New PS4 Pro Controller: Scuf Vantage 2 Review

– In the ongoing battle
for PS4 Pro controllers, Scuf has a new entry, with the Vantage 2. Now this is something a
little bit different for Scuf, because normally when they
make a new Pro controller, it’s some kind of very heavy redesign. I mean, you just look at the jump from the Infinity to the Impact, and then from the Impact to the Vantage. The Vantage 2 on the other hand, I mean, just from the name alone you can tell, it’s not really meant to be
a whole new crazy redesign, but instead a refinement of
what the original Vantage was. So we’re gonna go over what the benefits of the Vantage are in general, and then we’re gonna take
a look at what is different and new about this one
compared to the original, and see whether or not
it’s worth grabbing. Back when the original Vantage came out, I was a really big fan of
it because of the amount of on board customization
offered without needing to rely on a ton of different tools. This is something that has always been kind of a win-lose situation for me with past Scuf controllers,
where they offer a lot of customization,
but you have to make sure that you have a key for changing this, a key for changing that,
that’s not the case with this, there’s only one tool you
ever have to worry about for one specific feature, everything else is done on board super easily. For instance, if you
wanna remap the buttons, instead of relying on a magnetic key that you put on the back, you just flip it into a remap mode that’s
on the bottom here, make any changes you wanna make, switch back, you’re good to go. There’s also a lot of
different physical changes you can make, such as the back triggers, if you wanna add the longer ones, you just snap it off, put
the other one back on. You can adjust the trigger stops by either having a regular full one, or you just twist this
little knob right here to have a short stop, and
even all the back paddles, which are kinda the signature Scuf feature for having remappable
additional button options are all things that you can just slide and take off the back no problem. Along with these two
additional side buttons that are part of the Vantage design that’s really cool, you can just take that off if you don’t wanna use it. Of course there’s also a
lot of customization present on the front of the controller, and a lot of that is accessed by just removing this front face plate. This is also the way
that you can customize the appearance of the controller, you can buy different face plate designs. This however is their
special limited edition Modern Warfare design for the Vantage 2, which looks awesome, so we’re
gonna stick with this one. But by taking that faceplate off, you are able to change out
a couple different features, including the sticks, and even removing the rumble motors, if you don’t wanna have vibration in game, and also add a little bit of extra
lightness to the controller. By the way, speaking of limited
edition design type things, we are in the season when
a lot of special edition systems are coming out,
soon we’re gonna be unboxing the Pokemon Switch Lite, and
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including this controller. One other physical change you can make to the controller that doesn’t require you to take off the face
plate, is the circle pad you can place over the D-pad if you prefer that kind of full circular motion, really handy for fighting games. As I mentioned earlier,
there is still one tool you have on hand for
the Scuf Vantage for one very specific feature, and
that’s adjusting the triggers. Now you can adjust the stop
with the little knob right here, but if you wanna adjust
how sensitive it is, the way you do that is by popping off whatever trigger you’re currently using, and you have a little tool key that you put inside the slot, turning it to change how sensitive you want it to be. Outside of that, again,
everything is handled on board. Aside from all the customization
options on the controller, one other special feature it offers is it’s very simple on
board audio controls. Now this only works while
you’re using the controller in a wired configuration,
but while you are, you can have a headset plugged in, and use this little bar here for a lot of really simple controls,
whether you wanna tap it for muting your mic, or sliding up and down on it to change volume. So all of that is cool, and makes for a very customizable, handy controller. But, those are all the
features that are present on the regular Vantage,
so what exactly is new and different on the Vantage 2? When you have the Vantage 2
side by side with the original Vantage, it’s pretty tough
to tell the difference. I mean, in this case it’s
a little more obvious ’cause it’s the Modern Warfare design, but if you just ignore that and focus more on just the controller itself, on the surface level, they
look nearly identical. However, there are a lot of actual, minute changes that have
happened to the Vantage 2. Like I mentioned earlier, this isn’t some kind of major redesign
where they’re branding it as something new and different, it’s just a re-examination and fine
tuning of the original Vantage. Now a lot of this has to do
with just the general build and materials used in the Vantage 2. For instance, the grip
design on the Vantage 2, while looking very similar
to the original Vantage, is actually based on the
same kind of design they used for the Prestige, which is their
newest Xbox One controller. And it’s just a little grippier, and in general feels a
bit better in the hands. And this actually is
also a change they made to the front plates on the Vantage 2s. The original Vantages had
this kind of sleek design, they’re both a plastic
cover, but when you feel them side by side, the Vantage 2’s plastic is a softer touch, and
generally less slippery. What this importantly translates to is that when you’re playing
for a long period of time, there’s less chance of
discomfort happening from sweaty palms causing you to slide all around the grip, and instead ensures that you have a nice constant
firm grip on the controller. Now there is actually one
noticeable physical change that you can see in the controllers when you have them side by side, and it’s a very interesting one that it took a little time playing on it to get used to it and figure out why. When you look at the option
share buttons on these, especially from kind of a
laying down position like this, you’ll notice that the original Vantage had option shares that were up raised, like regular buttons,
whereas the Vantage 2 has them flush with the face plate. There’s a little bit of
