PE Podcast #84 – The Wonderful 101 KickStarter, Switch Exclusives Sales Review, Next-gen

Ball talk that’s why we started late
it’s been saying crazy stuff about the NFL saying crazy stuff about my Niners
Shakira it’s pretty hot at the halftime show VC talking about secures but well
typically the NFL is over is XFL time I’m actually excited for the XFL XFL
Vince McMahon ah I’ll entrust it to do with it he’s not Oliver Luck is
missionary listen he’s putting his whole hands into it from what I’ve heard he’s
putting his money into it and that is that I have to be more than that Vince
McMahon like in like all like if you follow them on Twitter I haven’t seen a
single peanut bits with man you know cuz oh my god alright I’ve been looking up
at all the route like all get up I’m telling you firsthand for the
information I know for a fact he has all puts all the bills but he’s not into the
day of the operation yeah all the bills all the bills when who makes the
decisions for most people make money and the money on them but if you look at
what they’re doing though VC like what is out of like what the exit fell from
the very beginning you knew that there was issues I mean they were encouraging
players to date you know the cheerleaders like they’re doing all that
they don’t have that this time around like they’re doing it the right way I
think they’re doing it the right way they’re their definite taking a more
conservative approach yeah you know but I mean I can see why you’re skeptical
though but um yeah and heck when I tried to go trial I
mean I remember you know I was looking at going to it they did it the right way
man they’re like they didn’t want anybody old do I give your old you can’t
play in the league they only wanted younger guys that are like just out of
college or been in the NFL for a little bit they don’t want old players in there
they want it to be in you know that’s what that’s why I think they gonna take
off because I think they’re their league is probably gonna mimic college football
a little bit more and it’s gonna be high it’s told me a lot of action-packed
stuff going on so that’s what’s gonna captivate people the game is fast have
you heard about the rules yeah yeah I’ve seen so I’m gonna rule the overtime rule
was Nicholas yeah I expect the NFL to cop
we’ll get overtime rule yeah the clock 25 seconds it’s like fast you know 40 so
you have to get you have to get to a lot you got to get going yeah they don’t
they don’t want games to go three hours today so they want to speed up the game
so I like it yeah I’ll speed it up I could tell me maybe to it and it’ll make
the NFL better because you’re gonna get guys that are playing you know and
there’s a lot of guys from college that are gonna have to play in the NFL but
they don’t get their shot and this will give them a second opportunity to touch
again the NFL which I mean we saw the first time I run with the XFL right like
like dyeing eggs AXA fell to the NFL so yeah the XFL I mean Lauren dish
shenanigans it was good for the most part you know what I mean I liked how to
use day nicknames I wish they would have let the music nicknames that’s the only
thing that’s the only thing I wanted to return using the real names but but he
hate me is so legendary like people will remember that forever yeah I think tommy maddox to you like
ended up playing quarterback for the steelers after that exit fell stance so
yeah he won the championship in the playing for the Steelers and yeah that
was good so I think it’s gonna be a lot more guys though because they’re doing a
little bit different this time so shit oh did you did you hear they announced a
partnership with FanDuel today yeah yeah I did see that and so another thing real
quick another thing there might be a game 2k might be making I told y’all to
make the game I told you I was a done deal when they decide to come back that
2k was gonna make that game well who was going who made that connection Vince
McMahon of course Vince made that connection but he also got understand
that if he wants to sell his game he’s gonna have to have somebody to make a
good game so oh whoa 2k has been doing a bad job so they’ve
been doing a terrible job of wrestling but they he knows they’re legendary for
football yeah good day people still play to kpop to the state
download the rosters and you can play today by to this day like with the new
with new rosters which is crazy in my opinion you know yeah I got a uh give me
the link cuz I keep forgetting your twitch what the Twitter stream to my own
twitch you look for it I just I I just hopped on the stream just three minutes
ago myself but at least you could try looking for it there and oh you put it
you put it on your uh you put on your Twitter why are you not streaming on on
YouTube really mega punch by the Pokemon company Nintendo I thought that was over
with I think you three months they think they can ban you they can ban you for up
to three months for one strike I got banned for three months that’s horrible
they said like you want to have a community and make a profit
nope I mean views in like getting notice and all that because you have been able
to get as much exposure on YouTube because I have the app to buddy
and like I compared it with me and yours all time and like we’re always both
going upward but yours is so much higher because of how much constant you’re
outputting and with how much streams you do and because of the recent few months
it hasn’t been as much as it used to be because you were having scenes of a
thousand people and and they cuffed you they cut you and you had thousands of
people in your streams the last few weeks before that happened man they
stopped your traction that’s that’s messed up you’re reaching the heights
listen listen it happens so you know this was actually real job
was just in YouTube douche bag jail you know yeah q fraud fraud false copyright
you know douche bag jewels at least you’re given food in jail you’re not
given food for now no I’m good hey guys here’s my good YouTube announcement I
think for those who are on the YouTube page that you know I’m back on YouTube
this Sunday I’m back so we back on YouTube this Sunday so that should be a
lot of fun I’m gonna have some giveaways some prizes some other stuff like that
so it’s nice should be cool cool are you ready to go ahead and send
me some of them code you get them download code you get any codes yet any
codes well I was talking about you say that one yeah i’ma say any code yet did
I get a what you haven’t been sent any codes yet I got man I got Phantasy Star
Online though fantasy storm are you planning that tomorrow oh oh and I
didn’t know it came out tomorrow you got to download the Xbox insider hub you got
that no no I don’t have that apply for they’ll give it to you it’s easy I’m
really waiting on a bleeding edge you take the lay bleeding oh you mean
Microsoft overwatch basically it has been what looks good about that game
everything I’m like I don’t have my glasses on and I can see how bad it
looks horrible let’s get everyone let’s get everyone yeah let’s get everyone
okay here welcome to another PE podcast this is episode number 84 let me
introduce my cast we got B see here B see how you doing today
I’m doing pretty good I actually just formally announced it on Twitter and I
did last night on the broadcast that I’m gonna be on the small cast this week for
this episode and once again I want to say thank you John pretty invitation and
all upside from that I’ve been doing a lot of content recently I dropped a
video on GameCube hidden gems I dropped a video on the whole platinum
scenario going on with a wonderful one one the one Kickstarter tons of stuff
tons of streams tons of content and I’m also still working on music right now I
got an album coming out probably in the late spring but that’s a long time from
now and yeah thinks we’re going pretty well
pretty well otherwise getting right and I the way because you always see what
games you playing all that FF is gonna mention it but uh I just picked up every
society game stop for 15 17 dollars so I picked it up smooth cop I just had to
turn on my 3ds finally and aside from that I picked up
Darksiders Genesis so I can’t wait for that to be dropped off on my house so
high to be but it’s one of my big games for the year honestly for switch it’s coming out next week
okay so you just ordered it oh yeah from Amazon it’s good so it’s gonna come out
and I’m gonna get it like maybe a day after jobs yeah yeah it looks really
good so I’ve high hopes and something that I
was playing sword and shield with all the flag grabs earlier on stream it was
a joke time there’s no time but uh there’s a new raid going on right now
for those who do like that game and the reason why I played it is cuz it’s my
favorite Pokemon the only one that’s good in the whole game cuz the whole
game has ugly Pokemon except for a crimson arrow and toxicity you said I’m
playing this game because I’m bored hey bro I feel but the thing is is see
the traction and you see the numbers and you enjoy seeing everyone Haven out and
having a good time it’s like you want that mana have them have fun and they do
100% click comes through in the building they’re all in because on board yeah bad
guys in the title I did I was watching the same I just I just lurk in your
shoes because I don’t want to I don’t want to like cuz I costume sometimes I
costume with stuff when I go to like you know elite like PE ninjas dreams like
sometimes I costume with ruckus you know I what’s up player since how you doing
it everyone’s like asking what you’re doing the whole time I understand the
fight you get it a lot more obviously yeah so I don’t want to disrupt people’s
streams so if like any of the elite ninja if you guys are streaming I’m
there I’m just not talking cuz I don’t want to destroy there’s a string but
yeah I just found that I found that title hook I wanted to say something but
you know I’m just shut the hell up let them enjoy the stream let me enjoy
this room it was a good so guys like I only have fun whenever I’m doing stuff
with the people in the 100% click through the patrons and those that are
subscribed that come through all that so I just do things for them also time cuz
I do votes phone on the patron sort of discord the exclusive discord and I
usually have it so it’s for them they’ve been voting spittoon all the time and I
don’t like splatoon I’m trash at the game it’s way more than me play pokemon
way more and I hate splatoon and I hate it and I get a whole time Christians
going in there going blah blah blah blah blah brand we’re all just dying what
about you Ben what’s up with you man welcome to the stream you got bearing
here on the cast what’s up Aaron in the building yeah I’m finally
on here after a short hiatus in some misfortune it missed timings yeah what
was the question again welcome to the street doing good doing
good just been busy nonny yeah wrestling stuff of course yes are
you writing fortnight to okay yeah I play it I play for I just say you know
let me check out this chapter 2 and a 1 victory royale first match I was like oh
this it’s still sweet in here I see everything oh I was but I wanted that to
be a topic today somehow the performance got worse worse I don’t know how that
happened yes worse worse oof yeah I’m lost too I don’t get it
when they uh some people that you’re a planchette trash connections no I’m
talking about how to game looked at everything I was like what the hell
happened to this game because chapter 1 was look chapter 1 ran pretty pretty
decently and it looked pretty good chapter 2 right now looks really rough I
was like what is going on bro like it’s kind of crazy
yeah I play that ain’t in really uh mine shells going on you know we in this
little this little short dry spell after you know Christmas with that
disappointment that was Pokemon shield that’s the holidays like how many people
just it was horrible I mean and I and I can understand you’ll be concern how bad
the game is you know I was I figured people would have by that crap people
row Oh Jay you got it okay you got to understand this game Pokemon now has the
Call of Duty effect oh yeah people complain about the shit and then
they buy it anyway so well yeah I know but I really I
generally meant what I said when I when I was complaining about this game and
when I got to go so unless Pokemon is gifted to me again I will not be buying
another one that’s for sure unless I see some drastic changes yes it’s not applet
Oh what’s up Jordan revenge there’s Jordan in the chat yeah
Oh what’s up Jordan welcome to the stream
hey but uh but I I know you wanted to talk about we have some cool topics guys
we’re kind of going all over the place but don’t worry
yeah there’s structure trust me what does it say in my title says the
