Ornn Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

This… is Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain. Ornn likes to do things himself. Like building items! Instead of bothering with shop owners, he
builds his own. And when the ram god decides it’s time for
a teamfight… he moves mountains to start one. Welcome to the Ornn Champion Spotlight. Ornn has two passives. The first is Living Forge. It lets Ornn spend gold to build non-consumable
items for himself any time he’s out of combat. Build items by opening the shop anywhere on
the map and spending gold like normal. Just for convenience, you can also build things
by clicking items shown in this menu. Ornn’s second passive is Master Craftsman. It gives Ornn and his teammates access to
special upgrades for a few items in the shop. Each champion on Ornn’s team is limited to
just one special item. Ornn’s Q is Volcanic Rupture. Ornn slams the ground, damaging and slowing
enemies in a line. After a short delay, a magma pillar forms
at its maximum range, or right behind the first enemy champion struck, whichever comes
first. The pillar works like a wall but does not
knock-up enemies. Ornn’s W is Bellows Breath. Ornn belches out flames that deal damage based
on the enemy’s current health and shields himself for a short duration. While Bellows Breath is active, Ornn is unstoppable,
which means that any incoming crowd control won’t have any effect until the ability completes. The final burst of Bellows Breath makes any
struck enemies become Brittle. This is a brand new status effect in League,
so let’s explain how it works: When Brittle, enemies lose tenacity. Think of it like negative Mercury Treads. Things like stuns and slows last longer when
used on these targets. Brittle enemies that are struck by hard crowd
control take bonus damage—this consumes the debuff. There’s one other effect that’s unique to
Ornn: basic attacking a Brittle target knocks them back and consumes the debuff. Ornn’s E is Searing Charge. Ornn charges, displacing and damaging enemies
in his way. If Ornn collides with terrain while charging,
he stops, creating a shockwave that damages and knocks up nearby enemies. This ability destroys terrain created by enemy
champions. It also destroys Volcanic Rupture’s pillar. Pull off Ornn’s basic combo by getting close
enough to lightly roast enemies with Bellows Breath. Once they’re good and Brittle, turn up the
heat with a Searing Charge into nearby terrain for the knockup. If you can Charge into Volcanic Rupture’s
pillar, it’ll be a job extra well done. Ornn’s ultimate is Call of the Forge God. Ornn summons a massive elemental that charges
toward him. Enemies run over by the elemental are damaged,
slowed, and made Brittle. Ornn can recast this ability to headbutt the
elemental, redirecting it. The rebounding ram will deal the same effects
as before, except knocking enemies up instead of slowing them. A mistimed head butt will leave Ornn feeling
sheepish. Your ultimate can be an amazing setup tool
for allied crowd control. Catch them in the forge god’s stampede, then
tag ’em into a wall to make ’em feel extra Ornnery. You may want to max W first for the waveclear—it’s
his most reliable ability. After you’re able to blow down waves in a
single breath, focus on maxing E to make your Searing Charges extra spicy. If your enemies think they know your item
build, use Living Forge to pull the wool over their eyes. Here, Ornn sneakily crafts a Righteous Glory. He then activates it to hoof down Blitzcrank
and ram him into a wall, allowing his team to catch up and bring Blitz to the scrap heap. Use your passive to forge items in lane that
give an immediate advantage against your opponent. For example, forge an early specter’s cowl
into heavy magic damage. To hammer it home, think about forging a Warmog’s
when you’re low to stay on the map. As Ornn, it’s your job to bring the teamfight. Call of the Forge God has a fixed distance,
so try to place it in a spot that cuts off your opponents’ path. Then, stay away from enemy crowd control so
you can stick the redirect. Let’s put it all together for a teamfight! You want to start out the fight with both
passes of Call of the Forge God. While the baddies are knocked up, drop your
Q’s pillar and get ready to follow up with a Searing Charge. Stay in the fight with Bellow’s Breath and
trigger the Brittle debuff as often as you can to take down enemies of all sheeps and
sizes. Thanks for tuning into the Ornn Champion Spotlight. ORNN’T you glad there weren’t more puns? I know, they’re CORNN-y. Smash the hotlinks below to learn more about
the Fire Below the Mountain.


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