Reacting To My OLD VINES

What’s up guys? It’s me. Danny back with another hilariously low-effort video today I’m going to be reacting to my old vines so as most of you if not all of you know I used to be a viner then you count over 2 million subs I used to make vines like Almost every day day in and day out like building on my following and having a lot of fun And then a few months ago vine. Just deleted all of it, um, so occasionally I just lay awake at night thinking about my old vines and how much I miss making vines and how much I miss… vine So I decided to do a little reacting to my old vines video also before we get started shout out to CALLIE GURL4566 Thank you for turning my notifications on if you want to be the shout out in the next video make sure you turn on my notifications and be one of the first people to comment on this video and You could be chosen. There’s going to be ones here that I know I’m not going to think are funny because there were vines That when I made them I knew they weren’t funny and I just posted them because I thought other people would like them and there’s also vines in here that I think are hilarious that did not do well at all Because I just have a weird sense of humor I guess and so nobody else thought they were funny So also sorry for the mess behind me I’m moving my next video will probably be in my new apartment. So let’s get started. Oh yeah, this one’s not very funny this one was like after they announced final shutting down, and I kept making them But I was like sad and just didn’t care anymore. This one was a perfect loop, I was very impressed with this one. I thought that was really clever Yeah mmm Classic when the beat drops me I actually do like that. Oh I really like this one. And I posted that was like the best any of my vines had ever done at that point. I was like I think it got like 50,000 likes or something and I was like so freaked out This is what I thought was really funny Don’t think anybody really got it, but that’s like the music video for that song it was a whole thing at that time I really like that one that one actually did really well It’s not even that funny. I think people just like that one because it’s like woah that’s the popular song That was one of my best ones I think Okay, some people didn’t know that that was editing and thought that I had really strapped a dog to the roof or the ceiling Of my house I really like this one Oh this one was really fun. I had just bought a drone and I was like how could I use my drone for a vine now So I just like thought of that it was actually did really well I like that one That one you can tell that I was sitting in a hot car because as the vine goes on my face gets more and more sweaty This is one of my favorite ones. Most of my best vines doesn’t have me in it. Or my face in it That was really clever I sometimes I did that cloning effect in my vines where I would there would be two of me at the same time a lot of People didn’t know it was editing. So they just thought I had a twin. I actually thought this one was really dumb when I posted it but it did like really really well This is one of my favorites too I thought it was so clever when I Thought of all those I just remember thinking let all people are going to think of so clever This is good one That’s like the second most popular vine. I ever made and I remember when I was posting it I was like. I remember texting somebody being like should I post this this is so dumb I don’t think it’s going to do well, and then it now. It’s like it has like Or it had like eight hundred thousand likes or something Solid puns Relatable Remember hit the quan. I didn’t I did not like that song. I don’t know why But I had to use it in a vine cause it was like popular I was really proud of the editing on that looking back on it. Not that good. I thought it was like so good nothing Oh, man. I really looks like I’m flopping around like that I really like that one. Oh this is one of my favorite ones too. I got so many comments saying that’s not a trumpet thats a clarinet. It’s also a sponge and it’s also made up, so I thought this one was really clever too My most Popular vine ever I’m not in it Got so many comments after this vine saying I thought you were like 16 years old. I have a young face so. I really like that one I was going through that phase where I green screened myself into every single music video I possibly could I really like this one I really like dark humor Savage That that vine I fell like that like nine times with a slow motion just trying to get it to look right and I ended up like bruising my knees really badly because I just kept falling and Then eventually I just like faked it or something. I was like why do I why do I even need to be falling? Love this one. I thought that was so funny Humor This was the biggest vine ever had in that point. It was like 2nd on the comedy page People from my high school were like texting me like ” dude you’re on vine” and I was like oh my God Green screening myself into things I went through a phase That’s like all my vines were and they all took like two hours to edit. I don’t know why kept doing it Yeah here’s another one Green screen myself into a music video That was very funny That was pretty good. I know what oh. That vine didn’t do that well But that’s like among like people who follow me like one of their favorite vines for some reason I think it’s just like so goofy. I don’t really know why people like it that much That was another one was like aw, dude I’m so clever when I came up with that I got so many comments about my shadow on that thing That’s the thing about vine comment is if there’s one thing that’s off everybody comments about it. So that’s all your comments comments are. I remember being so annoyed, but I was like okay. I get it. I can’t change it now I already posted it Green screening myself in a music video I had a weird haircut back then, why is my hair short This isn’t my vine this is Aron’s but still funny There’s a new song by Jason Derulo I think that says kiss the sky or something so sound like kiss this guy and that’s all I think about this is a perfect Loop one Oh the compilation didn’t put the loop in so it just looks like a random vine That was my first vine that got like on the comedy page And I was like I know this is going to do well, but I don’t find it funny at all I got a lot of comments after that being like “wow danny I’m unfollowing you. I can’t believe you vape” Granted a lot of people probably thought I was like 13 years old cause I have a young face but That was just weird that was so weird I also went through a phase where I shut all of my blinds on my super high quality camera Because the phone that I had was an android and the camera was like super bad so I just shot all my vines and edited them on my computer This is another loop but I bet it’s not going to show it Yup. It doesn’t make it sense when it’s not a loop It’s at a mall at Illinois. I’ve had a bunch of people. Send me videos and then recreating that. I thought that was so funny I love Spongebob Got I remember reading a comment on that vine That was like what’s wrong with being hydrated like “oh, so only gym teachers could be hydrated” and I was like dude it’s a joke all right That’s the end I’ve never done a reaction video like this before, so I’m sorry if that was um Not what reaction videos are supposed to be if you did watch my vines. Thank you for watching them I really had fun making them and it was like a really really fun part of my life So it’s really sad that vines not around anymore But I’m glad that I got to experience Like being a part of the community and like growing a following and stuff like that It was really cool. If it weren’t for vine. I don’t know what I would be doing right now I started making vines when I was a sophomore in College, and I was studying computer science And I did graduate, but after college I just started pursuing social media like I still am now and so if vine didn’t exist I would probably be working a desk job Right now doing programing or something like that so I’m super appreciative to vine because I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for vine so anyways That’s all I have for you today if your doing here make sure you subscribe And turn my notifications on because I’m going to start shouting out people with my notifications on in every single video all right guys Thanks for watching and I will see you guys next time

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