wonderful 101 101 we should start there yeah everybody here played the wonderful
101 on Wii U right everybody I play that or yeah yeah okay but I have an interest
so I have a different perspective you are because you’re gonna get a 60 frames
for a second you know 1080p version of you’re gonna get the the really dope
version of the game has extra content like you’re really in for cheap the game
was already really good on the Wii U yeah and you’re gonna get an even better
version of the game which is cool so Baron I want to get your thoughts on
this you know wonderful 101 Kickstarter it looks like it’s gonna meet all of its
goals so far I think they’re almost at three 1.5 million for the Kickstarter
let me see let me let me double check the wonderful I think there are almost
1.5 million it’s the wonderful 101 remaster that’s the official title of
the game yeah yeah they are at they have 22,000 backers plus 28 days to go and
they’re at one point for two million and Counting and going up so they’re we
gonna hit that 1.5 million and at 1.5 million with this Kickstarter you
actually get you get Lucas first mission it’s a brand new 2d side-scrolling
adventure starring the young hero Lucca which plays a part like that no spoilers
it plays a part in to the you know until the the game like he’s a big part of the
game but Luca is a that’s cool I like the fact that they’re doing that and
then at 1.75 million you got a remix soundtrack featuring a secret special
guest which the soundtrack in this game is really good Hideki Kamiya himself
even actually seen some of the layers in the Japanese version of
the game so it is it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool and you have Japanese and
English voice in this game so you could listen to both both tracks in the game
that’s where the game was actually kind of bigger than people thought it would
be it was over ten gigabytes on the Wii U and people damn why is it such a big
game I’m like oh well there you go – audio voice tracks dual audio voice
tracks dual audio music everything’s all in there in the game yeah yeah so it’s a
very interesting game it’s a very fun games very unique and it’s gonna be
enhanced from the Nintendo switch and for the PlayStation 4 and for PC the
more interesting thing with this which I want to get you guys’s opinion on this
I’m outside of what you guys just think about the game and all that it’s how
this game even came about with Platinum Games self-publishing apparently
Nintendo wanted the game to be on to a switch Nintendo was willing to publish
the game but Platinum Games did not want to it did not want it to only be on the
switch they wanted it to be on multiple platforms because they didn’t want the
game to suffer the same fate that the Wii U suffered in terms of it now and
yes and they know that of course the switch was doing better but they still
wanted to see if they can get this game to have more reach because you know this
game is not gonna be a massive seller on any single platform that it’s all no
matter what so they want to expand their IP and have their own self publishing so
Nintendo out of the kindness of their heart according to Platinum Games let
them use this IP just said you can use it doesn’t seem like it’s definitely
kindness this is the first time this has ever happened it’s the way to see very
kind of Nintendo but it’s because of that relationship that they have right
it’s because of that special relationship that they have that
Nintendo allowed them to do this so they’re very nice as Nintendo and nice
of PlatinumGames because they love this game man like platinum this is probably
their most beloved game I think out of all their games I think it’s like
Bayonetta and wonderful 101 but I think wonderful 101 is like the company’s most
beloved game you know I guess they were hoping for it to do really well I think
when it first was made but for me personally I do and like I’m considering
backing it in the $40 here who are it’s the physical game that’s what I’m
considering right now I haven’t done it yet because I did just mention I pick up
darkside of Genesis so I’m just waiting for a few weeks since there’s still 28
days till so I’m gonna wait a little bit and then I’m gonna go for that tear
before we dog here so get that version and you can just buy the game when it
launches I mean I’ll be in stores yeah by day
to be a higher price so that’s why I started right before you dollars it’ll
probably be $39.99 I feel like 360 no that’s why no it’s not gonna be 60 I
would be 39 or be $4.99 I’ll be one of those two it will not be 60 bucks for
this game all right okay you should be 40 that’s good it
should be 40 yes that’s why I wanted to pick up for the kick start right because
I soon it’s gonna be 60 minute jobs it’s probably with my thoughts it’s probably
gonna be 40 bucks when it jumps that’s that’s what I would guess that it’s
gonna be 40 bucks if they wanted to sell it better not be 60 it’s not gonna be
yeah and it’s better be 40 with the Lucas ID mission
well no no no the leucocyte mission is for got its own game
no it’s for backers all the time back yeah the time attack and all that stuff
the backers get the dlc for free so although I mean I’m gonna do that
obviously we are here for the backs now get all that – yeah yeah yeah if you
don’t you get all the cool stuff that’s included in the game like normally but
all the DLC released you have to pay for that were as bad as you get all DLC for
free that makes sense that make sense yeah all right yeah so I’ll definitely
pull through for the Kickstarter because I I did miss out on it and I did always
want to give it a try cuz I’ve always liked platinum games
games all the time from the bein in a series – Nier automata and actual chain
after chain gain come on we all know here that that game was one of the best
games to drop in 2019 yeah well I mean well that was so long ago but yeah it
was a cool concept it was it was a great game
I was hyping the hell out of that game when it first came out because it just
reminded me of Power Rangers basically so I really like the atmosphere and how
everybody uh every character was unique how almost every uh wonderful member was
kind of stereotypical too so it was really fun to see that so hey you know
in the voice acting was great Jack was great so yeah it was really
under it again with this I’m I’m not shocked that the Tendo probably gave
them back this IP because clearly they really didn’t want to do nothing with it
cuz they they greenlit him for Astro change so it’s like obviously they
really do have any interest in continuing this franchise so it doesn’t
shock me that they got it so I don’t think the tenant really cared about
keeping an IP especially with how Bayonetta and Astro chain is doing for
them so I think they really they really you know I think they’re really
satisfied with those two at this moment and it shows that yeah it shows how
their relationship is you know it could be like a Microsoft situation where they
want to finish scalebound but Microsoft won’t come off a scalebound
so it could be that situation so there’s you know there’s some people on a parent
there’s some people on Twitter Baron that are going out of the way saying oh
the Planum funneled the money from scale down to their other projects ya know I’m
like sources and they’re like oh it’s just a rumor like of course it is I mean
let me say something about this people got out you know people got to pay
attention to stuff that is happening and shit just look at wonderful 101 and look
at all the platforms that’s coming to and which platform is missing we know
yeah a big a big you know x marks the spot on which one is missing so I need
to understand like I was telling people in the past when when they talked about
that that uh that that was nothing but PR that they put out about Microsoft or
was it the two years ago or a year and a half ago in a scale bus situation went
out 2017 yeah so it doesn’t shock me that that games not Xbox cuz obviously
some bad blood maybe it’s on maybe it’s one of the Planum for you say
that there’s some bad blood like no smooth smooth is trying to say David
that yes no no no no Microsoft did bad business yes obviously I have never seen
a develop I’ve never seen the studio have a fallout like this over a game
that was well into development and they pull a plug on it and obviously wants it
they have said it on multiple occasions they want to finish this game it was
probably done to Nintendo like Rockstar like the reason why rockstars what
Rockstar is is because we do when it was halfway done I remember that III get
that but not not to dis magnitude you know what I mean cuz that that was
suppose we want to Xbox flagship things in didn’t you uh sure you know Kamiya
out there to showcase the game and III was a couple of times they did that and
then just to pull a plug on that like that so that would piss some people off
especially they put in because platinum said they put they put their heart into
everything they do so obviously they they feel some type of way they’re not
being able to finish that project so I’m not surprised it’s not on Xbox so if
Xbox don’t want to play it might want to play nice with platinum platinum is not
gonna play nice with Microsoft million I don’t think they want to do it no they
actually gave a reason was there a limit they don’t want to stretch themselves to
dim with too many ports that’s what they said come on if you already pointed to
the switch come on is for and the PC Brooke come on Xbox it’s not gonna take
too much lobbies wouldn’t take too much longer than eight and come on yeah I don’t think they care I I think they did
being professional record you at this moment with this situation I don’t think
they care about doing it they want to do it that’s how I really just don’t want
to associate with Microsoft at this point that’s really what it is
the loss of scalebound almost made them bankrupt if it’s because of jnanam I
know what I want to point out is the other thing I want to point out it
platen games can be a little bit hard-headed because the fact that they
had to do a Kickstarter for this it’s kind of telling to me if you ain’t got
50k to publish your home I know any cost with me I’m just saying like you put if
you put now Kickstarter goes to self-publishing
obviously I got obviously at some point I understand you want to stay
independent and I know Nintendo wanted to buy him at one point
I think Microsoft did that’s cool if you didn’t want to be on a nobody umbrella
but if you’ve got to go to Kickstarter for self-publishing dawg hey maybe you
should have went under to somebody’s wing because y’all are too talented to
be teetering on an edge like this I don’t like first of all I disagree with
people slant this slander on Kickstarter and
what and what wonder like what PlatinumGames is doing it look I
suggested in the Wii U era that big developers big publishers games isn’t
even at the isn’t even the publish their developer okay so they’re trying to get
into publishing I suggested that big publishers if you think that Wii U
owners can’t buy games let us buy it on Kickstarter give us an opportunity get
tell us what your goal is cuz you you know what they would say people aren’t
gonna buy it nobody blah blah blah you know also give us the opportunity so
instead of putting it in the hands of Nintendo we’re putting it in the hands
of whatever and letting it go on their terms this is a way that we can say that
we can dictate we can be the investors we can be the backers to something that
we want this is a niche game if companies instead of waiting forever do
let them say let’s fund a Chrono Trigger remake dude you know maybe people would
be like all right cool get give me a credit rate I’ll pay for
it anyway this is a different situation you already said Nintendo was all
willing to do it but they wanted to do it they wanted to do it on their own so
what a situation that a publisher didn’t want to do it this is the fact they
don’t have the funds to here’s the thing they wanted to do it but they wanted to
have it more systems they yeah problem was it
was only gonna be on switch it wasn’t about the money that was a pin here
here’s my thing about other saddles I don’t see I don’t I don’t know what they
really expected out of this game I think it would’ve did well just being as a
switch port schools let me switch again I think it would it did pretty well 50 K
was not the price of the cost of it hey I think 50 K was the first marker on the
Kickstarter 50k was bid already been working the games coming on April did
already put the red so they already been working this because I’m saying it’s
like it’s like you already been doing it so obviously they don’t want it to only
go on switch they wanted s to go on multiple systems I got what you saying
