October Week 4 – MMORPG News Recap 2019

Welcome to this week in MMORPG news. Where I curate the more popular updates and
announcements from within the genre and put them all in a short video format. This is the fourth and last week of October
and let’s get started. Lost Ark
I know myself I’ve been following Lost Ark very closely as a game since it got announced
and then through the Korean beta and to where we are now, which is basically no where if
you’re someone who only plays the games once they come to the west officially. I never tried the game on the Korean servers
purely because the method of obtaining access is a bit sketchy to be honest and also I’m
not really a fan of paying for a game when I know I have a high chance of being banned. Well luckily, the Russian version of Lost
Ark is as of now in open beta too and that means no wipes. They do have a region lock in place but it’s
very easy to bypass with a vpn, they’re not actively banning foreigners either as far
as I can tell and there’s also a perfectly working English patch. If you’re someone who cares for story, you’ll
probably not have a great time with this because the subtitles for the cutscenes and quests
are pretty hard to work out but the actual UI, game systems and things you actually need
to know to be able to play and understand the game are pretty much all good. I played it for a few hours over the past
couple of days with no noticeable lag issues at all from europe and with it being free
to play with no wipe, this is a pretty close second to a western launch which we still
have no date on at all. If like me you kept your eyes out for this
game, wanted to try it but didn’t want to do all the messing around, check the video
on my channel for installation, the actual method of downloading and installing the game,
vpn and the english patch couldn’t really be easier, it takes about 5 minutes total
to setup and I think my guide is pretty clear to follow so hopefully you get to try out
the game. Personally for me, I wanted to get into this
version and play for probably about 5 or 10 hours, just to get an idea of if it’s a game
worth waiting for or not, I’d rather know now than keep waiting and not knowing if it’s
actually worth the wait or not. Stay tuned for the first impressions I put
out on the game over the next few days! Project 99 Green
For those unaware, project 99 is a private server of the original everquest. The term project 99 comes from the actual
era of game they’ve recreated, the original launch of eq in 1999. Now when I say private server, that’s just
because I don’t know what else to call it. This is a server that is actually endorsed
fully while being unaffiliated with Daybreak games, the studio that owns and operates the
Everquest license. They are operating under full legal permission
and thaat means it’s about as close to and stable of a project as you can get. I’ve seen people playing P99 now in some capacity
for years and always wanted to get involved since I missed the classic era of Everquest
due to playing other mmorpgs at the time. This new server, P99 Green is a new PvE server
without any patches or expansions enabled upon release. Has the full old-style mechanics and is a
progression server, so it will work its waay through the initial patches of EQ’s original
launch. They’ve already got a major timeline in place
for when these content patches will land. It will be practically indential to playing
and experiencing the original launch and progression of EQ, the game that inspired and spawned
a lot of the popular games and mechanics still used in the genre today. They employ rules that keep the game as close
to classic as possible, this means no multiboxing of characters which would detract from the
group focused nature of the game. It’s a real blast from the past game that
I think many people today could appreciate if they give it a try. I know it looks old to a lot of newer people
in the genre but I think if you try it out even if you don’t enjoy the game you’ll probably
still get some kind of understanding and appreciation for why a lot of the old heads say things
like “mmorpgs used to be blah blah and about blah”. Truly the mmorpg genre has taken a massive
shift in direction since the days gone by, maybe you’ll see a glimpse of what we mean
by that as a new player or maybe you’re someone who played EQ religiously and didn’t know
this was happening, either way, it’s news worthy. Blade & Soul
I’ve got a list somewhere on my desktop with “games to make a 2019 review or first impressions
in 2019” blade and soul has been in that list and downloaded on my desktop now for probably
3 months and whenever I feel like I will have time to get to it, I just don’t. You know what would light a fire under me
and get me to try out the game in a hurry? This unreal engine 4 update for the game. Now I know we mostly have scripted action
sequences and cutscenes to go on so far from the teasers they’ve been releasing but according
to the most recent one, it’s out in Korea in December apparently with new content. I hope that means early 2020 we’ll be getting
the update and as someone who very briefly played blade and soul in the early beta and
enjoyed it but just skipped the launch, I’m intrigued by what they’re planning to do with
the game going forward. I was under the impression that the population
was massively on the decline in the west due to the pay to win that everyone cites as the
only crippling factor to the game. I can’t help but feel like with the korean
arm of development still actively working on the game , we could see something similar
to a relaunch of sorts in the west if they’re at all smart. Looking at recent events, archeage unchained
becoming a thing, no more p2w and a rebrand of a game ruined by p2w, I’d imagine even
