People Seduce Their Dream Daddy • Dream Daddy Pt. 4

– Welcome back to Dream Daddy where guys date not real
dads in a dating simulator and have real feelings sometimes. (laughs) – More of this now. – Me and Mat have to get hot and heavy. Hopefully, I can make up for
my mishap with the oregano. – I guess let’s find out. Back on the Dadbook, let me
just check in with you, gang. I don’t know how I feel about Hugo. First, he was all I ever thought of and now, not quite so certain and none of the other guys
are at all good looking to me. So Hugo it is. – I’m gonna try for round three with Mat. – You know what they
say about third dates. They get pretty serious. Are you sure this is your Dream Daddy? I’m sure this is my
Dream Daddy, oh my gosh. – Since I’ve been spending
so much time with Mat, Carmensita and Amanda
have become really close, wow, we’re a family, we’re a family, we’re gonna have two daughters. This is all I’ve ever wanted. The open mic night is tonight. – But I was finally able to find a weekend where Craig and I could go camping. (gasps) They’re going on a trip. – Quizzmaster Quinn,
exhausting as he’s ever been, the winner is, for the
fourth week in a row, Havarti like it’s 1999. This is not our third date. This is our seventh date. He’s gotta put a ring on it pretty soon. We make our celebratory, you know I’ve heard people pronounce that word as celebr-ate-ory? The guy did it on the Mythbusters one time and I was like, What? I pull out a book that
I’ve been carefully hiding in one of my pockets and
slide it over to Hugo. Gifts now. Hugo picks up the book
and reads the title aloud. Harry Buttz’ Crapper Keeper. I didn’t approve this. Harry Buttz’ Crapper Keeper, this is a (beep) book
to read on the toilet. He isn’t gonna find this funny. Hugo laughs, you should flip through it. Hugo looks at me, raises an eyebrow, after flipping through a couple pages, he finally comes across the small gift I strategically hid inside. It was a joke gift. You scared both Hugo and myself. You’re kidding me. He pulls out the wrestling tickets I hid inside of my Crapper Keeper. This is to the World Federation of Wrestling’s Power Slam Series. I, I love this, thank you. I got a kid going to college. I don’t have money to be
throwing around on that. – I don’t see Mat, he’s
probably busy in the back. It is his open mic night. Mat’s happy I’m here, hi Mat. Somebody backed out. No, that’s not what he said. The last time I played an open mic night, they lit their bassist on fire? They’re not playing tonight. Oh, Mat is kicking this band out. Then who’s filling in their spot, oh. So Mat needs an opening and
I know I shouldn’t push him but we’ve been getting closer. I’m gonna tell him to play, and I kind of want him to do it with me, but we’ll see, I’m gonna
say, “You should play,” Come on Mat, you should play, your music, oh (beep) he’s mad. Dammit, dammit, and
then I say, “I’ll play.” The Skammunist Manifesto is
making a comeback solo show. Great, dude, are you sure? No, I’m not (laughs) that’s me. I’m freaking out internally,
but on the outside, I’m trying to be calm,
cool, and collected. He grabs me by the shoulders
and stares into my eyes. Thank you, I owe you big time. Wow, he just looked at me in the eye, which means he’s staring into my soul and he wants me. – It’s Craig, Craig’s here, we’re gonna go on a date with Craig, gonna go on a date with Craig. I step outside, hauling my bags behind me. He notices me carrying my equipment and hurries over to take it from me. Such a gentleman. I almost had a case of the vapors there. Ooh look, I load the rest of my stuff into Craig’s car and we get in. Oh no, Craig says, “Oh
no,” we just started. I think I left my juicer
plugged in, we gotta go back. Try to relax, man, let
the juicer float away. Craig takes a good, deep breath. Do we have anything to listen to? DJ Kegstand’s MegaMix Volume I? Made it just for the trip,
I think you’ll like it. Aw, he made a mix for our road trip. That’s so sweet. – It’s the night of Power Slam. We drive about an hour to
another city for the big event. While wrestling and the act
of hurting another wrestler is fake, the work requires
remarkable athleticism and oftentimes results in actual injuries. Did you know that Freddie Prinze Jr. wrote for the WWF for a while? Interesting to know. I like wrestling, it’s