but that’s the thing that kind of baffled me I was like if you want to do
self-publishing I don’t think wonderful 101 is the game
you start with care about that much that’s why this dough gracefully allowed them to take the IP
and really PlatinumGames has zero they don’t own near they don’t
oh yeah and I know they don’t own anything they only nothing it really
don’t don’t they don’t this is the only thing they can get and they got it you
know so I don’t see the issue here I really don’t I don’t I don’t think it’s
the issue I just thought it was pretty telling I was like man that’s brag I get
that I get you wanna do that but I’m like man look ya’ll two talented man
like got too much got to talented as a development studio man it’s like you
makes you wonder without Nintendo’s help at the awkward for the last six years or
seven years where would they be at right now you know what I mean imagine if my
kind of scary so that’s kind of was all I mean obviously Square Enix near that
was a big that was like you know BC was saying that was big dude without near
and without the sales there then they got some exercise over four million is a
lot whatever most without near they’d be in trouble but somebody would have
picked them up so I mean it’s not like they would have went bank
they’re out of business that’s what I’m saying somebody would have picked them
up with the way that operators like even if they came to that point would they
still not allow it to happen anybody to buy him out like I feel like that’s the
type of leadership they have like even if even if they they’re going down with
the ship that’s why I can’t understand for the life of me I can’t understand
for life of me how they’re not on a no like they’ve seen multiple interviews
when Nintendo wanted them to be in the fold and they still not it’s like it
baffles me I don’t you know they don’t want to be owned by anybody like they
want that’s what I’m saying I’m saying and then they got this in capital
investment from Incendia Chinese Japanese not Japanese that Chinese
company so I was like man so what was we don’t even know the details of that so
that’s even scary to me so I’m like they have to be getting something out of this
deal and we don’t know what that is I don’t what deal for them put up for
them investing into them like that yeah world of deep is begin it’s coming out
world of demons it’s a mobile game coming out it has an art style summer to
okami to it should be coming out sometime later is here possibly we don’t
know exactly what the investment from tenza is going to be we don’t know but
that’s what’s called out soon I’ve heard look I did a lot of research my video
dear today so I know a lot about Platinum Games and what they’ve been
going through sorry I’ve been cutting you off tonight about that I’m like I’m
like really on the top they’re investing in more than just that game well I’m not
sure but that just Mac game I think it’s multiple games but the only game that I
know that’s confirmed to be releasing some time this year is a world of demons
they announced that game a while ago yeah that’s a while ago but still investment yeah but yes so I believe
they had to do to ten cent deal to be able to fund it
it up and it made it so it was more microtransaction heavy the game didn’t
look my microtransaction heavy at all two years ago so it’s not yet so they
definitely made that deal with them for that game and definitely more than that
of course obviously that’s one that’s what else is under sleeve with them wait
and see it’s interesting I mean the wonderful one Kickstarter has been more
than successful obviously people amazing yeah did well a million in a day from 3
o’clock to 3 o’clock it was a million that’s crazy man that’s crazy but I mean
when you think about it from like a game summers point of view I mean essentially
they’ve sold 22,000 copies of this game yeah and and the thing is yeah it’s oh
it’s only like 13,000 when I saw it and now it’s 22,000 that bought the copy
which of course it’s less copies than when it originally sold back on the Wii
U but the profit is different of course and there’s also be people who are gonna
buy the game who didn’t back it so so is it gonna get a physical release now what
rather than yeah yeah if you back the game with I think 41 or 41 yep 41 41
bucks you get a you get a physical copy the games coming out April yeah whippin
with a different cover by the way it’s a different cover as well it’s a different
cover yep if you back in it yeah that game that
game definitely has a potential to be a cool series I think a sequel if they get
see this was messed up about it I always thought wonderful one on one
will come back and we’ll have bigger funding or it could be a bigger project
because it’s so much potential there but now they’re self-publishing its own like
you know my expectations for what it could be in the future restock their
nights went down I mean you gotta sell copies of the game if you want a bigger
investment for the next game the first games gotta sell a lot with like the
first game obviously kind of flopped so you know it’s gonna get a bigger
investment when the first game didn’t do well you know that’s why I want to take
this moment to thank everybody for buying
from Shane because that’s going to be an amazing fucking amazing trilogy you know
best-selling PlatinumGames games I love it get an amazing sequel I think yeah
freaking God I hope there’s like and different legions you can have in the
next round I hope so too the five brand new ones and some of them do like stuff
for flight for like better platforming I’ll know if they work on that one thing
to get fixed the first light yeah and if you be in the air and attacking stuff a
be dobro there’s so many possibilities is in yep especially locales there’s
yeah a flight Legion would be dope yeah and with many cool locales they can do
with the aesthetic of the cyberpunk theme big and make that may not work
especially to SciQuest to all different side quests and you I screamed running
into the street we’re in the red lights there and you almost get by a car like
things like that’s made the game hilarious so here here’s what here’s a
question would you want it to be open world or keep it keep it level based
like it was I think we should keep it level based but make some of the area’s
bigger I think that’s like almost like you know small hub world yeah so kind of
like mario odyssey issue yes yeah yes yeah definitely an issue of Merisi like
worlds like there’s a game like persona 5 oh it’s such a good such a good demo
the way that they do it there where there’s open areas and then like you
kind of go into smaller areas and phi i’m okay which also changes kind of like
that but a little bit maybe more open i don’t i don’t know everything it’s in
personified scramble but I’m okay with the structure but whatever they decide
to do I trust that they’re gonna do the the best thing with this so they want to
make a bigger like you know city to explore that’s more open because that
one was restrictive right there are certain areas you can’t go to they just
just yeah go to and it wasn’t that big of an area but which is fine I mean you
really just focus on the combat you focus on throwing away trash trash where
the sequel that is my most anticipated game mechanic that I need to expand on
get up litter in point a different point total for each thing after this
people doing the trick shots and I started doing them in the trashcan I was
like okay I want to pick up more different types of trash now yeah Mario
brought up just real quick while we’re on the topic about near and stuff like
that he says I and to be fair or Rupert sorry the the weird the weird in a
donated $5 just had to show some love for my for my ninja Pikmin for in the
next direct I had so I has sources the $5 man I appreciate that but I’m to get
to what Mario has to say eggs I want to hear you guys stop so he says and to be
fair near autonomous or was on three platforms so four million is great but
not impressive in my opinion actual change I’ll 1 million within four months
I’m is impressive imagine going imagine it going multi-planet yeah I’m not gonna
imagine that cuz it’s not happening but yes it is impressive it is impressive a
chain on my switch that’s where that’s where it needs to stay yeah so they said
it’s a big success so I I mean I think he was just saying like he was I think
he’s also in the same thought process but he was trying said okay well near
was on you know steam it was on ps4 it was on x1 and it got four million
because it was although I don’t know how much it sold on the Xbox one probably
next to nothing but the steam in the steam in the ps4 release mostly ps4 but
steam and ps4 did pretty well for platinum games and for you know Square
Enix so yeah that’s true and the install base obviously ten times higher than the
switch at this point you know well not ten times sorry but a lot higher
obviously you know with the Xbox one the Steam PC and also ps4 so yeah I think I
think you know I also want to take this time to tell oh gee I told you so
because oj oj was kind of OJ was kind of doubting yourself you know I missed that
by the way Aidan Quinn gave you my I wanna bet
based off of asshole no I remember remember I was saying I
remember I know I know VC remembers this remember I was saying trying to predict
the NPD for July yeah in August in oj was the only one just not really feeling
he was like nah no wake fire them three houses just came out it’s not gonna
happen in that one month bro what no it is sell a million that month that’s what
still we still got to a million in a impressive time I said yeah they reached
a million in one month that’s all and I’m happy for this game because it did
that with it was a lot of competition out yeah I mean a lot of a lot of a lot
of platforms so only not he died cuz the national change but only not good game because control really died because of
that oh no a nominee for the Year at IGN and
all these our own Enoch you didn’t sell as well because one there was no
physical edition and they were asking for $15 for that game and two didn’t
review that great either Hey dollars it’s got a 20 hour long campaign maybe
it seems a little short but that’s the reason why don’t blame astral change
because I love the game but but I do want to say this I do want
to say this this really does open up the floodgates for bayonetta 3
it really does I think I think we’re gonna be surprised about how good Bay
and three does he’s gonna do a million yes
she she meant she meant on smash brothers twice her popularity is raising
and people just bicycles to games on switch it’s just as simple
alright no lie I just bought own Enoch II didn’t get a day one cuz rascal chain
right there well there you go onion files he knows what’s good you
know so so Anunnaki not because there wasn’t a real physical not because it
was $50 it was because of a steel chain okay yeah and Link’s Awakening stole the
shine for me i Sonya files you know AI Sonya pals had a really good
score too but I don’t touch on that last week these I go over a whole updated
sellers list exclusive sales well yeah yeah because I didn’t know if y’all
talked about that well yeah I know y’all talked about the Pokemon sale so we
don’t talk about those imma give imma give my little two cents 16 million in
two months is absolutely ridiculous my opinion is that I’ve been Pokemon and
I said is gonna sell more in female yes yeah that’s just ridiculous that that
thing gonna hit about 25 million in the next five months or less 30 30 million
by the end of June call it yeah especially with that dlc dlc they
putting out so a further dlc at least over new game it is overpriced but it’s
better than a new game price come on that’s a fact so yeah i will give props
to that i mean if you out expecting the pokemon you know evolutionary experience
y’all just hindered that from happening because you made that game
sixteen right here we have ten ten guys see that’s where I disagree because if
you look at it from X&Y to Sun and Moon they evolved the graphics they did a lot
of stuff from that too so I mean but that games in two months
why comments or in shield is booty the online on XY is way better
okay it’s now what I’m trying to say is that because the main thing with a band
was graphics right so yeah they always evolve the graphics from the from the
games to game they always do yeah yeah yeah yeah toe by toe tippy toe by tippy
toe I know but the graphics will get better from from X&Y sonamoo I feel that
there’s a huge Oh No there is a huge difference because they
literally went from chibi to normal-looking people so I agree for
graphics wise especially from that’s why I’m not gonna hold my breath you super deluxe sold how many game has
ever sold 16 million as did GTA 5 even do that the first two months it did that
