what’s good fam my name is Krisppykim
and welcome back to my channel in today’s video what I have for you is the
very overpowering glitch where you guys can beat God mode and no cops so while
you guys are doing this glitch you guys are completely god mode and no cops will
bother you okay you guys can have fun with your friend in a free room lobbies
and do anything you want alright so if you guys are new in the
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so much now with all that being said let’s jump straight into the video first
thing you want to do is go ahead and look for a public session or any session
if your choice invited only close friend session it will work with any session
there are to your requirements for this glitch number one for the cops no cops
Achilles you need to have a box vil are more bucks ville alright so we’re going
to be needing one of these enable for us to do the no cops glitch okay so next
thing you want to do is register yourself as a secure serve CEO go down
to VIP work go down to 45 and you got to make this as fast as possible okay
there’s a timing you got to do it as fast as you can go ahead and start the
45 started and go ahead open up interaction menu and retire as quick as
possible you don’t want to see the timer and the right bottom corner for the job
alright so you got to do it as fast as you can now for you guys to test it you
just go ahead and blow some cars in the street and you will notice that there
will be no cops on you so you can literally go and blow each and every
street cars that you see and there will be no cops okay so we are gonna combine
that with a solo god mode glitch and able for us to make an Opie glitch okay
so we are undefeated we are invincible alright so what you want to need to do
is go ahead and open up your inventory you will be needing an RC Bandito for
this glitch okay so go ahead and request your RC Bandito through your interaction
menu and it is very important that you have a
sticky bomb on your Ric Bandito now the name of the game here is do not ever let
go of down d-pad keep holding down the pad until I tell you to let go keep
holding it and hold down the L 1 or lb to detonate the bomb of your RC Bandito
and you will see that the Bandito will blow up without the wasted screen ok it
is very important that you don’t see the wasted screen now soon as you see that
go ahead and press pause back out of the pauses and spam y or triangle to get off
the Bandito and use your lipstick to navigate to the map and you need to make
your way inside of the club ok so go ahead and approach one of these ladies
in the club and simply press pause while keep holding the down d-pad pause back
out of the pause this Pam Wright d-pad to accept the dance and the lady will
make you follow her so simply follow her to the room ok so simply follow her to
the room now you are still holding down the pet at this point okay do not ever
let go until I tell you to do so now as soon as you see the first-person point
of view you can finally let go of down d-pad and you guys can simply exit the
room by pressing triangle or Y twice and it will push you out of the room just
like this now as soon as you get out of the club completely simply test your
self by blowing yourself with RPG or an explosive if you are already in god mode
so as you can see right here I’m going to blow myself up and there you going I
am finally god mode and there will be no cops so that’s a two combination of two
glitches that makes this glitch a very overpowering glitch so if you have
questions for me let me know down in the comment section and I will assist you
with any questions that you guys have happy Valentine’s Day guys think is so
much for dropping by the channel and see you guys in the next one bye bye


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