NOSTOS – VR MMO Closed Alpha Gameplay

Welcome everyone to another video. Today, I will be talking about Nostos, an open-world exploration game for VR platforms So, this game is currently being developed by NetEase using SpatialOS. It’ll be released in late 2019 for SteamVR, and probably a little bit later for PSVR and other platforms They also recently ran an Alpha Test, and luckily I was able to participate in the test. So, this video is basically a short… walkthrough of, y’know, the test in case you wanted to see what the game looks like As I said, this game is in an Alpha state, so don’t be surprised if you see several bugs, framedrops, among other things. I’m sure most of the issues will be fixed by the time the game is released. So, let’s get on with the video. I’ll set my graphics quality to Low so I don’t lag as much. This is the lobby, you can enter your own worlds here or you can join your friends’ worlds as well. I’m gonna make a new world so you guys can see what the game looks like from the start. This is always the first villager that you recruit when you start a world. First thing we do is grab a torch and burn that huge fungus down. Now there’s gonna be a monster invasion so we have to grab an axe from here and just whack them with it basically. Next thing we have to do is to collect a tech tip, which is inside this box right here. Next thing I gotta do is to build a signal station, so I can have a map but first thing is, I gotta recruit a villager so I can build one. Looks like I need to build a research station first, so I guess I’ll prioritize that then. As of for now in the alpha… you cannot build. The villagers have to build for you, which is kind of unfortunate, since they take a pretty long time to start building. Hopefully they don’t fail. As we can see in this Alpha, Pawpaw is currently fighting the air, which is… kind of odd. Welp, looks like this guy’s about to build it. Aaaand he failed. Wow. This is what the rest of the menu looks like for now. There’s always a bow in this chest, which is pretty good. It deals more damage than the axe. The inventory’s pretty neat, except it might bug sometimes, (you might not be able to grab things or the other way around.) Let’s give this bow a try… Looks like I missed. The poor animal gets to live another day. Okay, nevermind. Let’s burn this down just in case. Okay, this doesn’t look really good. The crossbow’s right ahead, but this guy’s facing me, so if he goes towards me I’m pretty much dead. I have no idea why the crossbow was so small at this point, but it’s probably a bug. (another one) Crossbow’s not bad at all, but I think it deals a little bit less damage than the bow though, not really sure. Now, let’s give climbing a try. *realizes the climbing sound is gone* I gotta say, I really do like the climbing in this game, it’s not bad at all, and it does work, you just climb out of trouble if someone’s chasing you. Unless they know how to climb as well. So uh, I found this guy hanging out nearby so I decided, why not recruit him? Where did you come from? *oneshotted* Yeah, I’ll be ending the video now, but I just want to let you guys know that there’s much more to the alpha that what you’ve seen. There are vehicles, guns, houses, among many other things BUT I just want to say that I really, really enjoyed this game, and I’m thankful to NetEase for inviting me to the alpha test. I really look forward to playing this again during the second test, which is later this year. (August) Anyways, I just wanna thank you all for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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