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Hey there, this is Ellie from Cognitive Cardio with Middle School Math Moments And I’m just here to share a little demo of the new Truth or Dare games that are going to be available on my website very soon Students will be able to come here, enter a password, and then they will be able to play a number of different games There will be 14 to start with – 14 to choose from. So when they come to the first game that they choose, or any game that they choose, they’ll enter their name and then they’ll be able to choose “Learn How to Use the Game” or “Begin the Game,” and I’m just going to begin the game right now since this is a little demo. So we’ll click begin the game. We could choose to go to the Truth Grid or the Dare Grid. I’m going to choose the Truth Grid. On each grid there’s a choice of 18 different questions. The truth questions are worth one point in the game, and students can choose at random any one that they want. I’m going to start with number five. So go to question number five. I have my question. I am unable to click check my answer until I have answered the question. So I need to choose true or false, and then I can check my answer. I can see the answer was false. I got zero points. And so I have no points so far in my game I can go back and return to the question if I wanted to double check everything and see why was the mode actually 11, what the data was and then if I want to go back and check the answer again I can and from either spot, I can go back to the grid that I choose. So I’ll check another Truth question. What’s the outlier 46? I can’t check my answer until I choose an answer I’m gonna choose false and check it, and here I find that I’m correct. So I got one point and I have one point total for the game. So the total points increase every time students earn points. I can return to the question. From here, I’m going to choose to go to the Dare grid. The Dare questions are two or three points and they are multiple-choice questions. They’re a little bit harder than the truth questions. I’ll choose question 20 and again can’t check my answer until I choose one of these. I’m going to go with 12, check my answer, I got it wrong. I still only have one point for my game so far. I see a little bit of work here that shows me how I should have gotten to 11 as the mean age. Again, I can return to the question double check. I can’t change my answer when I go back. That’s not possible I can go pick another Dare question. I’ll choose 22 The mode is seven. What’s the missing number? I’m going to check seven, check my answer. I got it right this time so I got two points. I’m up to a total of three for my game and again I can return to the question and double-check it, I can go to the Truth Grid or to the Dare Grid. And at any time I can check the Answer Sheet to see how I’m doing so far in my game. I check the answer sheet. I can see I got number three, correct. I got number five wrong. I got number twenty wrong I got number twenty two, correct. And so far I have earned three points out of the 62 points possible in the game. When students finish the game, or get as far as they get in the game, whether they finish 36 questions or not, they can go to print the answers, and print screen will come up they can either take a screenshot of that and send it to you or they can actually print it and then they can go back to the main screen any time they want That’s about it. If you have any questions about the game, or how it works, please feel free to email me.

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