New Glitches, Tricks and Broken Stuff in Super Mario Maker!

There aren’t many unpatched glitches in
Super Mario Maker anymore, is what I would have told you a couple of weeks ago if you
had asked me. And very wrong I would have been. Recently I was chatting a little bit with
the master of mario maker glitches, psycrow himself, and he opened my eyes once again
for how broken, mario maker actually still is! There are so many awesome and broken things
still hidden in this game, it completely blew me away! So over the last couple of weeks psycrow was
kind enough to collect a huge list of all the broken things that are still in the game
(still possible in the game for us), and today we are going to take a look at the first bunch,
of mario maker glitches that still work in Mario Maker version 1.47. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay so Marios day starts pretty normal. He hijacked a clown car, he flew through some
ouching spikes, he defeated some dangerous killer turtles and now, now he finds himself
in this area. At the top there is a mushroom imprisoned
in the wall. At first glance this mushroom seems to be
unreachable, but that’s not true, thanks to a pretty interesting glitch Mario learned
about while watching barbs stream recently! With a little bit of practice it’s actually
possible to clip into one way doors when leaving a clown car. So if Mario wants to eat this delicious yum
yum mushroom at the top, then our plumber first needs to fly to the right while in the
clown car, so that he is outside of the one way door, but the clown car still inside it,
then he needs to drive back and to jump out of it and, hooray! Now Mario is able to eat this delicious mushroom,
and soon afterwards finds out that he now is entrapped in this one block wide gap for
eternity! As a side note, this trick actually works
with a goomba shoe as well, and is pretty useful for cheesing stages in a 100 mario
challenge! Next let’s take a look at a super weird
graphic bowser jr glitch. So first things first: if Bowser Jr. is trapped
by one of those evil sideway springs, then he will start to walk in the air. That’s already pretty cool, but not the
only reason why we built this setup. We built this setup because if Bowser jr takes
damage while walking in the air like this, he decides that hunting Mario isn’t his
only purpose in life anymore, and instead decides that standing frozen in place is actually
a much cooler activity. Not sure if I agree with him about this, but
I have to admit, he looks like a really cool statue while being frozen in place! For the longest time bowser had a huge problem. Bowser often has toothache. Normal turtles with toothache just go to the
dentist, and bowser tried that too, but that didn’t work out too well, because whenever
a dentist came near, he just swallowed him as a whole. So the best goomba engineers of the mushroom
kingdom had to come together and find a solution for this problem, this is what they came up
with! This simple contraption is called a bowser
dentists chair. So what does a bowser dentist chair do? Well it freezes bowser in place, which allows
the brave dentists to treat bowser without getting eaten! Hooray! If bowser were to use his toothbrush more
often this whole nightmare could have been avoided by the way, just saying. Here’s a really weird glitch reddit user
BooSMM discovered recently. If we put a big muncher into a clown car,
put a big enemy on top of the clown car like this and swap the muncher for a hungry piranha
plant then we actually perform a really strange glitch without noticing it. So what is the glitch you might ask! Well if we change the gamemode it should become
immediately apparent. The enemy we placed on top of the piranha
doesn’t agree with us changing the game style, but stays in his preferred game style
instead. Sadly this enemy disappears as soon as the
game is played, and is never seen again. Nonetheless this glitch can be useful in order
to create interesting thumbnails for our stages, since our ghost enemy is visible in the thumbnail
pictures we take! Let’s take a quick look at a couple of smaller
glitches. If we stack a lot of cannons into a single
tile, by abusing the fact that cannons travel upwards on the side of conveyor belts, block
them by a brick block and trigger a p-switch afterwards, then all those cannons shoot towards
the top at once and continue to fire. … It’s a cannon, cannon! If a p-switch or a pow block are pushed by
a bullying sideways spring and then land on top of a spring that moves upwards then they
forget all the written laws of game physics and start to move on their own for a little. This glitch is pretty silly, a lot of fun
to toy around with, and sadly a little bit useless! The best way to use this trick I’ve seen
so far was done by the man himself Psycrow. He used it to build an automated stair kind
of thing. … Hooray! If a winged muncher shoots out of a pipe,
but is blocked by a block on tracks while a pow block drops onto it, then the pow block
decides that gravity from now on works horizontally and shoots towards the right. That’s a really neat little trick that allows
for a lot of interesting stages to be built around it. If you want to see this trick in action, and
a lot of interesting uses for it, make sure to check Mario Maker user Louis XIXs level
POWabunga 2 out. In this stage this trick is brought to really
good use, and a lot of possible uses for this kind of pow cannon are shown! So check this out. Youtuber Smash boss recently uploaded a video
that showcases a trick found by ValiantAleste. This glitch, is one of those glitches, that
really shouldn’t be a glitch, but a feature in the first place! Big stretches. So if a small boo touches a piece of ground,