a big part of who I am, but because it’s
considered kind of lowbrow, I feel like I can’t share with anyone because they’ll just make fun of me. Til now, mm, opening up. Hugo smiles to himself, til now. Let’s check in on how I feel about Hugo. He opened up to me,
multifaceted, three dimensional. Also, look at those jeans. – So Mat, he takes the
state to roaring applause, he grabs the mic, thank you everyone for coming tonight, Mat’s so nervous. That’s cute. I can’t stop staring at his mouth and it makes me even more nervous. I know I can’t stop staring at his mouth. After the Third Waves close out their set, it’s a variety of acts playing. That means it’s getting closer to me. I am actually getting
nervous, I’m not even playing. Out of nowhere, Mat sits down next to me. Hey, are you doing okay? I’m totally fine, everything’s
great, nothing is wrong. Everything’s great, I want to assure him that I am okay, but I
can’t get the words out. I’m here. You know you’re gonna do great, Ryann. Ow, he’s so supportive. (grunts) Look at his eyes, he’s so nice. – He’s anxious, we just got here. What if there’s a problem? You’ve trained for this. Look Craig, we all know that
if you really wanted to, you could flex your calf
muscles and fly out of here like a rocket ship all
the way back to Maple Bay. You’re gonna be fine, we’re gonna be fine, this is our weekend. It’s not too long of a hike
before we get to the campsite. Now that we have the shelter settled, I think it’s time for
us to do some exploring. There’s a waterfall a
little bit above the way that I’m sure we could hike to. That sounds romantic, let’s get hiking. We amble along, taking our time to chat and admire the wildlife. We had a little bit of a scare at the top but Craig and I are smooth sailing. We’re gonna take our
relationship to the next level. – Hugo and I enter the
stadium and are directed to the upper level, the further up we go, the more my heart sinks. Ah, I’m sorry, I thought I got us tickets on the lower level. I look over to Hugo, who
apparently didn’t even hear me. He’s vibrating with excitement. That is adorable. (sighs) Oh man, the lineup is stacked. All these matches are gonna be great. But the one I’m really looking forward to is the Eastern Dragon’s match. He used to wrestle as Pablo Escobrawl. We watch two wrestlers, the Southern Dandy and Johnny Snowman, walk out. After a long match, Johnny Snowman, who dressed up like a muscular elf, does what Hugo calls a German
Suplex on the Southern Dandy. What did I just watch, I
don’t know what’s happening, but this is amazing, hmm. I bet you dollars to donuts is a saying, if I yell this, I’m gonna see some hearts. Shit, nothing happened. I guess I owe you donuts or
dollars, I don’t really know. – Everybody, we’re down for
our last act of the night. I’m also closing the show. That’s a lot of pressure. Please welcome, formerly of
the Skammunist Manifesto, Ryann Graham. Hey everybody, good to be here. I just have to remember,
what would Beyonce do? So play a song, he calls
Beam Me Up, Sta-tty. How hard can it be? Okay, I’m gonna have to
actually play the piano. How do I play? I don’t know how to play, I
don’t know what I’m doing. Please sing along. ♪ Oh, pick up, pick up, pick up. ♪ ♪ Oh, watch us fill the, ♪ Am I supposed to play? I really don’t know what I’m doing and I just hope, ♪ Be alarming ♪ ♪ I’m gonna sing, I, ♪ ♪ I’m just playing everybody Ska ♪ ♪ Beam me up, Scotty ♪ ♪ Beam me up to the Ska Trek Enterprise ♪ This is terrible. Oh wait, wait, I got S. S for sex, S for sex, I did it, I did it. – Cresting over a hill
Craig and I are greeted by a wide clearing surrounded by trees. In front of us is a beautiful
waterfall spilling into a large body of water
that runs into a river. Looks like you could
jump right over there. We didn’t even bring swimming trunks. Clark, stop being a wet blanket and get in the water. Craig immediately begins
taking his clothes off. (sexy music) Craig is not wearing any clothes. He’s a real ripped cartoon. And I’m, okay. So the option is to look at Craig’s butt or to don’t look at Craig’s butt. We’re obviously gonna
look at Craig’s butt. I can’t help sneaking a peek. That is a good butt. Craig turns around suddenly and
