Persona 5 Scramble Preview | Nintendo Switch, PS4

For long time viewers of the channel, you
know I love Persona. I imported Persona 5 from Japan and covered
it in a review before it even came to the West. That brings me to Persona 5 Scramble, the
new spin-off Persona 5 game although it’s not a spin-off at all. Despite not being called Persona 5 2, it’s
essentially a story follow up to the original JRPG only now with a new gameplay style. Atlus Japan recently released a demo for Persona
5 Scramble on both the Japanese Nintendo eShop and Japanese PlayStation Store. I recently played through both on my Switch
and PS4 Pro and I’m shocked by how much I love them. For background reference, I was never into
the Dynasty Warriors series although I did enjoy the Nintendo collaborations for Hyrule
Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. Persona 5 Scramble feels way more like a balance
of the two, where Nintendo feels like a themed version of Dynasty Warriors, Persona 5 Scrambles
just feels like an action RPG Persona 5. Now if you’ve played Persona 5 before, you’ll
know how it ends and how things are left off. Well, Persona 5 Scramble takes place the Summer
after Persona 5’s events although it’s still unclear if Scramble will connect with the
new events in Persona 5 Royal like the new characters for example. Regardless, this just take place timeline-wise
after Persona 5 as we see Joker and Morgana coming back to Tokyo to see his friends during
summer vacation. Everything feels fun and familiar. The streets of Tokyo are the same as they
were in the original Persona 5 and translate surprisingly well over to the Nintendo Switch. Sure things are scaled down for the Nintendo
handheld, running everything at 720p 30 frames per second though at a stable consistency. On PS4 Pro, that’s bumped up to 1080p 60 or
4k 60 with the right display. The difference in quality is noticeable though
if you’ve been playing Persona for years now, the 30fps lock is the usual until recently
so it didn’t feel as jarring as compared to something like a shooter running at 30 fps
compared to 60 fps. After a day of reuniting with your friends,
you head to bed on Morgana’s orders and quickly find yourself in the velvet room. However, if you’ve played Persona 5, you know
the current status of the room and who the hosts are and that’s continued on with Scramble. After that night, we meet up with Ryuji and
come across an idol in the middle of Shibuya holding a performance. She hands joker one of her cards that we end
up using to get into the metaverse, discovering a new world in the process. Where we explored the metaverse and palaces
in Persona 5, in Scramble we now tackle Jails. Jails controlled by figureheads, normally
a popular celebrity or well-known person. They use the metaverse to gain influence on
people. It’s in our first Jail we meet Sophia, an
A.I. left in the Jail with no recollection of her memory outside that she’s a friend
to humans. Shocking she can also summon her own Persona
although maybe it’s not that shocking if you’ve played Persona 3. Regardless she helps you escape the Jail and
becomes a new ally that lives on your smartphone. That’s as far as we get with the story bits
but the other half of the attraction is the new action gameplay. This does feel somewhat like a Dynasty Warriors
game where we’re tackling waves of demons and shadows. During combat, we can switch between attacking
with our blade or gun accessory. Like other muso games, certain button combinations
lead to new attacks and combos. There is a touch of Persona in the combat
too. For example, we can land a critical or effective
hit on an enemy giving us a one more move. Just like in the original RPG, this lets us
perform an all-out attack landing some hefty damage on a large group. Furthermore, we have both an HP and SP gauge,
the latter being used to perform skills. Like in the RPGs, these have elements attached
to them and can lead to effective hits and thus all-out attacks. Perhaps one of the more unique aspects of
the combat is the new sense of swiftness. You see, we’ve seen the phantom thieves move
wildly during combat in cutscenes but we’ve only dealt with a turn-based combat system. In this new muso game, Joker is able to jump
on tall objects and use them to perform combos on enemies. It feels like Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance’s
Flowmotion system and I love it. Using it in combination with other combos
and skills easily got me hooked onto this new action combat style. During all this combat is the new remixed
last surprise track which absolutely slaps. I loved Persona 5’s music and I would have
never thought I’d like modified versions of those tracks but Scramble has made me a believer. Persona 5 Scramble is for all intents and
purposes Persona 5 2 and I believe it should be looked at as that. Persona 5 Scramble is something I was interested
in but it wasn’t until I played the demo this month that I’m convinced it’s a game that
should be played as a main story game and not just a spin-off. I’m excited to get my hands on the final game
and who knows, maybe I’ll even cave and end up reviewing the Japanese version early. Regardless, I can’t wait to play more of it.


  • Luis Alamilla

    Ok we got Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Scramble, now we just need a fighting game like Persona 4 Arena.

  • MovieAfterReviews

    Looks pretty cool getting it for my ps4 tho where its meant to be played

  • Frozen gamer

    I hope this comes to the west.

  • Blinkehyo

    Can’t wait to not play it because 5 never comes to switch <.<

  • Trap Town NCS

    Great content. Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  • Trap Town NCS

    Great content. Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  • J K

    Looks awesome!

  • Rafael Martinez

    Dang papá no days off!

    But my wallet is empty! But I am waiting for that tax return money. ^ • ^

  • Lemmegetuhh

    If Royal doesn't come to the switch by the end of the year i am going to be extremely sad

  • TacoTorres64

    Finally a persona 5 game on switch

  • CJ

    The demo was so good, I hope we get a western release date soon

  • A Casual Gamer

    I’m not typically a fan of hack and slash games either but it’s good to hear you think it’s a good balance of both! I love Persona and I’m desperate to play a traditional game on the Switch but I’m looking forward to trying this anyhow! Love your reviews 😁

  • Jim _

    After the hours I spent playing co-op Warriors Orochi with my wife & the hours of co-op Hyrule Warriors I played with my son, I am so bummed it won't have co-op. 🙁

  • mouhamed lamine

    Can i sacrifice this to get smt4 remaster

  • Luisito

    It's confirmed months ago by Altus that this is a sequel not a spin off and it takes place months after the original game. So people hoping to see anything from Royal is going to be disappointed. But I'm sure the new girl from Royal is going to be DLC the same with our favorite pancake lover

  • Falcom Scott

    It's great to see a Persona 5 game for the Nintendo Switch here & Luis how's your Japanese been?

  • Cyberjin

    Ooof the switch version looks rough

  • Jack DangerousIy

    I'm definitely excited for this now. I just worry about what I will miss not playing that extra semester in Royal. It really bothers me to miss out on that story, I just cannot dedicate another 100 hours to the same game just to get to it. I just do not have the time.


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