Overcooked! + Overcooked! 2 (PS4/Xbox One/Switch) Unboxing

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames and in this video we’re gonna be unboxing overcooked
and overcooked 2 the bundle here for the switch Xbox one and the ps4
it’s not really a bundle but like both of the games together and on the switch
version this is the special edition of overcooked for the switch and we see the
front covers right here with the covers for both games and down below we see
that the game is rated E and it’s developed and/or published by team17 and
on the ps4 it also says ghost town games and now looking at the spines we’re
gonna see a grey spine on the Xbox one a red spine on the switch and a
continuation of the front cover on the ps4 and from the tops we can tell that
all three of these are good old y-fold copies and now on to the backs we see
the titles of both games again as well as two shots of gameplay for each and it
says two award-winning culinary adventures in one and it says a culinary
quest, over 30 campaign levels through an increasingly challenging and bizarre
gauntlet of kitchens, simple controls / deep challenge, anyone can join in the
fun but only a well-oiled team will come out on top
journey back to the onion Kingdom and assemble your team, have up to four chefs
now with online and local multiplayer more chefs, more kitchens, more recipes
and down to the play modes on the Xbox one this game is
single-player co-op two to four online two to four online co-op two to four and
four gigabytes, on the switch one to four in docked, tabletop and
single-player in handheld mode, pro controller compatible one joy con
required for player and switch online membership needed for the online stuff
and on the ps4, one to four players two to four Network online play optional
3.39 gigabytes Dual Shock 4 and they are rated E due to mild cartoon violence, right
and let’s go ahead and open these guys up and see what’s cooking all right and let’s take a look at the
ps4, I’m gonna have the game disc on the right and now the Xbox one game disc on
the left and of course we have the switch which has the game card and it
also has kind of a blown-up shot of the covers right there as well as warranty
and technical support kind of just attached to it and that is going to do
it for this unboxing of overcooked or overcooked special edition and overcooked
2 for the ps4 the Xbox one and the switch, as always thank you guys for
staying tuned to popngames for these unboxings and if you enjoyed this one
you can let us know by liking commenting subscribing and clicking that bell thank
you for watching bye bye


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