he catches me looking oh no. I do a lot of glute workouts. Okay, apparently checking out
his butt was the right move. I immediately turn away, blushing. Clark’s blushing, I’m
blushing, everyone’s blushing. You coming or what? Oh my gosh, why am I having this reaction to a cartoon character? He’s just out there, okay. We’ve lived together for years and I’ve seen your ass more
times than I can count, it’s no big deal. You got it chief, let’s put on a show, who needs pants anyway. Let’s put on a show, let’s do it. If the clothes are coming off,
then it’s someone’s birthday. Craig gives me a wolf whistle. I turn and give my booty a good spank. Oh god. That one’s for you, big
boy, oh god, Clark don’t. Can we get negative points
because I’m uncomfortable? – During a break, Hugo and I leave to get refills from the concession stand. So what do you think so far? Don’t say it’s just okay,
why would you do that? I’m gonna go with, I’m
actually really cool, double or nothing, dollars to donuts. I’m gonna get some hearts out of this. Whoo, you owe me double donuts. This is amazing, why didn’t
I get into wrestling sooner? I was sort of expecting the crowd to just be a bunch of aggressive, sweaty, older guys, but this is so diverse. I’m even seeing a bunch
of families with kids. Everyone looks so happy to be here. There’s one gaggle of
kids loitering in a corner that are exceptionally loud, even over the din of the stadium. Looking closer, I can’t help but feel like these kids seem familiar. Oh no. Oh god, I know these kids. They’re Hugo’s students. Hugo immediately tenses up. Yes of course, this would
undercut his whole reputation. Oh my god, I can’t let them see me here. They’ll never listen to me ever again. All right, think, think, think,
Matt, think, think, think. I take a corn dog and I throw
it in the other direction. I’m gonna create a diversion, yes, he’ll appreciate this. Hugo, I’m gonna draw their attention and while they’re busy watching me, run back to the seats and
I’ll meet you there, okay? As Hugo begins to leave,
I turn around in the crowd of people and start stomping
around and raising my arms. I really enjoy watching
those very oily boys get into fisticuffs. It’s working, all the people
near the concession stands have stopped to look at me. I feel my social anxiety
hitting peak levels. It’s worth it. Just scream. I start screaming as loud as I can. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot Hugo sneaking through the doors, success. I stop screaming and do a curtsy. Bye bye. – I had a bunch of people
shifting in their seats, oh no, I’m losing them. Ska really is dead, and I killed it. Mat walks onstage, playing (gasps) Playing the guitar, we lock eyes, he gives me a reassuring smile, but he’s effortlessly plays
the chords to the song. Mat just saved me. This is nicest thing
anyone’s ever done for me in my actual life. I really wanna find that in real life and marry him, wow, what a man. It fills me with renewed energy as I, we, jump into the chorus, Beam me up, Scotty. ♪ Beam me up, Scotty ♪ ♪ To the Ska Trek Enterprise ♪ We make it to the end of the song in one piece, the crowd goes wild. I’m moist, I’m (laughs) I was gonna, I mean, sorry. Just getting a little
forward, I’m moist with sweat. Not with anything else, but whoo. Ladies and gentlemen, Mat Sella. Ah, wow, the practically screams, and they start chanting
Mat’s name, wow, what a man. I’m really getting hot and bothered about this and I don’t know why. And they wanna hear you play, man. Mat smiles, I think I’m ready. Can we also just pause, that he hasn’t performed
with anyone but Rosa, and the fact that he just picked me means that I am right in there, I’m ready to take his wife’s spot. She had her time and now
it’s my time and I’m happy. This one goes out to a good friend. He looks at me, we both smile. Who helped me be able to
do this again, thank you. He closes his eyes and
starts playing an upbeat, intricate melody, the
crowd sways to the music. The moment he steps offstage,
he gets mobbed by everyone. It seems to be amazed
that he’s playing, dammit. – I take my shirt off
and drop it in a pile with Craig’s clothes, I
put the rest of my clothes on the ground, feeling exposed. Craig and I climb up to