I think it’s the only game that done that has to be the only game that’s done
that GTA 5 in Pokemon that’s it call duty no no I don’t know no I’ll call
duty then hit 16 yeah not in a month and a half
it hasn’t maybe more for to be me Mom for to yeah that’s just insane bro
that’s I’ll look that up mama ridiculous and that’s and the funny thing about
that that’s all on one platform not multiple platforms one system
yeah that’s pretty great what about some of the other games though we got your
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 hit a million like I told you I was gonna do in the
West and you’re right nobody and it’s a pretty good game it’s a pretty good game no you didn’t you didn’t unit you may
have too much confidence no no no ok so that it was out so you said it was gonna
outsell what was it firing said it was gonna also fire or you said
oh yeah eventually I thought it I thought it would and I but I don’t think
it’s but Fire Emblem you know if I am them leveled up don’t know so no you as
you opened fire it’s gonna sell really well were you talking about
we understand that you are a fireman stand we know that at that point in time
nobody would have ever agreed that ultimate alliance 3 would have sold less
the fire before the game came out nobody would really know I knew I knew oh by
the way guys all do team on where for two destroyed records getting 4.7
million copies sold in the first three days so I think Pokemon sold about five
million in the same on days maybe some like that six million in the first yeah
it was it’s ridiculous history so and there’s a four point seven million back
then so I don’t know it seems like it’s a lot bigger though yeah that’s at that
time too especially if all those different consoles it was on so it’s
different so yeah maybe Pokemon just a beast that you can’t stop once you GTA 5
so so yeah it makes sense so yeah I gotta give a round of applause to Astro
chain and Marvel to my history but I have to give us Jimmy even greater
applause to Luigi’s Mansion three because that is the hell out of me that
over five million in a short period of time I was like wow yeah that is
incredible honestly that series is gonna continue really good because it is we just know
what else it outsold New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario maker to it out
yeah so sue Martin break-ins to Super Mario Bros it also outsold that trash
deaths trend and also out sold out sold all war it’s falling just fall in order
and also stars those Star Wars therefore is it higher than any Star Wars hit like
10/10 when they said that million copies multiple platforms yeah
but it is on ps4 Xbox one and PC yeah baby stadia – I would have known it’s on
a go body by I don’t know damn stadia even Awards there so worried about it
what you’re doing anybody’s stuff and say I mean if you compare though like
one platform you know fix technique but yeah I have a now five I know oh yeah
came out that game came out on how long yeah Halloween yeah that is insane
that’s nice in saying I can’t believe it and they once snails was a lot to but
then they had that tracked I pretty sure you had it in a video Jay back back then
but it sold like so much day one what’s day ah Luigi’s Mansion three like
what do you got needs my like a week to later like I’m ever you posed to think
about it sold like two million at three million and the launch sales for the
game are really really really really really really I was on Amazon for some
reason that game um I have a I have a source or somebody works there a source
I have and was just told me like their shipment numbers so I don’t have any
like whatever I talk about game is doing well I don’t have any concrete numbers
anything like that I have a source with best fight I was source with Amazon I
got people that I know that work there and they can tell me how much are they
ship the volume of them shipping out there so that’s how I get engaged things
sometimes I don’t ever say that it’s absolute but Amazon and Best Buy are a
very good way to track especially Amazon because Amazon sells they’re one of the
easily the largest seller but you know video games in the US is Amazon pants
them a lot of game sell on Amazon you know um so that’s how I kind of find out
some things and that’s why the mansion is doing really well because they were
selling or they were shipping getting pre-orders and getting more copies of
Luigi’s Mansion then the game but then New Super Mario Bros
Super Mario maker then a fire emblem then a lot of the games that came before
so that’s why I was thinking okay we just mentioned it’s gonna do very very
well and also best fight doesn’t sell anywhere near as much as Amazon but my
numbers that I was getting in from Best Buy was that a lot of their stores were
getting you know 30 to 40 reservations per you know per store for ya you know
for Luigi’s Mansion that that kind of kind of gauges how things are going you
know most games don’t get pre-orders at all Luigi’s his own character now that’s
what it means peek with Best Buy there was literally had 300 reservations which
is unheard of for a Best Buy you know what I’m saying for Luigi’s Mansion 300
reservations at one store that’s crazy you know yeah I think that also kills
that other myth that people wanted to you know drag along last year that the
techno fans have to choose they’re not gonna buy multiple games
well we shattered that they bought it I got all I got matter how close it
together they were how they they bought well I didn’t get maybe next maka not
gonna get that oh wait Damien is Michael was dead after that controversy we did
okay according to at least according to what they think marvelous I think they
were farming sales they the game could have sold over a million it easily could
have sold it but people I’m telling they don’t understand the influence of
YouTube if you don’t got freaking game explained and you don’t have John and
you don’t have our GT and you don’t have all of us talking about these games how
are you gonna sell your game honestly if you don’t have the biggest youtubers or
Nintendo content creators or people talk to people buy a game sometimes based off
of what they see yeah if it’s not out there and how do they buy the game so
that game it could have sold a million I think it would have sold a million but
they got in their own way yeah I remember when I first saw Damon x
mark and I back in when they first showed it in the direct I was like that
looks pretty dope like it looked cool and excite metal wolf chaos so yeah in
their own way the game would it’s coming to steam now so I think the steam
community is going to you know maybe seeing gums versus like
anything else like they’re just gonna make any same you know what’s happening
go so so since we’re talking about exclusives I now now that we got the
feel of what the switch owner base does you know as far as sales wise what are
your expectations for games coming out this year Bayonetta 3 No More Heroes 3
I heard Mario Kart 9 might be the big holiday game you know so you know an
animal cross and what are your expectations sales wise for those game
after seeing what these games done in that short window of the last six months
of last year I could see 13 million for animal crossing after 2-3 months just
like Pokemon so when shield which breached 16 million I could see 13
million for an atrocity I’m not even I’m not even stupid enough to dispute that
at this point yeah even even with all the issues with the game you can’t
transfer the seed a switch the switch you can’t save data backup you know it’s
not competitive game you can’t have multiple islands even if you have
multiple accounts on the switch they want you to buy as many switches for
many islands as you want or just cut nuts from what I understand I was
talking to the stream chat the other day they said that that’s how all the Animal
Crossing games are like with like yeah it cut out then actually I didn’t hear
you said I I was told that that’s how all the Animal Crossing games are like
per memory card you know like one say yeah like that that’s I was told that
that’s just how all of them are not tuned and that’s okay but from what I
understand also too is that like apparently the island is so big or that
there’s so much stuff that somebody else can you couldn’t have another profile
play and have a different character oh I’m still play on I’ve different like
towns again maybe that’s the point maybe that’s like the point that they’re
trying to get across to people and people just want their own giant island
and instead but they’re saying like hey if you
people to play like build up your Island together everybody gather up together
instead of having I have this island and this island and this island it’s more
fun it’s a more fun game if you hate your building it’s kind of like
asynchronous or whatever like you know like you built this part when they were
gone then when they come and play they have this part Bill and then all sudden
you guys there’s this huge place of where everybody built something as cool
as see new things maybe that’s what they’re going for with the game that’s
what I’m thinking maybe that’s what it seems like it’s you now you mentioned it
I definitely can see that now actually yeah well I just I just think Nintendo
games on a Nintendo console should have some form of back up a little bit
apparently there is a backup but only if if your system is lost or stolen so but
before it was just no I mean because they did announce that before I eat
three like hey you have no cloud saves there’s just no cloud save at all you
know and then it was like oh that sucks all right but now that seems like oh
well they I guess they they said oh we you do have some saves but you different
form of cloud save back yeah you know yeah every nice is just normal save good
at least poke one gets that right well no there’s no there’s no cloud saves in
Pokemon either well no but I mean like a general saves like like in general like
for it to save and you can transfer it over like to the razor switch the way
that they’re doing if that just came out today where you can’t transfer it to a
new switch like you can at least do that with Pokemon even though you can’t do
cloud backup yeah so if you get a different switch in the future and
that’s the issue that I’m trying to like get to it’s like that’s a little bit
unfortunate because you would think with the new switch coming up and crossing it
may be inclined people to buy that one but what if three years from now there’s
another switch that comes out and that’s what is doing nice that’s which is
really nice stuff with the new Animal Crossing so it’s coming out you would
think all people people are going to maybe like you know buy that one later
and then they can just transfer they’re saved yeah that’s an issue for sure
absolutely definitely I mean it doesn’t affect escape the same I mean we’re
weirdos you know we people like us will buy multiple systems
but most people just keep their same system that they got their launch system
or whatever the case is so it won’t affect most people but still it still
affects some people because people do buy some people do buy multiple systems
you know so yeah I definitely do by multiple I know some people have five six oh my god
for me I just have this berry pack from venom gaming it works so well it it
means to go up to ten to twelve hours playing Brett for the wild or any other
crazy games it’s five yeah I have the smash brothers switch I have the oh I
have my launch model switch at the smash for the switch
I have the news late to right huh the late – don’t yell of delight yeah yeah I
have the new switch with the better battery life and then I have the switch
light so for Dan that’s crazy but I bought by destiny I bought like she’s giving away a lot – and she’s like
yeah she’s hopping with giveaways – with other people yeah and stuff like that
she’s awesome just come back next week by the way guys
she confirmed to be right back yeah she’ll be back next week so that’d be
cool we’ve been on YouTube right yeah yeah we pretty much kind of agree on a
animal crossing thing I have none dispute on that yeah but what do you
think about bail three and but no more video three I think it’s gonna do 2.5
times Asheville chained in the same time frame so I’m gonna give it like I’m
gonna give it about 2.5 million for video 3
I don’t know about 2.5 in four months okay I guess that’s okay
that’d be easily bowed be a runaway success for bait for the beta to
franchise it definitely would be but I don’t think it’s to be that much that
they give us my bed I’m late no you’re good okay my bad I’m like super soul
oh well what I was saying I wanted I want to know this he’ll easily my
reasoning is I shall change sold a lot it sold a million but when the game