it becomes a stretch. If a big boo touches the ground however, it
stays a big boo. The really weird thing is, that there is a
super easy setup to get big stretches into the game. All we need to do is to put a boo on top of
a thwomp on top of a muncher. Put ground tiles below, remove the muncher,
feed the boo a yum yum mushroom and we are done. Big stretches for everyone! By the way, that’s so weird, because big
stretches probably were in the game at some point but then nintendo decided to remove
them for whatever reason! (JusticeForBigStretches!) Let’s take a look at a new way to fill bottomless
pits with a bottom. So here Mario is able to jump, walk and ground
pound on thin air. Looks like Mario likes this! Here he is even able to walk on lava as if
there was no exceptionally hot liquid below him! But why? Well it’s actually surprisingly simple. All we need in order to do this is either
a blue platform that got confused and believes it’s on tracks or skeleton roller coasters
that believe they are on top of tracks. If you don’t know how to confuse items onto
tracks, there are links in the description that explain the setup. So once we got our confused platforms all
we need to do is to select them together with a door. If we place the door now at the bottom of
the screen, the door jumps back to its original position, but the skeleton roller coasters
stays down there. Now we can drop items on top of them, like
springs and suddenly the bottomless bottom bounces everything back up that tries to fall
into it! Hooray! If we use bullet blasters and set the theme
to one of bowsers many castles then we have created an almost invisible walkway on top
of lava. Okay so let’s take a look at my favorite
recently discovered glitch. Stack flipping. Shoutout to Mario Maker user HQ, who, as far
as I can tell, discovered this glitch. So here Mario finds himself in an ordinary
cave. There are ordinary, enemies here, ordinary
sawblades and ordinary coins on top of ordinary vines. If Mario follows this ordinary path he reaches
an ordinary teleportation contraptio … wait what? Anyway after this some ordinary enemies threaten
the life of our ordinary plumber, before an ordinary elevator appears. This elevator works like most elevators do. All that Mario has to do is to throw this
pow block in order to activate this elevator. Then a cannon carries Mario towards the top. Hooray! Okay so what’s going on here? Well it’s actually surprisingly simple,
but one of the stranger glitches I’ve ever seen. If a muncher lives on top of a blue platform,
and a bullet blaster at the same time, and the bullet blaster is spawn blocked and Mario
loads this in from the side, and there is a solid item below the bullet blaster as well,
then a lot of very very strange things can happen. What’s basically going on here, is that
the game tries to complete the broken enemy tower, by putting the cannon back at the top
of the muncher?, but the cannon can’t move through the solid blocks, which causes a lot
of really weird behavior. In the stage we saw the cannon is for some
reason linked to the brick block at the bottom. If this block gets triggered the cannon teleports
to this spot, and if Mario jumps into the teleporting cannon, he teleports as well. The same thing happens with the elevator. The pow block triggers a small contraption
that triggers the brick block once again, and teleports the cannon to the bottom. This teleportation only works in the super
mario world game style since the brick blocks work differently here, but the general trick
works in all game modes. Let’s take a look at a couple of other uses. Here we first have a thwomp that is blocked
by air, then a cannon that changes direction and follows mario a little bit, next a completely
stuck chain chomp, a teleporting thwomp, an immobilized chain chomp, and a bullet blaster
that hovers in the air and chases Mario. Awesome isn’t it! By the way such a bullet blaster is an excellent
opportunity for mario to get stuck for eternity again! This is what the different setups for these
tricks look like. Just as a quick note for anyone who plans
on using this trick. For whatever reason the trick is extremely
unstable. Each and every block here is needed to get
this behavior out of the thwomp, if we just change one of those blocks the thwomp will
still glitch out when loaded, but probably in a completely different way, but if you
do not change anything it will consistently behave in the same way. There are probably tons and tons of weirder
things possible because of this stack flipping glitch, and I highly recommend everyone to
toy around with it! It’s really fun, you know that something
will break, but you never know exactly what! So those are the first bunch of new glitches,
there is still a ton more I haven’t found the time to look into yet, so expect more
glitches in a couple of weeks. Huge gigantic enormous shoutout to psycrow! He was an incredible help when doing this
video, and he spent a lot of time collecting tons of different glitches so that we can
all take a look at them here! And shoutout to warspyking and louis XIX who
helped psycrow collecting all those glitches. You guys are seriously amazing. The links to the places where the glitches
were originally found are in the description. Thanks to all the amazing glitch hunters that
constantly make our real world a better one by breaking virtual ones. I hope all of you enjoyed this little video,
if you did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel especially glitched
out today and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day,
and to see you soon. Goodbye!


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