whereas people in
the US such as New York all I have to wait for is 9 o’clock p.m. on the 24th
to be able to play it but the game will be releasing worldwide at the exact same
time so everybody’s getting it all at the same time no matter where you are in
the world it will unlock for the same time as you if you’re in the US is if
you are in Korea or if you’re over in Europe or something like that all you
made the exact same time so in the u.s. in LA the Pacific time zone that’ll be 6
p.m. mountain seven central is eight and eastern is
nine pm if you’re wondering about your time
zones you can either use a time zone converter or you can just try and look
at this schedule and find out where your time zone is and what time it’s gonna
release for you and also make sure you guys check at the top where you guys can
see the dates so on the left side for north and south america will be released
on the 24th whereas on the right it will be released on the 25th and then the
last thing i want to share with you guys for this video is that Activision has
actually released a pc trailer for call of duty modern warfare i already
uploaded a video about that on my channel so if you guys are interested in
that you guys can check that out it’ll be in the endcard at the end of this
video but that’s gonna do it for our video guys if you guys enjoyed and it
helped you guys out make sure you guys subscribe to the channel and get in
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so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video


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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC Launch times and PRELOAD details!

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    9 o clock psn store ohio

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    how can i this game not play ?? i preloading this game on pc …..

  • turinreza

    it is a 128 GIG download on PC.
    I had to uninstall the Beta for it to make space.

    downloading at 600 Kilobytes per second.
    since yesterday, still 70 GIGs to go.


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