first released and I saw how many people were promoting it it seemed like a lot
more people bought the game than I expected especially after how successful
your honor motto was but of course it like everyone said it’s on three systems
Neron amount of three platforms Wow Ashley changed just on the switch so I
guess with that logic taking into consideration as well I would think it’d
be less than two point eight I think two point two
that’d be like the max I see so basically double chain oh yeah did
definitely doubles fair I mean so you think so you think of popularity and
Smash Brothers wouldn’t have an effect most people hate her so I don’t know she
took over smash everyone in ultimate people haters know the hardcore
competitive I mean the community at large does they they love being in it
but the hardcore yeah exactly it’s make up a very small fraction of
yeah that’s how I see it since I I’m I think at the same time though I think
that while people might hate her in terms of Big Bang in terms of Smash
Brothers I think they still think that she’s a cool character they want to play
her game like I saw zero yeah I saw so many people playing Bayonetta 1 and 2 on
the switch because she’s in Smash Brothers like that’s how they found out
about Bayonetta was smashed and they played her game they bought that that
was actually one of the big things Bayonetta a 1 into that collection on
the switch that might be at a million units I think that might be over a
million I think it is but it was at five hundred thousand in last year you know
so I think it isn’t that was after just a little bit on the market that was
early last year that it was at 500,000 you know yeah so I think that it could
be over that so that means y’all a lot people are buying this game you know on
the switch it’s something that a good rate so I think that with Bayonetta 3
this game is going to be so innovative this game is going to be so different I
mean they really want to make sure this game is like perfect I think that’s the
reason why they’re waiting to really show it cuz I gonna have the perfect
trailer for it the per they’re gonna make sure that
it’s not very long until you get it so they’re gonna announce it and it’s gonna
be launched like within like a five or six month period just like Ashley saying
yeah no I hope it has very in-depth weapon creation structures just like in
the previous games how using different on crystals to create new items and
weapons and stuff I wish they’d just dive into that a little more and go more
detail at that and same with the shop as well I’d be pretty dope I’m just excited
to see whatever they do because they can’t do no room Platinum Games does
make a lot of great games except for some other licensed titles but of course
that happens sometimes if you’re getting told by Activision hey please make this
game from a Nicktoons show please like they gotta make the money they gotta
keep a versatile game library under their belt too so the harder one to
predict might be No More Heroes three but what do y’all feel about that I wish
that comes out this year but as an accent I think know is definitely coming
he sued as soon as said that’s coming No More Heroes three I think No More Heroes
speak once again as a million I think that is also a million I really think it
is I can see being a million but I can’t see more than that
I hope it’s coordinate though cuz I love to know more here or series so what I
want to put this in context for you the No More Heroes trailer that debuted at
the game awards is over a million views oh sick people watched it twice cuz I
watched it three times i watch them and i compare that to how many views number
hero was getting before then yes so it’s like I think I’m with OJ I’m going a
little bit higher I’m probably gonna like a million and a half probably a
little bit more than we’re talking like this like quarter sales right first but
first month first month to four months yeah okay so like the first quarter
sales like three months or four months on the market yeah at one point one to
one point but I think Travis is just cool you know Travis is just a cool
character he’s maybe a sword fighter people would like to play that I would
definitely bump it to two million if he gets in if he gets matched than y’all be
more but the theme of the game is phenomenal like the way that they’re
like the aliens and like the setup is better than any of the previous games
like yeah it is interesting you know what I’m saying I can just find out
faster I thought it was ninokuni dude know one of the best trailers of last
year oh yeah that trailer is phenomenally I’m not even like a trailer
person like I get all crazy about trailers I’m just like okay cool give me
the game but that sure they’re freaked me out man I was like what the hell I
had no idea what that was you know so he’s a goddamn superhero
what about you Abaddon we’re going over some sales man everyone Avedon’s here
Abaddon how you doing today man so yo what’s up yeah are you just gonna cut
out after her Avedon’s here just cut out are you using the browser version of
this squirt no I’m using the app version just but um what’s going on everybody so
you talk about sales exclusive sales yeah we talk expectations’ for the games
that’s coming out this year after how all the exclusive date well last year on
switch okay so let’s so we tow ball switch
sales to talk about how a port which is everyone’s against ports a port is the
best on the game want to switch right now Rose you deluxe I think that’s the
one we should talk about yeah I mean I’m not I mean Mario Kart is gonna be
surpassed I don’t understand Mario Kart is it what what Games Live Support
Pokemon can Pokemon is gonna bad yeah Pokemon can but that’s why Pope
Merrick art 9 is gonna come out not this year my opinion I think it’s not next
three I got a question for you for that real quick what up if it’s not Mario
Kart 9 that what is it gonna be because the rumors are now saying I don’t
believe the rumors that brother while two probably is not gonna make it yeah what is he gonna be there cuz it ain’t
gonna be prom direct honestly I it’s really a question that I still don’t
know the answer to I’ll be honest I was wobbly the Mario
Kart none I believe the more recognized I think it’s prevent me since I actually
came on what year was it 2014 yeah but but but eight the hall
new 8 Colossus thanks so much bye time it’s July after III after they announce
Mario Kart nine it’s gonna gain another five millions you take me you know I’m
telling oh we gotta accept no 30 million listen listen bear you know why mark are
eight the less I’m gonna sell out was gonna be son the way it is because mark
are eight deluxe or the switch is like GTA 5 to the ps4 yeah that’s exactly
that’s that’s the exact analogy it’s like it was a previous gen game but it’s
the best-selling game right now on the ps4 so it’s like that’s why I feel like
Mark r8 deluxe is not going away anytime soon you’re gonna probably built that
for party like another two years here’s no think they would I agree with you
guys and I think that that’s a good point
but the thing about is that mile court sales are obviously they’re good but
they’re very spread out you know what I’m saying if you launch Mario Kart
night if Mario Kart night is their holiday title they will sell twenty
million they will literally sell what they sold literally a billion dollars
plus in a day or two hey would yes you know what you get my
oak our age doing so on I get it and that’s maybe the reason but if my old
cart nine drops they literally sell twenty million copies in a month in a
month and half if it’s the holiday game for November that game will beat out
what’s it called record a Pokemon that game will get closer so you get you make
billions of dollars in a small amount of time I don’t think America dropping the
holidays for that though the original version of eight didn’t drop in holiday
season drop to his name and then that be a summer game now be a summer games but
what I’m saying is that you know not to know I guess you know Nintendo is going
to have a holiday uh another day drunk but we is looking skeptical for Zelda is
we know it’s not prime for Pokemon just came out so it has to be something else
but you know what but you know what don’t think about it though most of them
traditionally if you look by the switch and just how Nintendo works they always
released their party games close to the summer time because they know that’s
when the kids are out to play those games the winter time winter break
is usually for their bigger games and they’re more of their platformers or
their RPGs more part is their bigger game no no no listen listen listen more
about the RPG aspect on an adventure type game last year they were hardcore
over the summer because it was Marvel it was yeah it was astral chain it was Fire
Emblem that was a nice tambien piles it was it was all hardcore yeah but though
but okay but most airlines multiplayer game okay but you said like for like the
kids like party games and stuff like that so I said more okay more so was a
multiplayer most of the multiplayer games is summer multiplayer is more
focused during the summer time because more I say kids cuz kids are mostly out
and everything I still consider kids 18 and 19 years old
honestly but our air kids I’ve I know what kids are like I think one thing
you’re missing is that they gonna have to have a big game of course because
there’s two other systems launching in that window as well
so in that case oh they gonna have to have a big and we’re getting Odyssey to
that’s what we’re getting who who do you who say it’s not a starfox game a
braining starfox game starfox up against a ps5 wait a second Starfire but basically put it this way
or reimagine starfox game and when I say reimagine I’m talking
about I’m talking about on a level on how the grant that photo was reimagined
to grant a photo three things of that nature
you’re gonna put starfox against the next to an Xbox okay okay okay wait wait wait wait wait wait wait let me stop
married now for a second yes sir you’re sitting here telling me that if someone
back of the day was saying grant therefore you put a great deaf Auto
against another game with Bret that photo to another top-down game versus
grant that photo three if you were to gaming history right now that’s why I’m
getting what I’m telling you guys right now you guys are just defining starfox
about what you know it I said completely a reimagining what if a reimagining I
give an example of a reimagining I got so I got a reimagining so if it’s a
reimagine if it’s a if it’s a reimagining you cannot base it on the
same parameters as you’ve been basing the star fox games but ever now here’s
the thing you can reimagine as much things as you want but certain
franchises have certain popularity levels it’s just as simple sonic sonic
great – little grin – photo – great that photo to add a very small base about
their photo here’s the thing though Avedon Grand Theft Auto was also a time
of when it came out it came out when open-world games were not a thing and it
was an open-world game in 3d that was very very new for the PlayStation 2 back
then you had a complete freedom it was a new thing you didn’t see a lot of games
like that Star Fox even if it’s reimagined to where it’s an open-world
whatever we’ve seen games that are open-world we’ve seen all of that so
will it have that there’s you guys hear that saying okay hold up not like
starfox but uh time out time out then you guys see you Assad burn there hold
up this I’ll bring this home now I would bring this real home now oh god I’ve
seen open-world games before walls Oh Debrett for a while one of the best
reimagine oh no no no no but guess what the gas mask game
of Evo’s did a lot of people who did not care about Zelda games before that game
came out but no no no no no Tim it’s hennepin every breath for a while
brought a new fan base over that’s what you’re saying right more people bought
it but people know Zelda’s brand awareness is maybe not everybody buys
the game but my mom okay look one no no clue Ivanova said no before I was eldest a they all know Zeldin they don’t play
video games with you no they don’t know what a star okay yes enough a guy great hey I said I gave
I gave I gave an example cuz you guys are are limiting towards different
different things saying it has to be a Mario game Mario Kart and I’m telling
you traditionally if you go by the patters of sales or what the switch has
multiplayer games summer it makes more sensible marketing standpoint rather
than Christmas a multiplayer game since 2017
Maura Odyssey that was the big that was the big game out in October man most of
it was the winter game it came at the end of October literally I saw what dr.
