New PS5 controller will reduce PlayStation Now latency

Sony has designed a next-generation controller that will improve performance when using PlayStation Now [Upbeat powerful music] Here are the details: Sony has filed a patent for technology to
be used in a new controller that will reduce latency when used with a cloud-gaming service It’s titled a ‘Network Connected Controller for Direct to Cloud Gaming’ Here’s the important part of what the patent says: “it connects the controller device
to the server without connecting to a client device” So, what does it all mean? PS Now cloud gaming offers instant access
to a huge library of games. However because the games are not stored on the local console
but on a cloud server this leads to additional latency, this is the delay between a player
pressing a button on the controller and seeing the corresponding in-game action happen on
screen This doesn’t really affect slow-moving games
but it can have a noticeable effect on games where a quick reaction is required, such as
fighting games and FPSs and definitely, all multiplayer games which are competitive So with the new controller, when the player
presses the buttons, instead of sending the input signals to the PS5 (which are then sent
to the router) it will send them direct to the PS Now servers via the router. And this reduces latency The new PS5 controller might be called the
DualShock 5, but on account of the new haptics inside Sony could surprise us all and give it
a completely different name It will of course be compatible with the PS5
and no doubt there will be drivers and software updates so that it will work with PC, Mac,
iOS and Android All this extra technology will add
to price – but how do you feel about that? I don’t mind as long as it’s all utilised. The in-built
speaker works great in GTA V and Transistor but to be honest, after that I haven’t found many games that use it Thanks for watching. Hit Like, SUBSCRIBE,
and leave a comment Cheers! [whispered] Venom

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    Tha t controller is no ps5 controller its a ::::: Nacon assymetric


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