new another video gonna show you an easy best why you can do right now and today go ahead
keep stacking over and over again keep on playing game after the games key
getting shooting badges even though you were sixty overall going to get nine on
overall very fast once you do the method right also get max badges so if you want
to go ahead and stay tuned to rest of you please do so leave a like share this
video with your friends family everybody no communion for me go ahead stay tuned
because this basket is gonna help you out a lot on your main player and also
on your new player when you want to make them so OCAD mission don’t go sadness
again we can’t all we can toast yeah we the minister
it depends so Scott so let me know yeah yeah yeah I can’t get you said I think
about you all the time yeah imagine do you think it super run around in my hey
I can’t get you know said I think about you it’s ya boy Cash Nation like I said you
first watch my video and a comment and family will win a $10 gift card your
choice so make sure you do that when hey I have a player ready make sure inside
the invitational make sure you got him ready because gonna be playing ten
minutes straight even though you are 60 overall like I
said you can score over 40 points long as you do it right
willing to do it effectively like I’m showing you in this video make sure you
always stay tuned subscribe you new people like make sure and go ahead hit
hash tag team in the conversation below so now like I said make sure you inside
the Invitational make sure you go ahead he’s a player ready any play army gonna
play shot he’s only a city far over always at eighty three ball come on I
only have a 5000 BC at the time so I don’t want to spend too much on them but
you wanna make a new bill this would be a good method for you to use because you
can get like at least three Hall of Fame badges if you trying to make a boot camp
built this is the method for your own care because you can get a cinephile
overall with all your max badges as long as you do this method right here until
boot camp comes back this method right here will help you every single day even
though you’re new players will to 2k this will also help you go on a player
and better score and get your badges oh it’s a couple of minutes you can do when
doing this Invitational when you playing it to CPU because they’re not really on
Hall of Fame they’re really on rookie so getting your new tips and new badges new
badge with your new beds oh dang let’s go like I said even hate all dribbles
it’s like it’s kind of crazy I’m telling you it’s like rookie difficulty so keep
doing it keep using a screen let me show y’all what I’m gonna do with the screens
so come out the court call for the screen still better than wow let’s see
how how much space I have it is automatic
makes you time to jump shot it’s like shooting hey the servers are in Ocala
you this is like shooting agent with the
shot meter on so make sure you keep on calling up some screens again open like
that and keep pulling two three all games make sure you build up your take
over it’s a team take over cuz I’m gonna show you what happens when you get team
take over and it’s really old it really Gigi’s after that you really
bring every single shot and once you hot well I’m down the core wide open but he
can give it to me so I’m fully anyway let’s go so fast break go ahead look at
this next to my little space right there bang easy that is so easy
mmm I’m gonna get teens to go right here oh and I don’t wanna force that no get
that one mmm better day you know I’m saying green up green down so I got team
take over when use that as really GG with this watch this the see plant
defense on you should you will soon get to steal look at this an easy steal so
easy green you know I’m saying just like your new hit the like on
today’s video for me go and share this video with anybody you know that wanna
make a new player because 2k is breaking a lot of bills and there’s a lot of um
you know unguardable bills as we love the games in the park I missed it get
that bit back yeah ye hey yo I hate that is easy bro the team’s take over bed
it’s really Jeezy you seen me hate that shot on the floor watch this watch this
take that one we try to green mmm 45 points come on now I had use this method
for like to my bills I got 99 will that’s how I messed them out fast
because when I got into my career it was easy for me you know a
as I was this m48 so when you’ve done with that do the same thing repeated
closer to KF after you see your progression go up see how that I look at
breaker so in another shooting keep going that method you’ll get plenty
cleaning my caps you get plenty of shooting badges finishing play making
defendant whatever you gotta do to get your main badges done you’re gonna lose
everything in the whole invitation was so close the 2k app and come back to
your marker go back to the same player and load them back up sewing loading
back up you’re gonna be exactly at the SEC same spot he was in before when you
just loaded up the first time so basically it repeats over and over again
you want to go ahead and keep doing that make sure you go ahead and hit the
subscribe link that no vacation bill because posting big reveals every single
day for this almost I get on the ground keep uploading keep it off though but in
other news real quick little monster and cloture was on stream yesterday they’ll
run it up with 2 to 3 k plus viewers at the time to why he was hitting the lead
3 and closer to being a legend go ahead check that out because they last name
was lit not gonna count boy hit hit the little monster had paid the mascot and
he had paid the Hawks ain’t gonna cap the Hawks mascot is to trick don’t count
I would have a video in the top right or somewhere on the screen on the side but
make sure you follow me on Twitter make sure you go ahead also follow me on
Instagram so come over to the corner easy green
make sure you time your jump shot right shot meter off inside this invitation
was so good no cabbie and that’s why you see me with 42 points
I like dope all I did was keep going up the court call 4 screens and run past
the screens I just pulled up an open three measure
out time to jump shot right even though I’m tired as you see them pull call the
screen calming the screen Oh Danny tell the
team creative so now make sure you go ahead hit that button make sure you stay
tuned for my next video we’ll be making another one state so for that
notification bill makes you hit the Lights to share this view like I said
and by the way look at that controller yeah I made it
it’s fine see this is sick sake as you did
that’s wrong this one I’m using when I’m playing stay tuned I’m out


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