Raspberry Pi 3 Retro Pie 3 100,000 Games Worlds Smallest Pc Test 1st time

what’s going on YouTube Scott here and I
got a little different video for you guys you guys are looking at my TV and
obviously you guys can see that this is a YouTube page
well what you guys don’t know is I am using a computer that’s about I’m gonna
say about let’s see if we can actually show you guys about this big
to view this now the internet connections not the greatest we are
really far away so I’ll try and test out watching a video so we’re gonna go to my
channel really quick and by the way this is my keyboard just this little guy
right here so let’s check out my channel Internet is actually working pretty good
pretty fast right now see if I have a sound turned on and see how well it
loads a video alright actually so we don’t get copyrighted let’s switch this
video here before come on there we go we don’t want to get this video copyrighted
so um yeah I will show you what I’m using but I’m gonna tell you what I’m
using right now and it’s something called retro pie or Raspberry Pi 3 you
know what this pretty much can do is this actually has a hundred
thousand-plus games that is right a hundred
thousand-plus games it’s considered the world’s smallest computer and for some
reason something furs here not sure if it was okay there we go well let’s X this off
so you guys can see I just said it set up the desktop now so yeah it’s got
a desktop just like a regular computer and you can add stuff let’s go back to
the actual Raspberry Pi yeah I’m still looking over all this stuff looks like
accessories calculator a whole bunch of other stuff I haven’t even checked this
out yet so I don’t even know what half of this stuff is so we’re gonna shut
down I believe that will reboot okay so I think it’s now reloading raspberry pi
3 so it does its little process you can get one of these from eBay the retro PI
but it’s just Raspberry Pi 3 is a small little thing that let’s see if I can
show you guys this is all it is this has been customized it’s got a cooling fan
multiple USB ports HDMI port and some other things added to it so it’s not you
can actually build these up to whatever you want this one obviously was built
for gaming I haven’t really played too much of it alright guys so let’s test out Game Boy
Color hopefully I have the controls all config
we’re gonna go to Pokemon I guess look at all these Pokemon I mean huh
gameboy color games okay where’s Pokemon pocket pocket pocket pocket Pocket
Monsters holy pockets all right Pokemon I guess we’re just gonna do Crystal
version USA hopefully with no copyright issues with the audio so I forget how
you say I think everything saves same way you know what maybe we shouldn’t
play Pokemon because the game alright guys we’re gonna play in the zone NBA
game this is a controller that we got so house you guys so in the beginning you
can play well you can use it as a desktop computer web browser I’m sure
there’s a whole lot more things you can do with it
over a hundred thousand games so yeah all from this little so we’re just gonna
do a shoot out click here it looks like the batteries keeps dying that’s why
mine thing keeps cutting off alright guys so the batter kept out on my camera
I might repeat myself here but you guys can use a desktop you can browse things
do other things with it as well as you know this one came with a hundred
thousand games I’m just randomly selecting some stuff here
not sure what I’m doing but this oh my word what are we how even play oh okay
so so interesting how do we aim this thing so it keeps going to the side but I’m
not sure how else we get to go over oh my yeah I’m not exactly sure
oh there we go but I just kept like moving everything around so all I knew
is I’m literally going like this and it’s scoring maybe okay I don’t know how
we actually play this so this would be a Game Boy Advance game so you know the controls obviously it would
be a little different with the gameboy advance but what are we trying to do I
mean do we press up so when I just really quick I don’t know it’s very odd all right so that game obviously
knocking config the controls probably with this under the settings options
yeah anything thing maybe no what oh so that’s how you save it okay anyway
yeah that game really didn’t work too well um I mean I’m sure I kind of really
figured it out but I also have other custom controls you know instead of this
one let’s just try something else that’s not a sports like what is this you’re up
a dance dance revelution pack here we go let’s do pac-man that should be pretty
simple to show you guys but as you can see you know it’s a lot of fun a lot of
cool games classic games controls are a little deferred here so I
can’t use a joint stack sometimes it skips to go up for a game like this you
know you just gotta be pretty precise with tapping make sure you tap ahead of
time before you get to a crossroad that way it goes up then you can hold it and
it seems to be working pretty good you just got so yeah lots of Nintendo games and stuff
like that a lot of fun you guys want to know more check out my description I’ll
have where you can buy this and other stuff related so know like this some of
this stuff no idea like where’s the Virtual Boy I’ve never even played
Virtual Boy some of these I haven’t ever played okay let’s try this lets you can
let’s just find is there any united states game UK UK UK i don’t know
let’s try 3d pool i’m not sure exactly what this system is never heard of it
never played it so i might have to use my joystick I guess with it or I mean
maybe I can use this controller so nothing’s happening
enough I gotta wait for everything to happen but nothing’s happening so let’s
try the joystick I have or not joystick like try entered yesterday maybe I just have to let things way oh
no no idea I mean maybe things are loading I guess we’ll just let it go for a
little bit I’m fun anyway I think you guys get the
point from here on out you know I give this a nine out of ten it’s just really
cool if you guys know want to learn more stuff about it let me know let’s try
another game and see if it was just that or 3d snooker what in the world is that
I don’t even know if I want to know so we’ll Amstrad microcomputer so if
it’s a computer then obviously you would use your this instead of a Oh keyboard
and we okay so let’s just type one press space to fit in you know okay one frustration in Sanyo how do you
use how in the world would you use a keyboard for this I mean up and down out
of sin but I can’t really do anything here no button is doing anything I might
actually have to put in a legit mm keyboard because I’m pressing all the
buttons let’s try it okay so maybe I actually need to put a USB keyboard like
a real one I mean I wouldn’t know why or maybe I’m just doing something
completely wrong or not pressing the right thing but some of this stuff you
know I’d have to really look up on how to actually play I mean is it UK so
maybe that’s an issue that’s for guys you know I don’t know a little check one
more and we’ll end the video then so let’s just ho now what is Amstrad for
the US and if so maybe the games are well I’m not sure cuz I just keep seeing
let’s just do a Latins K of the UK ready run enter press space you never how can it be game everyone I
didn’t even wait game over again press up to start
okay so I keep pressing up so let’s try to get up to start
oh there I am so what are you what’s going here
space to that forum
enter space yet so a burner s Jones W does nothing I don’t think I turn off the music
somehow q does nothing easy so these buttons aren’t doing anything I keep
trying to push buttons all we can do is jump right now I’m wondering if I do
need to put a actual keyboard in here so when I press space it pauses or
something so oh there we go but when I press oh okay so okay so
let’s try this s jumps go get a little guy go No okay I’m getting the hang of this just
took a little bit is this a wall what is this
can we jump now oh it’s just slow what’s this can we
jump oh oh we can’t jump remember that so oh my word what if we hit oh wait we
can hit it no no no wait can climb this no no what is that I don’t know we’re
just gonna get out of here so can we go in here what’s in here
what about over so let’s just fall down when I guess okay very interesting so do
we go out here No okay guys anyway I’m done playing for now how would we see
this I don’t even I’m not even sure how I would save it but I think my best bet
getting a actual keyboard instead of this little thing here for some of the

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