the roof of the waterfall, I just can’t handle this moment right now. At the top, we look over the
cliff into the tiny lake. It seems so much higher from up here. Craig looks me in the eyes. Don’t think, just jump. Craig cannonballs off of the
waterfall and into the lake. You coming or what? I run off the edge, do my best cannonball, somewhere in the middle, it turns into a really graceful belly flop. Oh my god, I hit the water
with a loud slap, ooh. I resurface to find Craig giggling. I rate that belly flop as
a solid eight out of ten. Your form was lacking, but your heart was in the right place. I playfully splash water at Craig. Oh, is this gonna turn
into something else? I thought it was just dad dating. Squirt water back at him with your hands, hammer fist, or dunk him. Try to dunk him. I summon all of my dad strength to lift Craig out of the water and I drop him down for the splash, Craig bounces back out of the water. My turn, oh no, it seems
like Craig was simply allowing me to pick him up and dunk him. He grapples with me with
his clearly superior muscles and quite literally tosses
me across the water. You think I did all those pull
ups just so I could look good with my shirt off, nah bro, these arm cannons are dad launchers. Craig does a playful flex for me. Oh my god, this is a lot. I feel like I’m intruding
on a private moment between Clark and Craig. We go to put our clothes back on and notice they’re soaking wet. Maybe a splash fight wasn’t the best idea. So we’re not gonna put our clothes on. We’re just gonna keep them off. – The event goes on and
we have a little downtime before the next match, we decide to relax in our seats and avoid
the middle schoolers. It’s unlikely that they
would ever notice us in the upper level nosebleeds. Because they probably have great seats. I look up at the Jumbotron. Oh no, we’re gonna be
on the kiss cam, oh no. We’re gonna be on the kiss cam. Oh no, we’re gonna be on the kiss cam. However, I’ll get the kiss. Oh hey, they’re doing the kiss cam thing. It zooms in on a bunch of cute couples who all do a quick smooch, aw that seems so nice, and
then it zooms in on Hugo and I. I look over at Hugo and see the same mortified expression on his face. Oh shit. I wanna protect his identity but I gotta get that smooch. Um, I think he’ll appreciate it if I try to protect his identity. Jump in front of Hugo and start giving the camera the finger. The camera immediately moves on. Thanks, yes, he liked it. The rest of the match, thankfully, goes off without incident. Hugo and I eventually
laugh off the kiss cam and get back to wresting. – Amanda’s taking
Carmensita to get ice cream, but she’s asking if it’s
okay if she sleeps over. She sure can, ’cause I’m
gonna be sleeping over with her daddy. (laughs) They bump fists and they head out. Hey Mat, need help closing up? He pauses, I’d love that. Bet you would. Mat and I stack the chairs and
sweep the floor in silence. When we’re all done, Mat and
I lean against the counter. Thanks for saving me up there. All in all, it ended up being pretty cute. It is pretty cute, Mat. Did it feel good to be on the stage again? He pauses, yeah, it really did. I heard that you stopped
playing after your wife died. Didn’t realize it had been that long. Yeah, looks like he
wants to say something, but is having a hard time getting it out. What is it, Mat? He takes a deep breath. Oh my god, is this it, is this it? Crowds make me nervous as hell, which is not exactly the best for
performing live music. I guess what I’m trying to say is, life wasn’t this scary when
I had someone in my corner. Someone I felt safe with. Oh my god, I hadn’t felt
like that for a long time. He feels safe with me, until tonight. Mat, this is, whoo, what changed? I know what changed, Mat. He pauses, you. Oh, wow, this is like a romance novel. This is like Twilight, 50
Shades, 50 First Dates. I don’t know, other romantic comedies. I feel like I’m Cameron Diaz. When I saw you looking so scared onstage, you reminded me of
myself, and I don’t want anyone else to have to feel that bad. That’s kind of subtle shade,
Mat, but I’ll take it. But when I got up there
and started playing, for the first time in
forever, I felt comfortable, I was having fun, whether