up raise, but nowhere near as high as they are on
the original Vantage. And the reason for this is to make sure that you don’t accidentally
press one of these buttons if you’re moving between the touch pad and the regular ABXYs or thumb grips. If you’re ever moving
around this region here, on the original Vantage,
they’re just up raised enough that you could accidentally
slide into and hit them down, which is really annoying
mid-game, because if you hit the share button, or
even the options button, you don’t wanna do that
during multiplayer. So, having them more flush
with the controller design makes it so that you don’t
accidentally do that. Now those are the physical changes that you can really notice when you start to actually look at the
controllers side by side, as well as kinda touch
and feel a little bit, there are a lot more changes that happen on the inside of the controller as far as how it’s engineered. And it’s hard to describe this in depth outside of the fact that in general, the controller just feels more solid. Everything feels like it’s more locked into place properly, I
think one of the areas that this is most noticeable
for me, was the rumble motors. On the original Vantage,
the rumble motors come out, and while they feel pretty snapped in when you put them back,
there’s always just a little bit of looseness
that I could sense. You don’t get that with
these, the rumble motors feel like they’re much more
just properly, really locked in, and makes the rumble
feeling on it a lot better. There’s just this general
sense of tightening across the controller that just makes the overall experience feel a lot better, it just feels better in the hand, it feels better over
long periods of playtime, and I think it’s also
gonna translate into it just lasting longer in
general as a solid controller. Now there is one other big change that’s coming alongside
the Vantage 2’s release, but it’s something that actually benefits both owners of the original
Vantage and the Vantage 2, and that is a new customization
software for the controller. This brings a number of additional software customization options that were previously not available on the Vantage, including the ability to change the dead zone and
sensitivity of the sticks. Another way of modifying the sensitivity of the triggers, outside
of that physical way using the key, you have
the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the rumbles, so previously you could remove them, or have them in, now you have the choice of also making them rumble
at a kind of mid-level, if you still like having the
weight but just don’t want that full level shaking
that you normally get. And of course one of the biggest things that I think is a really handy life saver, is profile management. It was really nice that this controller gave the ability to
customize all the buttons on the fly, but if you
have specific load outs that you like to have for different games, it gets a little annoying if every time you change titles, you have to actually manually reset everything each time. So with the addition of the software, you can now have multiple profiles saved and switch over depending on
which game you’re playing. Now this software is
not available just yet, it’s coming out later this fall for PC, no word on Mac yet, but
that’s pretty standard for a lot of Pro controller
customization softwares, but the important thing is that again, this benefits not only people
who pick up the Vantage 2, but also people that just
own the regular Vantage. If you already have the original version of this controller, you can start taking advantage of that software after releases, which is
an awesome free upgrade. So with the software
coming to both controllers, the question comes up then of, how worth it are all the minute upgrades the Vantage 2 has compared
to the original Vantage? Back when the original
Vantage came out, it was one of the first in a new line
of PS4 Pro Controllers. There were plenty of Pro controllers that existed before then that were good, they were fine, but as time has gone on, companies needed to find more new ways to compete and really
push to the next level of what makes a Pro controller. And I think that’s why Scuf is releasing the Vantage 2, it’s a way for them to just further refine and build upon the original Vantage, and make it a still consistent competitor against all the other options out there. Side by side with the original Vantage, the changes in the Vantage
2 are definitely minute, but I do think they are good changes. It does result in a more
solid feeling controller, and one that I think is going
to last considerably longer. I don’t think the changes
are significant enough that if you already owned a Vantage that you need to go out
and buy a Vantage 2, in that situation just enjoy
the new customization software, but it does strengthen
their position for people who are either looking
for a PS4 Pro controller, or maybe looking for a change from one they’ve already bought. One of the things that
I think is really cool about the current state
of PS4 Pro controllers, is that all the big
options out there right now are very different, they all have their own focuses and reasons for why they make a good fit,
and I think there’s one out there for pretty much everyone. When it comes to the
Vantage 2 specifically, I think the big selling points
for people out there are, you want something with a
lot of onboard customization, without relying on a lot of outside tools, you want something that you can adapt for specific games and be
able to switch to easily, and most importantly, I think this is one of the best choices out there if you’re a fan of an
Xbox One style controller and you wanna import a
similar experience to the PS4. While the other PS4 Pro
controllers out there definitely have their strengths, I think if you’re looking for something that’s gonna offer a similar experience to an Xbox One controller, the Vantage 2 is just the absolute easy way to go, in terms of the grip
design, the offset sticks, everything about it is gonna feel a lot more natural and at home to you, while still offering the great
benefits of a Pro controller. Now if you’re interested
in grabbing one of these, we’ll have them linked down below. It’s gonna be available
not only at Scuf’s website, but also a lot of other retailers, like Amazon and Gamestop,
if you’re interested in the Modern Warfare design specifically, this is only on their
website and Gamestop, so that’s gonna be the
way you will need to go.


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