NCsoft could figure out that wouldn’t be such a bad idea for blade and soul. That’s obviously pure speculation and just
me being hopeful that when I actually do get to try the game out and make a judgement on
it that it’s not this current version and all the baggage that comes with it. Just to say, blade and soul already looks
sick, like one of the most visually pleasing mmorpgs out there, getting fully ported to
an updated and superior engine with new content might even make up for the monetisation woes,
I mean shit, look at black desert online, that’s as p2w as it comes and still a popular,
thriving game. Archeage
Not going to go into a lot of detail on this subject, you all probably have watched a lot
of my content relating to archeage already. Just to say, in case you missed it, archeage
unchained has had a bit of a bumpy road to say the least. They’ve had to disable their new monetisation
slash progression system that was put in for the unchained launch, the archepasses I’m
talking about. They were rushed out, buggy and destabilised
the economy a bit more than what they thought it would. Since the removal of this feature, there’s
quite a lot of core progression stuff locked behind a wall of items you can’t actually
acquire in the game as of now. This is of course pending their review of
the archepass systems and changing it enough that the feature supplements how they see
people playing the game rather than forces you into a weird loop of doing mundane tasks
that you would never actually do when just playing the game. So yeah just to let you know that’s happening. SWTOR Onslaught launch
Some people may recall, probably the most expensive AAA mmorpg ever to be created, star
wars the old republic, that’s still a thing. No hate here, I just remember playing the
launch of the game and how hyped it was only for it to fade into relative obscurity compared
to other games from equally privilged backgrounds. I mean come on, bioware making an mmorpg,
with a massive budget and based on the star wars IP, who could say no to that? Well turns out, I could say no. because it
launched, I played it for 2 days and I absolutely didn’t get along with the core gameplay systems
at all. Well I’m sure since that was like 8 years
ago, some things have probably changed. One thing that has chaanged and why I’m even
talking about this game is of course that they’ve just released a new expansion titled
Onslaught. I’m not sure if I should call it an expansion
or a content patch since it’s actually free for subscribers and not a box price item like
you would typically associate with the word expansion. Either way, it’s out, comes with a new storyline
, a new planet, new group content including a dungeon and an 8 or 16 man raid and probably
a whole lot more that I didn’t see while making this script. Either way, it launched on live this week. Kritika Online relaunch
Real quick here because I don’t have a lot to say on this. Kritika Online, another one of those relatively
unknown, low budget eastern mmorpgs that most of us when asked to sit there and try to put
an image to the name willcome up with a jumbled mismash of images that could actually be any
number of these games since they’re all relatively generic and similar…Yeah. Well it’s rereleasing in the west apparently. You will be forgiven for not knowing that
this game already failed in asia, failed in the west and now is being revived for whatever
reason, I honestly don’t even know what to say. Yeah, I’ll prorbably play it, just because
I’m curious about what changed but still, ugh… Legends of Aria Server merge and pvp changes
Last topic for this week, just to say that Legends of Aria, a game I’ve covered a few
times on the channel and one I still have some personal attachment and interest in has
made a few, positive moves this week. They’re opening a new server, allowing transfers
from previous legacy servers to said new server, including your houses and items. This I believe is for the NA servers only,
not sure what’s happening with EU as I don’t follow the game that closely anymore. I believe this beings in the next couple of
days. They also have the framework for their next
large content patch outline which should go live in November which includes the addition
of what they’re calling the wilderness, it’s basically a total 180 back to what the original
pvp ruleset was with a few additions which include penalties and rewards for player killers
and anti player killers. I think they’re also finally making use of
the town notice boards, the stealing and snooping skills are being added, militia system updated
and some new resource missions. I hope this is enough to bring some players
and life back to their game, I’ll keep an eye on it and keep you guys informed as always. That’s it for this week, I have to say sorry
if this isn’t my best work, I wasn’t even going to make a video today as I’m in a lot
of pain and generally feel really bad but I have a commitment to you guys and to making
content so here you go. I hope at least some of it was enjoyable! Special thanks to the people supporting me
via youtube membership subscription which is basically patreon but for youtube, you
get cool perks that I can set up myself such as this shoutout! If you’re interested in getting involved,
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Jack, Seal Boss, Angel, Joe and Marathon5150. Thank you guys so much and thanks to all you
guys who watch the videos, leave comments and likes, follow me on twitter, join discord
and , I’ll see you guys on the next one, PEACE!


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    Dumped a good 15 hours into Lost Ark this Sunday thanks to your guide, I'm really enjoying it so far, making me look forward to a Western release even more!

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