27th the for first um for 24 for some time but that was like they very though
because you know last year was Pokemon that’s a more that’s a big multiplayer
game you know why she listened and we saw good that did I think that was
really you had we had the Wheaties mansion and you had Pokemon and Pokemon
technically is a duel between more of a story based cuz put my the big story
base you read the kind of progress through the story to get strong Pokemon
people a by Pokemon jet go to the we okay but what do you have to do to get
to get to get all the stuff you need to go through the story to use
anyone right they don’t give a damn you don’t get it but they want to play that
multiplayer that’s what they like the whole basis of Pokemon is multiplayer
playing with your friends is ready not like there’s two versions of the game so
you can try this to play with friends but you but you need to get through the
game first get on the boat trade right when you get
to the open area you can start training and doing stuff right there you can
start trading okay so no I turn this back into that damn let’s be objective
here to the normal person is gonna open the pocket play the Pokemon game does
does that person have access to get any Pokemon they want to build any team that
they want just open it a game or does the normal person’s to play through the
entire game and build a go to base first then understand the trade Evan Evan are
we splitting hairs I just I want you to I want you to answer this I want you to
answer this but you really believe you guys what a show right a show because we
know how this happens all the time new systems come out people get
ridiculously hype once it gets really close everything is you know blown out
of proportion is hyped through the roof you really think starfox will survive in
an environment like that I don’t think like I said Starbucks by
itself it’s like honestly it all depends it all depends on how do you make the
starfox game it all depends on how they marketed all depends on how to design it
all depends on the art style there’s so many different factors that go into that
it depends on the developer all that is this all of that taken – okay
acceleration okay will you take that in consideration but what would you say if
it was breath in a while – would any of that stuff you saying right now matter
Oh No but you said my Priestess of some franchises don’t need no variables they
try that shit you know they just don’t use but my but my point to saying that
was you say what game cuz Brett for a while to most likely won’t happen right
so I offered a alternate art it is four years ago 2018 it was Pokemon and
smash 2019 it was Luigi it was Pokemon again I mean they haven’t gambled at
every single every holiday is a Pokemon a Mario or Kobe ideal stinginess
November in November they do they do they do do polka they do do Pokemon
games and everything and the Pokemon games there
yeah or Zelda or maybe in some case like you said to Mario type games but I would
say just as a standalone of let’s say a mark are not as a standalone I don’t see
that as standing up against the PS 5 or series I switch that’s not even three
years old yeah yeah he can talk about is like already and it’s not gonna be a
become oh listen listen listen listen listen
hey bitches there’s the re-release of the game listen on us all of all I’m
just offering is just basically after you play Mario Kart and everything I’m
looking at well it also depends we’ll come up with a ps5 like the PS 5 what
they’re dropping with that in a series well we know halos gonna be there so you
gotta have something as big as halo that’s not like sugarcoat this is 5 and
the next Xbox they’re gonna sell like crazy they’re gonna be very good they’re
all gonna sell well but what can Nintendo do to also keep up their
momentum I think my old car definitely keeps plenty of momentum people will buy
the IAO car people will buy a switch and they’ll blow Xbox one or what
okay but you know twitch know what else you’re less less let’s address one fact
about this Mario Kart so that we’re not talking about allows Mario Kart sales
are switch bundles to so a lot of those Mario Kart sales of people who reboard
the game like I did you have the switch bundle sales yes that that’s true but
the game in terms of like sales on Amazon and games on Best Buy it’s easily
one of the best selling games even independent of the bundle it’s one of
the best what what did a Mario Cart well where my heart didn’t know in the Wii U
with still eight million and a million no wait was yeah it was a we are over 20
million era de 22 22 billion so only eight million of those people read boy
I’m gonna say all eight million reboard the game what about the rest of the
people that those are not bundles okay then that bundles listen listen listen
listen listen listen all a million or not damn
all I’m saying is mark our Marquart nine I’m not saying won’t sell I’m not saying
it won’t so good in December per se I’m just saying that in terms of placement
product placement it’ll have a better run in the summer time that’s just my
take away I just I don’t think any game has a better run in the summertime than
holidays like November game will always do better than non November game even if
it was breath of the wall if brother the wall launched in November mariokart
mariokart mariokart mariokart mariokart eight deluxe in 2017 out date bread for
the world in Morada see ya point proven we’re not comparing different games
that’s different franchise appeal I’m talking about placement of said game a
game in all regards if all goes to sale in the holiday will tend to sell better
than games that don’t sell in the holiday
that is just an hey um okay am I in my hosting my whole reason want plain I’m
saying that is the reason why I say it will do better it’s because you put it
out towards the summer people gonna buy in the summer and holiday both in both
seasons no I’m talking about rate of sales and rates it Mario karts rate of
sales was none it’s not amazing it’s never amazing there’s games that sell
faster than Mario Kart always catches up to it as an evergreen title when you
mark heart mark are easily been the top one on the wheat on the switch like
consistent on what I’m know it’s one of the things that the game sales it’s one
of the consists but the rate of sales of Mario Kart is just it’s good but it
could have been better if they were launched in holiday cuz one you have
more systems out so what more systems are out so more people can buy the game
holiday games always so like games that come out during the holiday always sell
better during the holidays so you’re saying that if Mario Kart 8 deluxe was
sold during the holiday of 2017 instead of May it would have done better
absolutely so so that’s a lot of months in between May to November I’m saying I
think it’s like it’s so it’s you say momentous is y’all gotta understand more
of course more more units of being pushed during November and December then
you know June July August you know what I’m seeing so it could potentially
probably would have did a little bit better up that’s not saying that it
would have been drastically higher than what it is now right if you compared the
first like let’s just say we compared the first two months if the game came
out it came out in May right well or it came out very end of April so April May
June the first two months of the game so you compare you compare to okay and if
that came out compared to the pace of sales if the game came out in November
and the first two months you compared the data which one would have been hired
November if it launched in November because there would have been more
systems yeah that’s true we’re mala day kids get stuff for
holidays kids of course and that’s just a bigger time pick like almost which
bundles America all the way wave sales in November are always higher than game
sales in the beginning of the year that’s just how it is with game sells
games that launch that’s why developers wait and the way it’s
the end to release their games because they know it’s gonna sell better likes
call of duty or whatever the case is I get scared and delay him because he gets
too crowded I get you I get you I get you but I also I guess I also see it in
a sense of you know during the summertime like they also watch the
spike of when is gonna be more activity because will you sell Marquart 9 or
somethings are in the summertime you could sell online bundles like online
packages to get more people to pay for the online service and things of that
nature scripture well that okay so to take your point let’s say we just move
Mario Kart 9 to surprise it comes out in August whoop-dee-doo it comes out in
August we already established that Star Fox just ain’t that ish yes comes out in
August and there’s no Zelda what do you put in November Mario Party 2 and
Mariotti – I’m telling you that starting to happen putting on that in the air
stop it now it’s in the air we see photos like we see I’ll get the elbow
marioboys be easy money super odyssey – if that that’s obviously
a big game that they can put out at you easy money I don’t think an odyssey – is
coming I don’t think it’s coming super mario party like already and it it’s
it’s horrible mera party I Louie played it for two hours because not because
I’ve no friends but because the game is boring for my gank you ready that
scenario party hands down for three is great – is great one is great and you
can say six is before the vessel is Mario Party tug is putting me on let you
know a party – super arrow – comes out this year next time there’s a pea pod
cast around the time I’ll have a notebook CCW for me you think that’s
gonna be the big holiday game in super mario party – super more
and honestly honestly because let’s be real here not this year and I really
don’t think the merit card nines coming out this year it’s gonna be revealed in
either place are you sure they’re gonna already have another ready to go it’s
bizarre you respect a decision to to be out before morning it got announced it
got announced in January which we didn’t even expect it to be announced at that
January direct before the switch is even released yet and it can’t sleep here no
we did because we saw in there October presentation okay
barely we think it’s see enough of it we didn’t know what was gonna happen but do
you make it like they weren’t like working on the next game immediately
after because there is really no DLC top Ameri balloon mode do the Mile Creek
seems been working on a new boil card game for like six years what you like
this man look some some games I just do we do for a new splatoon we’re due for a
new Mario Kart I think we mess effects I think I think I think I think they work
as platoon is a 10 million seller now so I think they would do something what’s
built in three I think they’re gonna announce but after he has so much has so
much power now that they will this well soon announce that III or announced
during the direct and then launches in the holiday of this year that could be
possible well I’ll I’ll see you too Mary card they can keep milk in the sales of
the eight deluxe like why would they not like they can announce nine at e3 and
then people who haven’t bought eight bucks will buy eight two lakhs
you know what I think what’s up I’m starting to think that we need some more
new Nintendo franchises facts I mean it’s not easy I mean they’ve been trying
to do that so yeah I know well Captain Falcon f-zero game where you can run
around as Cather Falcon do quests and and do races as well the combat scenes
you get the Falcon punch and all that like come on thing about it though guys
is that like getting a franchise the majority of franchises that saw huge it
is point zero one percent of the video game industry like we hear about all
these crazy sales right no game so like this to be a mega French
it’s so rare it’s like hitting the lotto sometimes very few games sell 10 units
barely no game so it’s it’s it’s yes rare it’s very very rare like any game
10 million zone got to that 10 million so it’s certified a major franchise when
