Mods in Testing list fs19 Mod hub Update New Mods fs19 #fs19modsreview

hello and welcome to Maude’s in testing
list FS 19 new mods today in the mod hub update and we have an update for the
mods in testing list so let’s go to the list and see what’s going on now going
back to yesterday mods in testing PC fails are the liquid fertilizer tank and
their mods in testing console fails are nothing
everything was carried over so new in the list today now today’s list is quite
big now we have four PC the Amazone ADP super pack, bail storage, Case IH Magnum
us to zero one one small class mega pack egg storage euro channel Pat believe
your tpw bail trailer set I think that’s new and I couldn’t find anything on that
food and fertilizer shop global company CCM mill growers farm herbicides
production package multi filling station Oh see me map pack shed prefab rubber
stager series seasons is still there for PC with seasons geo USA Eastern square
bale storage storages and then going on for mods and tested in this full console
and we have the Amazon IDI pack which is I think that’s a new one British hey Bob
Crane building CSS ed equipment Pat deutz-fahr condom master 760 to one
excavator Lieber 902 Pat fend 800 favorite flee your silage form 3 got tmk
266 full grain storage Greenwich Valley is back he’s back in the list
JCB 435s stage is at five and six large silo facility lizard 2500 slurry spreader the manure and TMR pallet, Naus potatoes storage
box and turnable dot Rau Spiram now that’s a cultivator
riding hall, seasons slurry undigested storage
sma lv 520 T is still there I can’t believe how long that’s been in there
for the storage silo set the hill of Slovenia another map miss cherry pack
West bridge Hills another map and the Zetor Proxima and we have 78 of
mods waiting to be tested and the average time is gone to 6 days so what
about the mod hub update let’s go in our look what’s going on in there so the mod
hub update has today the storage silo set the slurry and digestate storage
manure and TMR pallet large silo facility British hay barn silage of fork
and an update for seasons Saxony and I’ll actually lot for today I hope
you’ve enjoyed this episode of mods in testing and the mod hub update and if
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good bye


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