you were trying to or not, you got me out of my
comfort zone so, thank you. He looks away. I think I’m gonna go in for a kiss. If I could go in and
kiss the screen, I would. – You okay, yeah. Come on, dude, I’ve known
you for long enough. Oh my gosh, he’s sad again? Craig. You work really hard,
Craig, it can’t be easy. I have to for my girls. Everything I do is for them and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s so sweet. But it seems like a lot,
it’s bleeding you dry. If that’s what it takes
to raise them well, then it’s worth it. Aw, you’re spreading yourself too thin. Life needs balance, that’s right. I thought that he was gonna get sad and it was gonna ruin
the date, but really, we’re having a deep conversation. I can’t explain it, man,
there’s always that voice in the back of my head telling
me that I need to do more. Craig, you’re trying your
best and you’re doing an amazing job, that’s a fact. But even if you weren’t you
still deserve happiness. Do I, though? Hell yeah, or hell yeah, bro? What’s the difference? I always hate this moment because I know there’s a wrong answer. I’m really stressed out right now. Just wanna pick the one
that makes him like me. Hell yeah or hell yeah, bro? Right, you don’t know either. Our camera woman also doesn’t know. This is hard. Right, that’s what I’m thinking, bro’s pretty friend-y. Okay, I’m just gonna say hell yeah. But he normally says Hell yeah, bro. But we’re gonna go for hell yeah. We’re going for hell yeah. It gave us hearts. We did it, Sarah. Shout out to Sarah, our
camera woman slash sound girl. She’s killing it, thanks Sarah. If you could only see
yourself the way I see you, oh my gosh, Clark, this is so romantic. Craig beams. We watch as the fire dies and eventually clamber into the tent. Oh my gosh, we’re sharing a tent, it just hit me, we’re sharing a tent. – By the time Hugo and
I walk back to his car, most of the wrestling
fans have cleared out. Kind of funny about the kiss cam, huh? Yeah, it was super funny. We stare at each other for
just a little bit too long. It’s gonna happen. Hey, cool shirt, oh (beep). I turn around and see a guy in a hoodie and basketball shorts walking up to us. If Hugo leaves me for this guy, I will never forgive him. I got it from a trade with this guy from Oh, shit, not only is this guy muscular, he is a wrestler that Hugo knows. I am royally goofed here. Man, I wish I could stay and chat. I have so many questions,
but I’ll PM you on the forums if you ever wanna talk shop. I am jealous. Is there any chance you
could sign my shirt? The guy turns around and beams. Sure thing, wait, it all finally
clicks into place for me. You’re the Eastern Dragon. Oh, the Eastern Dragon signs Hugo’s shirt, waves goodbye, and walks to his car. He likes my work. Dude, you’re friends with
the Eastern Dragon now. I am so jealous, I am so jealous. Mr. Vega? Oh (beep), Colin, nice to
see you and your friends all the way out here. What are you doing here,
I don’t see a library anywhere near here, nailed it. I was watching the Power
Slam series with my friend. Haha, Mr. Vega likes
wrestling, what a fartknocker. Always a classic. Nah man, it’s actually rad as hell. Colin’s friends are turning on him. Colin is no longer the
supreme leader of the group. What is he gonna do? Who were you just talking to? Probably one of your
stupid book nerd friends. Hit them with it. Actually, he was talking to his good buddy, the
Eastern Dragon, you ass. Colin’s friends lose their minds, screaming their heads off. Colin is red with anger. See you in class, what? See you in class, bitch,
Hugo, who’s gonna believe you. Hugo is cool as hell. Hugo and I hop into the car to the tune of more children screaming. We laugh all the way home. Thank you for helping me
realize I can do this. This really means a lot to me. Well, you mean a lot to me. Aw Mat, wow, let’s just
knock all the chairs over and do it right here on the floor. He leans in and kisses me, quick and soft. He pulls away and covers his mouth. No, don’t, don’t be sorry
Mat, don’t be sorry. Can’t believe I just
did that, neither can I. But I’m glad you did. Our lips touch again, wow. He pulls me closer, the screen went black. This is getting pretty R rated
and I’m all about this life. He pulls me closer. His lips taste like vanilla,
