RIT on TV: A fun online retail game requiring fashion sense (and cents)

>>Anchor: Usually, college students use Facebook
for social reasons, but at one local university they will use it to learn about running a
business! RIT students created a game called “Store World.” The dean of RIT’s Saunders
College of Business is going to tell us how it works right now on ROC City tonight.>>From NBC Studios in downtown Rochester,
This is Roc City Tonight with Lia Lando.>>Anchor: Thanks for joining us. I’m Lia
Lando. Ash Rao is so excited to be here to tell us about this new game. You were telling
me it’s innovative. It’s not something that people do often. Tell us about the game.>>Ash Rao: The game actually has been developed
by the Saunders College of Business, along with the information science people and students
from information science and students from imaging arts and science. It’s a group of
12 students with the faculty involved. The game is built on Facebook. It’s kind of
like Farmville.>>Anchor: Like Farmvile. I think a lot of
you can relate to Farmville. What this actually is is a store, correct?>>Ash Rao: It’s a retail store.>>Anchor: So either your business succeeds
or fails.>>Ash Rao: Either your business succeeds or
fails. You have to buy clothes. You have to buy clothes that are fashionable. And then
you have to go and share those clothes and show them to other people and see whether
they like them. And then if they like them, they come to buy these clothes from your store
too. We have some pictures of the site. Let’s
take a look at those. You can tell us what we are looking at. Are these some of the characters
in the store I assume?>>AsThese are some of the clothes that the
art students have drawn. Seven of them. They are drawing about 30 of these clothes. What’s
really interesting is the kind of detail they have to put in them because these avatars
have to be turned around. So there is anywhere between 7 to 23 pictures they draw for each
one of those.>>Anchor: Wow. So isn’t a simple task. Can
someone like myself go on and play this or is this strictly for students?>Ash Rao: It will first be for students. Eventually
they plan to expand it to other people as well.>>Anchor: Has this been done at other colleges
and universities that you know of? Ash Rao: Not really. Not yet. I think RIT
will be the first for this. Anchor: So this is exciting for you, right?>>Ash Rao: It’s exciting for me. It’s
collaboration, it’s also about entrepreneurship and innovation. It brings all these three
colleges together. It’s meant for all kinds of students to learn a little bit about business.>>Anchor: this is clearly where everything
is going online with the Internet. So if I take this class. It’s offered in
all one class?>>Ash Rao: No, it’s not a class. It’s
supposed to be fun. They are going to roll it out at the beginning of the semester. The
beginning of the quarter. And then people will start playing the game. Hopefully it
won’t take too much time away from class.>>Anchor: Will they be graded on it?
>>Ash Rao: No, it’s just for fun.>>Anchor: Just strictly for fun?
>>Ash Rao: That’s the way it is right now. Eventually because it has business concepts
in it, people will bring it in to their class and use it for class. Right now it’s just
intended for fun and to get people interested in starting a business.>>Anchor: You are going to see how this goes.
Any plans to do anything similar to this in the future?>>Ash Rao: This thing should evolve over time
bringing in other things, like the Connect software that you see on X-Box so that you
could go to a kiosk and pick your clothes off the rack and put it on.>>Anchor: Oh, wow.>>Ash Rao: You’ll be able to see it.>>Anchor: Well thank you so much for joining
us to explain this. It’s very exciting.>>Ash Rao: You’re very welcome.

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