#NOVEDADES | GTA Vice City Underground 2 | 2017 | Fixed

Hello everyone and welcome to another video Since a few years ago I started a project on this channel I started to upload videos of the well-known Mod for Grand Theft Auto Vice City called GTA Underground 2 I started doing it because this mod was or it is still complex to understand and it also haves a lot of untapped potential I think this had happend mainly because of the few videos that exist on Youtube are all about the same Random people playing on free mode and also most of them are avaliable in English, Russian & Polish
(English with a lot of Russian spelling Mistakes and with a non-sense context) Something that make the situation harder to understand (specially for the one’s like me who speaks natively Spanish and not English, Polish or Russian) By years I’ve been a huge fan and lover of the whole Grand Theft Auto game franchise Actually that’s the reason that pushed me deep into this Youtube’s deal 😉 And I created my account and started uploading content in 2008 Over the years I’ve work deeply in everything that concern’s about Modding Particularly one of my favorite games ever And that I consider one of the greatest games ever and that it’s Grand Theft Auto Vice City Here is where everything started 😀 This was the first mod I’ve ever seen, And the first one I’ve ever played This one was my first inspiration since I was a child to keep this project alive But, by some sort kind of things that happened in my life I wasn’t able to keep working as I used to do And it took me almost 3 years to been able to come back to this project. Surrounded by all of these issues, the first was that I was not able to get access into my Youtube Channel I was having problems by Problems by trying to reach the Mission’s Code of the Mod I didn’t know how to code properly… the Mission’s Code of the Mod and the game itself And I was thoroughly devoted to… my passions, the college and my hobbies By all the news and video updates I’ve released I gotta tell you guys a there’s kind of bad news for you to come One of them is that by years passing by And with the constantly change from one computer to another I lost the project as it used to be and be knowed by you guys But chill’, don’t get too nervous, everything’s alright everything’s not going to be bad news at all I decided to get back again into the game, and start working as soon as possible This time taking it as serious and committed as it’s possible Also, this time I have been reading and… doing some research (as well as I’m able to understand) about how the Mission’s Code (MAIN.SCM)
of the game works Know as MAIN.SCM (that’s for the original Game)
GTAU.SCM (for GTA Underground.exe) This… ehmmm… I have done this in order to know how to properly Code and Decode the Mission’s Code itself in order to reach where’s and which’s are the reasons why this Mod is constantly having bugs And been able to delete and fix them easily (at least most of them) But this is going to be done by releasing some little updates (beta testing) As well as I’m going to make a Changelog *explanation of what Changelog means in Spanish*
*(List of the updates and changes that have been made to make the game work stable, that includes deleted and newer functions, content, etc…) This video besides of being an update of the progress that this project’s already have Which I’m working on


  • Sebancho16

    como poner emblemas a las armas en call of duty blacks ops 2 xbox 360 RGH sera que se puede? creo que si


    Man , please put download link with the game pleaseeee. I want this so much. ( UNderground 2 not 1)

  • brian sosa

    avisame cuando subas tu mod de gta vice city underrgrund2 como los de tus videos

  • ALLancer Evolution X

    If you need to translate, check out GTA Pro Street Mod for Vice City, this is the Underground Mod with some textures, npc and cars changed

  • brian sosa

    hiciste el mod avisame como va subi un video de como queda asi nos antisipas algo

  • Nahuel Luna

    como se llama el marcador azul? pasa el plugin pliss


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