Project Torque Gameplay- PC Its Here In Beta !!

hello everyone
naughty Nelly here just introducing a multiplayer online racer which was long
since dead Its called project torque it’s been out for
quite some time it used to be project torque then it moved to level R then to
heat online and then it went dead for several years until now on Steam project
torque will be back out and like I said it’s a free to play online racer it does
have a choice of multiple cars that you can obviously have to race you can
either pay or you can save up the race points you can get race points
participating in races doing challenges all that good stuff it is currently in beta so
it’s missing a lot of what used to have but if this gets popular again it
should be fun so at the moment I do have the lion
sedan and you can modify it so you as you gain levels you can completely
customize your look to how you want it it has colors and styling you can
balance it to how you want to race custom style forms if you want to use
them that’s quite an interesting noise and also you can upgrade the performance
of it as well and yeah it just makes for a good fun online racing experience so
we just jump into an arcade race here and give it a go unfortunately these
races are currently in progress but once the race is finished we should
be able to go in and have some fun so this game needs a little work needs to
be able to feel about more updated from what it is at the moment as you can see
I’ve had a couple of races on this so far this does take controller support as
well so we’re just waiting for the race to
start I really hope this takes off again such a fun game so these guys have cars a little more
modern than mine naturally for their level I only just started the game i say
yesterday one of the standard packages you get is obviously race lines so you learn the courses
this comes in a hundred pieces so you can it a hundred times once you run out you can if you
want to buy them again that you don’t have to so my car hasn’t completely tricked out
but it seems to be doing a pretty good job
against these guys but that’s purely because they’ve cant race you get extra race points for racing
clean overtaking of course drifting if you’re good at it without touching anything doing well in races of course gets you race
points the race points are used towards modifying your car or engine performance or
styling or vinyls oops as we said about how bad they are
racing well there we are once I modify my car a little bit more i should be able to keep up “radio : Hey Watch Out!”
“radio: Hahaha” ” radio:My Fault”
“radio: Oh Sorry” there used to be tournaments
street racing which is what i’m doing now there’s also drift tournaments and there
is also Thunder alley which is like NASCAR well it is NASCAR which can be a
bit boring there’s a good place to get RP 420 blazin for that RP so tuck into another random course here each race you get a chance to vote
chances of getting a different track so “radio:Hey Guys”
“radio: Hello” “radio: My Fault” “radio: Oh Sorry ” come onlittle Lion “radio: Sorry” being so low level we are in
arcade mode so there’s obviously the collision detection but as you gain up
levels you can get to simulation where you know contact is allowed these guys obviously have not done this before at least on this recording compared to my
ps2 ones the graphics is a little bit better you actually get to see where we
going we’re only doing a short play through on this
one just to show you that project torque is coming back and I really hope that
you join in well that’s it for this video I do hope
that you enjoyed it please don’t forget to Like subscribe and of course share
with your friends and yeah I’ll see you guys in the next one

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