Naruto Online – Strong Approach (HANZO) Solo – Fire Main | Easy Mode

how’s it going guys lastjerb here and on
this week’s episode of naruto online lastijerb solo strong approach and i’m
gonna show you guys on how i did it and I’m a fire Main Scarlet Blaze and for most
players who use Scarlett blaze and tries to solo strong approach they find it
really difficult even if it’s on Easy and true that it’s really difficult
in tricky and you cannot auto combat this you know just don’t so here’s the lineup i use sasuke kabuto
and Sakura and now for this lineup they can pretty much do seven combos and
yes combo is very important here since you’re gonna battle with shizune and
hanzo even if their life is just pretty low that damage that you can do
is just one alright so as far as soon as you can
heal so he had time your combo that’s why Otto combat is a big no-no
sacrifice mainly the healer and i also use capital that can heal one in Japan
around and can summon clones clones take a huge part of throw strong approach
when you face hands okc standard attacks are deadly so you may want to use
clothes in front of them sasuke can contribute a huge number of
combos in this lineup and as for my main have the sleeping jutsu as my standard
attack which helps a lot on wave 1i have the shark as my son being i also can use
clothes for him of course so with that being said let’s fuck up
ons 04 wave one you may not want to use your means and saskatoon mystery yet he
had to save it for rape to shizune immediately use capitals clothes here
with this position the big guy in the middle will die first and after that the
attitude will use poison and the whole team so you Sakura stealing immediately
and for just three to four rounds wave one is done yeah we now wave to activates ascus mr. here but
don’t use your mains mr. yet go all out on round two since you’re wasted that we used it on
round 12 shizune will feel herself right so fire main will use his mystery first
followed by SAS cos and after that it is pretty much over in it now wave 3 finale a focus all of your
mystery attack on proteins and she can heal that poison of hers is a pain in
the ass the clones uhl right before you can use
ascus mystery and so will use his first but you can pretty much take this damage
if you followed all the steps after that has all hands mystery follows SAS cos
and make sure it’s targeted on Korean and she’ll be dead now yeah for sakura can heal you handle uses mr.
again one sakura hills is pretty much over from there you cannot sit in it now I’m not 100% sure if this lineup
will help you i just showed you guys on how I did it but feel free to try it ok
so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you do please do leave a like and
as always i’ll see you guys in the next one joke yeah yeah yeah


  • FH Ninpou

    Just out of curiosity how many times did you fail xD

  • palmkub

    Strong Approach is such a pain :'( i've failed on easy mode like 50 times today (with only 3 wins)

  • newmoon suon

    I dont have dolphin

  • Samoan Joseph

    I'm too spoiled, I'm so used to Autoing every fight that I can't get the timing down no matter what team I use. And at this point it's easier to just spend coupons on buying armor materials.

  • Wasef Dhiman

    It was great help bro, level 59. It worked 😀

  • Gogo Yubari

    Thx u ^^

  • Wahyoe

    not work to me
    my sakura die at 3rd stages

  • Patrick Emino

    Don't you have Normal mode for this?

  • KC Saulog

    can this work on my lightning main im level 68 with a power of 17k 😀

  • ngek202

    Bro Thank you!! I finally did it even on Level 53 🙂 Thanks for your Guide. SUBBED!

  • GamerCrow

    This info is outdated since the enemies are no longer the same

  • Alex Bekiaris

    this isn't even reasonable dude, I'm lvl 46, can nearly kill shizune, BUT GOT NO SUMMON, so how about making a video of doing it without summon? if it's possible.. that is..

  • Tmothy Gay

    This isgoing to be my best set up for this. Dude thank you so much for sharing this

  • Oson Houston

    tried your line up and strategy worked pretty much like you said ty

  • Tjun

    Great video man, thanks a lot!

  • Daksh Singh Thapa

    Thanks bro because of u this is the first time i complete my SA

  • Daksh Singh Thapa

    I'm at level 56 and my power is 12 k can I do Medium SA with this level

  • Shieda Pein


  • Daksh Singh Thapa

    bro I don't know did do it in the first time but it's not working again because I don't have that summoning animal


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