we talk about games like oh this game a bigger French dude it’s really hard to
make franchises sell a lot it’s not an easy thing most games don’t even get a
million in sales most games most games have flown around
some 100 thousands of sales and they like big games like you’ll be lucky if
you can get your game to ten million but the most games don’t I mean Borderlands
2 it’ll eventually get there but that’s sold 8 million look at how many
platforms it’s on look at how much the market in the head it’s very difficult
so yes it be great if Nintendo had more franchises but the chances of them
creating more franchises and those franchises selling and being huge
massive things are very hard it’s very hard to do you know arms that was new
asshole chain that was new you know and are these games going to you know sell
10 million probably not you know those games aren’t gonna get there but
splatoon they fostered splatoon and that game sold nowhere near 10 million on the
Wii U and they brought it back with a switch and that it’s almost there you
know so maybe that is transitioned into a huge franchise heck even Fire Emblem
that’s one of the best ones that’s you know going on 3 million so it’s very
difficult for games to sell to be become blockbusters for holiday it’s not easy
you know I’m just I’m just calling it now I think is gonna be the call I’m
gonna call it the 2 piece combo it’s gonna be baying at at 3 and Mario Cart
now I feel like Bayonetta’s gonna come out or I don’t know I think the real I
think I think bail 3 is gonna be the game honestly I think male 3 is gonna
come out of Halloween Mario Cart and that’s what’s gonna be that would be
good that’s a good one to push baby Bayonetta and my okay I like it I think
I think about but you know what you know a game that I’m happy that I can get get
to go ahead and experience tomorrow yes – yes yes we got you guys you guys get
to get get to get to experience some greatness yes tomorrow so nice nice nice
I’m really excited to play the game I haven’t played since the
I’ve been streaming at these past few days oh man I miss that games it’s great
I’ve been watching you stream it’s fantastic so that that game yo
I’ll say it I’ll say this no not a spoiler but quote me on this that game
has easily one of the best character comm creations
easily easily one of the best card to creation like the amount of detail going
to character creation is saying which game is that sandy Star Online 2 okay
yeah that in code vein gaudier three lager games with customization for your
characters really good stuff to the future futuristic though what about the
PS 5 of the xbox series X I’ll be honest I want to box I’ll be honest I got
something to say about this I I mean what we’re you say that I want to
preface this by saying okay this coronavirus thing is affecting lots of
people it looks like it may affect the ps4 make sure you guys goggles it comes
from its it comes through the eyes there’s a fire I call me I and touching
– yeah it travels in your eyesight so we’re have like entire thing covered
their whole face the coronavirus looks like it’s gonna be affecting the
PlayStation 5 in the next Xbox releases but I Baron wanted to talk about the
next-gen so feel free bear and go ahead in terms of what your thoughts are yeah
because I think I think Nintendo said the corona virus is affecting the
production of switch right now so that’s kind of crazy so I know this is has to
be a it’s like yeah – actually the outer worlds are the maintainer so I know this
has to be a pain in the ass with Sony Microsoft right now – because they gotta
make deadlines and stuff for these new systems so it’s but I don’t know III
think I think things are gonna play out a little bit different believe some
people just really believe that PS 5 is just going curb-stomp Microsoft into
dust again I don’t think that’s gonna happen I don’t see that happening from
what from what we know so far I just don’t see it happening
when was the last time someone who had an Xbox bought an Xbox game if they have
game pass well I mean gears gears five did very well and that was on game pad
day and date and it’s still salt well so in its gears so I mean that’s pretty
that’s pretty indicative of what Microsoft was trying to do and it worked
so we have to choice the way that we think about game sales though because
Microsoft is literally going for game so you’re a hundred dollars or whatever so
that’s what they want to do that’s their thing we can’t think of it a traditional
oh well this game has sold this much an MPD well they’re not looking for that
they’re looking for digital sales they’re looking for game path sales you
know that they looking for that but they got it they got the icing on the cake
with how you know gives five did do well they’re physical copies as well so
obviously these people still there that’s still will buy Xbox games if the
quality is there and I think they’re launching with Halo Infinite is such a
big thing that people are really down playing because this that halo community
is salivating so bad because it’s my result because there’s rumors that this
game is it’s kind of yeah it’s shaping up to be not ready and kind of bad like
I said just just insider talk that I’ve heard here and there about the game I
got you but not being ready and like they’re just they’re trying and they’re
praying and hoping but when it launches things just might be a bit rough they’re
stretched right Xbox one you got to make it from the 90s yeah you gotta make it
run all the ass you got make it run on the X you gotta make it run on the PC
you got a game pass everything you got there’s just so much this game hey you
know maybe that’s some of the issues that why people are kind of kind of
downplay it I don’t know you gotta act support for the base Xbox they just got
an access port for that at least you know they can’t they can’t do that yet
does they’ll be suicide they can’t do that
you know the mag filter gamepad that kills the whole game pass thing right
because the game but not all the grace Xbox so even if somebody is on base xbox
of their paper game pass oh no no no you don’t get that that doesn’t make sense
you know that that’s horrible so hey you know it is on game PES final fantasy 15
foot PC yeah yeah it’s 83 gigabytes actually is 83 gigabytes on four of the
game pass I think it’s without without the Royal that’s what about the Royal
content I think more likely because I got I got on PC please yeah I’m not
gonna play it so about Sony side how do you feel about
the reports of sonia’s waiting on this you would the price of the Xbox know
they’re sitting just like oh yes oh yes waiting waiting for Microsoft’s to
Taylor right Sony you guys know that meme us comeback steam Sony reminds me
of scumbag Steve like the guy you know Sonia tazza mind me of scumbags as yo
Steve oh your new system i’ma wait for you first classic they’re like Swiper
off your favorite show door an explorer it’s definitely every morning so you
always be doing some sneaky scumbags though you know what I’m saying like
when it comes to like lots of the system and all that we doing scumbag Steve type
of stuff you know like like Oh makes for the Xbox for DRM or makes fun of Xbox
for use games has their own plan by accident right before
the show started you know what I’m saying like and that’s a good mean with
scumbag Steve you know so I mean that’s that’s how I feel about Sony but that’s
how I feel like Oh wanna pressure this is my 500 we are gonna do it too but
then we saw that you did it first and then stopped it like they always trying
to say it just instead of just doing the bike instead of just like launching this
system and doing what they want to do and talk about they’re sitting there
waiting and waiting and waiting for Microsoft and stuff that’s what I said
earlier I said yo Microsoft the Sony they should announce the prices of their
systems when saying there’s girl pre-orders go live
when the pre-orders go light that’s when you announce which is about out you can
do that up to a month before just a month before the system launches let us
know the price because then you don’t have to do a scumbag III stuff you know
what I’m saying yeah here’s the thing I think that’s what Microsoft is going to
do I feel like they’re gonna do that they have no pressure to release suit to
give a price because once again Sony’s not gonna be a three which is the
stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life but they’re not gonna be there
again so it’s not gonna be any pressure for them to release their price so I
believe they’re gonna hold it up it probably closes close to the last minute
as they can no no wait for me makes fun of your job gets laid off next day well
talk about tonight any other topics Avedon I don’t know earlier I I didn’t
don’t don’t PS oh oh I do want to mention that Star Fox were to come back
I think they need to go back to the adventures formula continue of God sets
your mouth boy and I go if a Mass Effect style of communications talking to
people and you got to start the game off with getting a crew together and when
you pick each member of the crew you gain new missions for your story Mass Effect or Fox combines legends all
over the pictures was basically okay the missions with the art wing and it’ll be
the missions we’ve around getting gents and all whatever you’re looking for
items just like adventure I’ll be the talking scenario but that’s what it
needs to do in order to succeed guys let’s be real I don’t know man I think
Star Fox needs to go the route of vanquish that’s why I came in flying
them properly IVF funny cookies hilarious yeah that would be dope that
would be dope is ooh oh you don’t we need we need that’s what
we need triple a night as the bug gamecube game Brandon nice and no one
here knows what that is I know is a game yeah it was it was a failed experiments what I’m saying people would buy it oh I
would buy for that now y’all realize it how am marketable
starbug’s is like when you put it into any other idea you’re like silly right anguish would be don’t you mean I’ll be
the multiplayer mode oh I just think probably their best bet is the go like
the star link ground you know but just not the toys obviously but like those
young characters that aren’t starfox characters maybe they took the venture
out maybe and just expand upon that you know yeah because you only think about
are my adventures it makes it your vanquish BAM good you could do that I
mean I think they do people like plain is that something that’s gonna get you
play Animal Crossing for thousands of hours yes you’re playing as an animal
that’s right you go you beat you for other animals they’ll call me remember
Oh Connie when that game like flopped in this is like Game of the Year quality
game like nobody bottom appears to I mean yeah ended up obviously being
ported five million times they ended up selling over a million you know yeah but
nobody wanted to play as no painting you played as a dog I know I’m just saying
it I just reminded me of a painting that’s that’s kind of like your taxes
like a paintbrush yeah so nobody wanted to do that that’s why there’s a dog the
problem the dog it was a duh I think it was just a paint aspic really I believe
this one no it was the dog people just want to play as animals like you’re
never any animal you’re never oh yeah I’m in a game deadly creatures like on
that’s nuts a yes or a human you’re you’re controlling and you’re
controlling animals yeah people don’t want to play as the animal I mean
there’s been games where you play as animals and none of them I don’t
remember Animal Crossing is like the only game
and really you play as a villager you’re a human you’re a human you’re not
an animal you’re a human well yeah that’s good point but they
don’t have that yeah and scarf you could play as a couple different beasts like
characters anamorphic characters does that yeah so but they’re humanoid
yeah humanoid yeah they’re human the way to carry you know animal I kept eristic
s’right I mean cuz there’s games like where there’s like yeah just pure animal