he smells like coffee cake yes. Ow, oh wait, the moment I open my eyes, I realize we’re still leaning
against the espresso machine. Maybe the coffee shop
isn’t the place for this, no Mat, it’s the best place, you take me right here, right now. Maybe you’re right, no, you’re not right. Let’s go back to your
place, yes, oh my god. Date complete, wow. Wow, we went back to his place. I don’t care what the, it says B, but B is for Boning. – We crawl into the tent and
I unfurl my sleeping bag. Why is the screen black? Wait, where’s the other sleeping bag? Oh no, I must have left it at home, oh my god, Clark. Craig unzips the sleeping bag and spreads it out so there’s enough room for both of us to lay on top of it. Night bro, goodnight, bro. Okay, so wait, it’s over? I roll over and we face
away from each other, what? Without a blanket, it’s really cold, oh. I shiver and without realizing it, I find myself nestling closer to Craig. I’m sure he won’t mind. You’re dating, it’s fine. He turns over and I can
feel his breath on my neck. It’s hard to focus on anything else. This is getting so real, ah. I open my eyes to find Craig’s face only a few inches from my own. For once, he looks at peace. His eyes flutter open, his
hand finds a place on my waist. I’m not sure who leans in first, but suddenly we’re kissing, good job. I got strong feelings for you, bro. Feelings I can’t deny anymore, ah, Craig. Craig loves us, we love
Craig, everything’s perfect. Bro, me too, I run my
hands through his hair then down to his chest,
Craig brings me closer, wrapping his arms around
me, I feel so secure. You know, talking about
old times is fun, but I like making new memories with you. I smile, tracing the lines
of his hip with my finger. We kiss again, I’m not worrying about us getting too cold tonight. Our date’s complete, what just happened? I think we had sex. We got an S. – Look at this guy’s house. There’s nothing but genuine
wrestle boys all over the place. I’m just now realizing I don’t actually know any wrestling moves. You know, I could teach you some. Whoa, a little suggestive,
we’re gonna do it. Hugo and I square up in
the center of the room, ready to go at it, this is how it starts. Before I know it, I’m on the floor. Good lord, he’s strong. Hugo flips around one
last time on top of me. He hooks his arm, we’re
gonna kiss, by the way. Our faces are inches apart right now. Tap out, you coward, go for it. It’s gonna happen. I go for it. Ba-boom, eggplants, I lean
forward and kiss Hugo, who seems just as surprised as I am. What was he surprised about? We were wrestling. I pull back, a little embarrassed,
but he kisses me again. He slowly releases his
submission hold on me and cradles my face into his hands. What does that look like? I don’t think I understand. He presses his forehead
against mine and we laugh. Oh, this is how you cradle
someone’s head, okay. I guess we both win? I should say so. Do you hae any more
moves you wanna show me? Whoa. I think I might have a few. We do it, date complete. A. A for A good time. Amanda walks through the door with a suspicious look on her face. Hey dad, off to a good
start, something fishy. Oh, I had sex, so I
have that after sex glow and Amanda can tell. – I have a little surprise for you. I had sex with your teacher. Hey, you wanna hang out with me in the backyard for a bit, totally. – So we go outside. And there’s a surprise party. – Where I’m immediately jumped by all the dads I’ve ever met. – So consider this your graduation party. All of the dads I could’ve
dated in one place. You’re welcome, Amanda. – She smiles and runs to her friends. I hope (beep)ing Emma is not there. Emma’s are banned from this household ’cause they’re all bitches. Sorry if you’re at home
watching this and you’re Emma. I really don’t mean that. – I should make the rounds and make sure everyone’s having a good time. Seriously, though, how did the Dracula guy and Robert get here? They have no business in my life at all. – As the party starts to wind down, I take a seat next to Mat. The sun is setting, wow. Mat looks down at his hands, he does that whenever he’s trying to
figure out the words to say. I love that I know him so well. I think I had an idea about
