This video is a parody.
We are not affiliated to Nintendo. ‘Been in da game for 20 years, and I know that Mario will always be the favorite, the number one. But deep inside, I don’t care. FALSE ! I’m not nice anymore, I got an AK47 ! When he’s asleep, I’ll give his moustache a lesson ! We’ll see soon who is the tycoon, when I make him swallow those 200 mushrooms ! My kart’s always broken, it’s clearly a cheap deal, I can’t take a turn, I get all the banana peels ! To kick his ass well, better than a turtle shell, I’m going to hell as a kamikaze rebel ! How can Mario make everyone flinch ? That dude measures less than 1 inch ! That little faggot wears overalls ! Me, …
Oh… so do I. L.U.I.G.I My name is Luigi Here we Here we go ! It’s the end of Mario ! I’m so pissed off ! I have to dress in green, it makes people think I’m a dustman teen, Mario over here, Mario over there, The player you choose, it’s never Luigi. Look, I make efforts, Luigi’s working out hard, I got huge pecs, Mario’s a big fat retard ! With Luigi’s Mansion, I was almost a leader, But as a killing gun, they gave me a vacuum cleaner ! – Hey ! Look at the cleaning lady ! So, dusting, huh ?
– No, no… Well, yeah… I don’t have the plague, I’m not a slayer, So why is Luigi always the second player ? Fuck ! It sucks! Mario’s on magazines covers, while Luigi is behind and clearly looks thinner. His girl’s name is Peach, like the french little brioche, If they have a kid, he’ll look like a cockroach ! Mario’s got talent ? That’s an affront ! He’s got an understudy who is doing every stunt ! Mario is so VIP he got his own PEZ. He’s getting big-headed, hangs out with Alain Delon, he’s high on girls and drugs, But I saw the best part : that’s Toad and him making out ! – No, no, no… No, we didn’t do anything.
– …Anything. Oh, I just took a good leak. – Wanna join us ? – No, thanks. You’re picking up every coin, but still not a billionaire ? Mario’s a loser, Luigi is the big winner ! I’m running the house, Luigi is running the house, I’m running the house, Luigi is running the house… Luigi babe ! Subscribe ! Enjoy ! Have fun ! Subscribe ! – Oh yeah !
– Ewww…

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