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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to roblox
rodeo this is the chief stinker and today we’re going to be taking a look at
tiny tanks alright welcome to tiny tanks this is your tank with a really
weird smiley honest correcting use WASD to move your tank around okay I think I
keep it up oh alright and what next use the mouse to
aim your cannon okay we can do that and click the fire alright okay we can do
this and we have standard shells and we have down sea shells you can move to the
spawn area all right move to the center of the map to find somebody to blast
okay we’re moving to the center of the map and you get on the target ah fire me
okay ah standard shell is self-doubt to be
okay so what’ll happen exciting positions
okay okay I think I just stepped out see what’s happened I think I don’t have any
bounty shows locate our last he looks like you’re ready for the real fight
click on the finish button to finish a tutorial and get into the game all right
let’s get this game ok let’s use the launch time that we have our hundred
school boys and spawn okay we’re in the game so we are the red team so let’s go
up against the blues okay that shall candidates list yes he hit somebody very first shot
okay digs connotation soft and destroy full of this notification
so let’s allow for that we know this guy’s alive in the polo a little rough
around there and hit if that’s life okay ouch and we gotta take them out a
fatty simply experiencing a little bit of lag but it’s okay this case alright
let’s go with a fresco or the blue T so sorry for St Louise I follow that mist
because like I just take off my dad yes you are fighting to that one okay let’s
think you flag over here so we have the red light captured right the red team is
pushing forward that is good to know that is you can always go down blue a
round again oh so close and right but we got taken
out by TV pattern one two three guess whoo volley their long-range shot and
give up and let’s go hyper mango oh so close okay bouncer shop I provide oh no what
happens is oh yes that was a nice little shop if you have shot-by-shot pvp fans
of the guy loved me last time yes we got another round there nice nice nice the
red team was annihilated ouch I thought we made it but alright
understand I understand you just six kills that is not bad not bad
better luck next time okay I got a ward 790 points that is nice and what can we
do with those points okay we can vote ok domination all right
Maurice not bad for a first time around it is a simple enough game and it is
kind of fun as well ok this is interesting we seem to have a lot of
angular walls and surfaces to bounce our shows off and ok let thank you our drive
use this tank ok we are the place this time around ok
inverse of the red and let’s see how we do this ok okay so we can see the food shop and the
right shot Steve I can make this okay is that my mother for we down there okay no
source as well anywhere oh so close he was at this guy
rody killed oh all right all right let’s slice it for now and let’s go back they
are spawning should be so you just got taken out okay you helped me enough I
think we can see each other out was that a silly person yes I was so you
managed to get our first kill and okay let’s go 30 18 versus the rest is good smells out there long suppose another
house yes I think you hit him yes lovely we’ve got that shot going and let’s do
this let’s do this once again let’s go get a balloon oh no holy hot shot for
tea time shots look forensic over there and wipe off my lap well yes the bounce
garden public and the world kill over there contain that guy with exposure to
them reflected he shot again kind of laggy a little bit start and let’s hold
on to the capture point of the capture point that’ll be good around there this
bounce okay whoo yes we got that Gabby you’re holding on to
the point ladies a little bit that is how you play a team gave everybody
collars a point and take care of the back yes the other one of these ones fun
okay qualifier there she goes oh okay Wow lucky that was like the election
okay because I kill let’s hide behind that and Oh mister okay there’s two
customers for us that’s nice of em let’s hold off the points or more so five use
that is not bad come on hotshot up that guy selves away
hey everybody yet are getting closer to castle poison problem 600 knots taken up
by right shake what we’re doing alright we do this alright
you’ve got 140 points to 38 so let’s let’s go back and hold on the cactus
okay let’s you capturing it and hey we’ve got our teammate over there doing
all the work nice of them what actually I like this that’s what if we come that
way okay just because I won without realized is not to coming there okay
this way just late ouch try to avoid that well
okay there is a capture point see over here so let’s take a hold of see okay
holding on see capture point and these Odyssey
okay let’s go a are they will be fool there let me get him okay
oh all this just kind of bounce around all over the place that we did manage to
get a kill on four people okay let’s go we seemed the blue team
wins by a last flight last lovely that was a good game that was a good game we
have sand castles we can work for that and we see 1400 points that is cool that
is cool so let’s see when we do the next round
we’ll see if we can pick up some upgrades for our tank domination at
sandcastles is unloading all right and what do we have in terms of upgrades
that we have a chassis upgrade so let’s buy that we have a turret upgrade as
well so let’s buy that we have the cannon upgrade look by that and let’s
buy the better cannon as well and we run out of money
let’s see five we have special ammo kimbab bouncy exposing and Pierce
okay so let’s buy some fancy yellow let’s go back and you spawn all right
let’s do this in point 25 rounds of explosive ammo sorry bout the ammo let’s
cap this point see for our team it’s kind of it’s forgotten by everybody else
so we’re on see aftering it oh wow this part is rotating really fast now and we
have to proceed and we have captured be a day as well okay can we get into this
point okay we can go to the boat that’s all right
a little boys a food dish out there the hyper mango you are dead okay we got
a mother kill lovely taking all the capture points as well that is a good
thing and the capture point for now can hold on electric all right make the
damage they’re kidding me lovely question zero points compared to our 62
pleased to be interested in having anything less you ask them all right
let’s go and nominate them I think they are basically ticket we completely
obliterated oh I shall stand as it is for not even coming out now ouch okay
that was just being hit overly compressed by in the very stores so back
out there we have three months more the last remaining
let’s go defend the viewpoints so now okay Larry’s okay it also light the
fireplace I’m like okay let’s just let’s plant light
okay find their bag you did nice little time over there and let’s give you get a
reaction lovely because that guy as well and one more solo Oh
display that along hello okay planning to let recitative
problem right there okay almost all till there because Rama killed yes we have
the object knocking and we’re also holding out these points simply shop there one-ish up there okay
bounce there okay we have capture is that a poised one and only did not see
me there for some reason sleep for chapter a sword is at the top of their
stockpile feedback from them and a little surf of the sea which was our
original capture point of the first place
all right got nine kills of that not bad so I got a victim big day that is a Mass
Effect oh all right
you’ve got the hematite nice nice that in that matter that whatever to get
something just bid if we are completely dominating we’re not even allowing about
applause and speed of us do so oh the blue team won but the red team held out
held out to watch just your spawn anyway ladies and gentlemen I hope you had a
good time watching this little replay and sorry this playthrough of me going
through the tiny tanks roblox mod until next time load those guns and keep
blasting them apart see you around…

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