where this was going but I, ah, I don’t know anymore. I like you a lot, Ryann,
but I don’t think it’s just, oh, I thought he was about to say, okay. But I think it’s more than
just as a friend, ooh. This is the conversation
I’ve been waiting for. You’re cool as hell and
I’m down, wait, wait, he said he likes me as a friend? Is that what he said? Hold up, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, hold on, I think I misread that,
I think Mat is telling me he’s breaking up with me. – Hugo, thanks so much for dropping by. Absolutely, I’m so glad I could come. Inappropriate. And everything was fine
after the Colin incident? He actually told everyone at school that I’m into wrestling,
but it backfired on him. The kids have a weird
sort of respect for me now and a few of them even asked if I could be a sponsor for the wrestling club. Just goes to show there’s
nothing wrong with being open about what you like. It seems that the teacher
has become the student. And speaking of being
open about what you like, I take his hand in mine. Oh, not around the children. TheUltimat, oh he’s gonna
(beep) let me down hard. Shit, okay, okay. I’m so flattered, but I don’t
really think of you like that. (beep) I quickly retract my hand. Got it, sorry. Great lesson to be learned here. If someone does not return your romantic advances and say
that they wanna be friends, that’s a real thing that does exist and you should respect it. – It’s so romantic. Craig sighs. You doing okay? Yeah dude, I’m all right. Can’t hang for too long,
I gotta get back home and answer some emails, Craig, no. Craig, you gotta take
better care of yourself. I care about you and
I want you to be okay. I appreciate it, but I’m fine. You’re a good friend, dude. Did he just tell us
we’re just a good friend? We spent the night in a tent together. A good friend, yeah, oh no. Do you ever wish that maybe
we were more than that? We’re back on track, maybe. I mean, Clark’s not gonna
take it standing down. He’s gonna get to the bottom of this. Oh bro, I’m sorry if I
gave off that impression. Oh my gosh. To be honest, I kind of
wondered the same thing. But, I don’t have time for that right now. I think we’re just better off as friends. This is not how I expected it to go. Oh, yeah, I can do friends. Let’s hang soon, yeah, that would be nice. Oh my gosh, what is this game? That one B shouldn’t have held us back from a perfect marriage. I’m just really, I don’t
know what to do with this. I thought everything was going so well. – I can flip this table over, wow. I don’t even care what Amanda has to say. – I’m glad you made some friends. I really didn’t. I rejected everyone in a romantic endeavor for a guy who wanted nothing to do with me. I love you dad, we’ll
always have each other. – The game’s over. – Hold the (beep) up. That’s how this game is? Voice credits are Mat, his
name is Christopher P. Bacon. I’m gonna find you, Christopher. I’m very upset, you broke my
heart, Christopher P. Bacon, how dare you? – All I really wanted out of it was to see what it was like to be a dad. – You know what, Clark’s a superhero and he can find other people and maybe Craig’s just
waiting to meet me (laughs) I’m kidding, mostly. – You know what, this
just confirms my theory that men are trash. Don’t date, don’t date. I just wanna walk away
from this damn screen. I hate this, screw this game. – I guess I’ll have to
be my own Dream Daddy.


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    I actually think this game is so genius. Exactly like Matt said, it shows how you have to just let it go if your feelings are unrequited.

    And in the good endings, it can really prove that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

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    Lmao xD

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    Did not expect that reference xD

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    Now I just want Matt (the real human not the character) to start reading me bed time stories.

    That’s a soothing voice.

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  • 라나Lana

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    lmao tell that to my anime husbandos and waifus

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