yeah like a dog you’re cheb like a dog but you can’t like talk you know like
okami the dog doesn’t like I’m at Russia doesn’t talk you have something getting
for you you know yeah they look a little muhfucka I call
it fella noise one drop of the night I think there was like air blood Game two
hey you shouldn’t attend dogs back in the day yes but you were true but you
played as you and you were training you know it feels like you trying to help
them jump over the different things and they don’t control the dogs no you don’t
ever have controlled the dog you’re just the dog is it’s like a you know you’re
interacting with the dog you know but you don’t control the dog yeah bump that
just give me a gimme give me a new Donkey Kong game just cuz
no blade you always need a new dog I was I’d literally is funny you guys said
that I mentioned that in the recent interview I said we need to reimagine
Donkey Kong more of a 3d aspect Donkey Kong yeah top I’m tired of 2d Donkey
Kong yeah I’m done with the country right now just give me the Donkey Kong
world I’m done with the country I would take the donkey kind of like all the
world type of game for sure over like a 2d Donkey Kong at this point yeah I’ll
see that happening this year look yeah maybe not this year our party – super
awkward – and honestly – it’s happening announce it and it happens it didn’t get
too late none of it it just happened after they announced it so I expected at
e3 we’re gonna hear one of them by then if we didn’t hear one before then yeah
people are mentioning Donkey Kong you do play as I’m calling it now Donkey Kong
were debuts this year surprise donkey that’ll
be dope let me note me completely down for that that we created by day one yeah
that game would be worth the $60 I think also like you know some people were
mentioning some other types of games that you play as animals I think you
said like dolphins like Twilight Princess you do play as a wolf link but
that’s just like I get within the game yeah yeah sushi strikers to Alonso says
it’s coming for the holidays yeah it was five dollars out a year ago alright I guess we’re gonna wrap it up
for this one here we’ve pretty much exhausted of topics and it’s pretty late
in the East Coast boys i’ma let you guys go to sleep so we’re gonna do some
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thanks you never know you never know hey hey if you were in in the inside and I
just don’t know it Oh Jo Jae there was one thing I wanted for all I wasn’t I’m
just joking oh okay thank you thank if you weren’t joking I would still say
thank you anyway I don’t think that’s why but yeah if it is I you wanted you
awesome awesome you know yeah you don’t me but I don’t cons him so he may know
and you doing really well too for everything as well and you’re saying
what were you gonna say Baron I think Baron wanted to add one more thing
oh yeah Berenstain somebody oh oh I forgot to talk about this but it we
click uh the evil on up Marv MK 11 getting shunned it was and that
was one of the best viewed games from last year I think it’s politics man
that’s that’s what Sonic Park said Braddock’s that’s definitely not an
interest thing because people play the hell out of it I was so sure I mean you
got mokey got you got you got mvc2 just for tonight probably but I’m grateful
and do you know what I content lately and all I gain 500 subs in three months
and that’s just from the ground up that’s already attained and I am gonna
be streaming the Drago fighters tournament the world tour tournaments
happening it that’s in Paris I’m streaming on Saturday and Sunday from 3
to 8 on both days we to five our streams so that’s be insane can’t wait for that
because you see two dope Jerry well fighters World Tour tournament it’s
going on in Paris it’s the top 16 finalists after multiple tournaments
they’re all gonna be together top 16 in the world and it’s be insane and we’re
gonna be seeing the reveal of ultra instant Goku to the 6 or 7 Goku in the
game yeah I’m still look I’m still kind of shocked about this okay let me should
have been there I mean Samurai Shodown is in the lineup over him Caleb that’s
cuz I got a cut the check cut again yeah but but it’s like how can have that and
granblue like can I both granblue got a check absolutely got a check cut for it
oh but that’s I’m saying I think he need one or the other it’s two sword fighting
bait if they cut in checks they cut they’ll take their 10k if it’s if a
company says hey you can have this game and here’s 10k you know cuz that’s
really nothing for these companies to give them 10k to put their game on the
main stage cuz you know when you have that game on the main stage and all
those people are watching you know about probably two or three K people will buy
it that night a few times
that night because of how hype it looks that’s what happens if it’s a business
practice it’s been going on I’ve been talking to Pierre
they cut checks for them and that’s why you see under night and birth over
mortal mortal kombat sold 5 billion more times but they will cut them checks to
make sure that they’re on their hands and if and if MK isn’t cutting them a
check if NetherRealm isn’t cutting them a check then there’s no need to have
that game yeah that’s just still insane because the two most active fighting
games right now it has to be MK lemonis manish yeah and there’s a lot of people
playing a key nut yeah fighters but not as many that was yeah ok 11 over the
last swallows it and that the fighters number honestly I’ll see you the numbers
for the stream on Saturday and Sunday when I stream the tournament so we’ll
see we’ll see those people come through because people were in my stream like
crazy for the Evo Japan 2020 and that wild tea one of the best players I ever
seen such a great pac-man man it makes you want to play pac-man but every time
I touch pac-man I just I can’t I fall apart like it doesn’t work I like Batman
he’s actually much better in altom yeah way better yeah such better NER if the
aerials are so good as this game aerials are good yes power has grabbed they
fixed this grab it’s much better yep action good legit good character in the
game that and that’s what’s cool but there’s a lot of characters that are
quirky but good you know like weird characters to use but they’re good like
where’s the quirky characters and smash 4 they all sucked oh yeah Paul Easter up
and I used to use Paula Tina now she’s great Paula Tina was a kind of I’m gonna
say wheel kind of but like pac-man you know like Rob that duck duck comes
kind of still trash but he’s a little bit better now but yeah duck I’m still
bad but I think Mike Rob Rob’s better than what he was in smash 4 even the
Robin I know I picked around the other day and I smack tank like Dave like they
did like immediately all he plays Rob and it’s like last time exchangers
excuse know what why why why why you bragging
brag about being like brag on – I’m just ovulating anyway what can we do that
play again sometime Dave’s been a minute um yeah I could find me yeah but now
yeah you could find me on Twitter you know I mean at the Emperor you know come
watch the you know the Sony peasants just cry tears or whenever I tweet it’s
a beautiful thing okay maybe you’ll see it maybe you’ll
see OJ arguing with somebody for two up so you may see I only argue people when
I’m mad when I’m editing my videos and I’m done and I just got nothing to do
I’ll type back but if it’s not that then I’m just and like I said I don’t go back
and forth with crazy trolls like if it’s a crazy on time yeah I don’t go back and
forth with them but uh make sure that is for my man Baron and then also
Avedon where can they find out my man you guys can find me on youtube and
Twitter’s backslash ever Don Smith avi DN s mi th and also the second channel
tomorrow 9:00 a.m. new interview up beats for breakfast just literally as a
spell beats for breakfast on YouTube and on Twitter as well arm since you guys
are here tomorrow’s episode I interviewed Artie TV five we talked
about retro gaming and old-school hip hop so if you’re interested in that go
ahead and check out that video tomorrow 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time
nice alright and I will be back on YouTube this is the final to answer that
question to answer that question there’s somebody put in a chat about me you’ll
just have to wait and see you better not get a child out recorder if you join a
dark corner what was the question I can’t repeat it but anyway I was there
I’m going to a e/w bruh yeah Brad hold up all I’m gonna say is that
y’all gonna love my new I got one of them okay let’s go figure out which caliber well first of all shut your ugly
mouth right now way better you got Charlotte who’s my main guy come
on guys I could pick up socal for day one and price Maggie I’ve done with your
money if I picked up the game day wanna quite smack it where’s your money it’s really good that’s the thing what’s really good
because literally I would be down I’d see to get it first and I have to also
get uh so I am down yes so so you said we share me all random if
I were to pick a card on random and then test them out then no no no is 20 bucks
right now so cover six is $40 six
20 it’s 20 bucks yeah piece for them I cool alright cool so I’ll cop I’ll copy
Nixon on my next paycheck what’s the what is the money man hey now come out
you don’t have the game no I put place ok bro I have soaked our used to play
Soul Calibur 3 I played soul I played it on a Dreamcast as well um so edge as
well I’ve been playing so powerful I had every already had the game and I was
gonna face you and your you played the shade of change is the whole thing you
know you so you’re still gay because I I’m not I know the dynamics of Soul
Calibur but it changes the whole and because yeah because we thought that you
never played it and then you know he’s gonna play Soul Calibur I played this
whole conversation Oh caliber before I played it back in the day wears on xbox
of Yoda yeah yeah I played a play so cut that’s lasting my place ok so cobbler
for when I was on ps4 Seiya Darth Vader yeah I was um I will tell you my memes
this is you just get whooped 20 bucks we can at least both try for fun but
there’s no reason to stream it it would have been fun if it was like like yeah
or it comes out with a surprise victory no you know listen you don’t got a
dispute according they say this is VC getting his behind whooped
talking all that smack you guys deal with that hey guys thank you guys so
much for watching we’re back on YouTube next week for the PE podcast Sunday I’ve
got a big live stream that I’m doing on Sunday we’re gonna be having poolside
all types of stuff going on and all sorts of fun so make sure you guys
follow me on youtube because the mainstream is going back there and all
these people that you guys see here in the chat if you guys came over on
twitter in our band they’re all gonna be on youtube so if you want to have a late
child everything it’s gonna be back on YouTube this Sunday this Sunday I get my
streaming capabilities back and I hope I never lose them again because that was
the most painful three months of not streaming on YouTube ever like I’ve
never been banded for that long so I’m back on YouTube so make sure you guys
follow me on youtube subscribe to me there
I’ll put a link as well for those who are just on twitch because we’ve had a
lot new twitch people you know come through so I’ll put a link in the chat
so thank you guys so much for watching tonight we all have streaming tomorrow
as well I’ll be playing Phantasy Star Online not on YouTube yet but it’ll be
on twitch low fantasy star will be tomorrow so hopefully you guys come out
for that here’s my channel so you have to subscribe there also shout outs to
kaathal thomas thank you for the subscription and yeah that’s it guys
thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys tomorrow for more
streaming and more content on player essence bye see ya starfox reimagine
20-20-20 baby vanquish I would be joke but Abaddon


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