Rockstar will remove GFWL from PC version of GTAIV

Well guys, I have both good and bad news.
Let’s start with a good one, Rockstar is finally removing Games for Windows Live from
GTAIV! Yeah, took them long enough, but it’s finally happening. As you may know, GTAIV
was removed from the sale on Steam because Rockstar couldn’t generate more Games for
Windows Live activation keys, so it looks like it’s finally coming back very soon. As for the bad news, it doesn’t look like
Rockstar is doing anything with PC version outside removing Games for Windows Live services.
In fact, they are removing features like multiplayer mode and leaderboards, and, of course, in
their typical fashion, they are removing some of the licensed music. This time they’ve
explained the removal of music with merging the GTAIV base game and Episodes from Liberty
City DLCs into a single entry called Complete Edition, so RamJam FM, Self-Actualization
FM, and Vice City FM radio stations won’t be available anymore. Well, Rockstar promises
that this removal is only temporary and they’ll bring back the missing radio stations eventually,
but it looks like that multiplayer and leaderboards will be gone from the PC version forever. So, this news leaves me with mixed feelings.
It’s great that Rockstar is finally bringing back GTAIV on sale, but Games for Windows
Live was not the worst issue that the PC version had. The PC port was a mess, and while it’s
better now because you can brute force some issues with modern hardware power, there are
still tons of glitches and bugs like textures popping, constant stuttering and cutscenes
glitches due to high framerate. Hell, they don’t even mention removing SecuROM DRM,
so I guess it’s going to stay. There is no mentions of Steam achievements and cloud
saves in the announcement, so they probably not going to bother with adding Steamworks
integration either. It’s disappointing that Rockstar is doing a bare minimum of work simply
to get it back on sale while ignoring everything else. This game really could have used a proper
remaster, but Rockstar just doesn’t care, it’s GTA after all, it will sell regardless
of technical issues and missing features. The promise of bringing back missing radio
stations from DLCs gives a little hope that they are working on something bigger than
just the removal of Games for Windows Live, but the chances are slim. I wish Rockstar
took the PC platform more seriously, we long past the time when PC was considered as a
“dying” platform and terrible PC ports were acceptable. So yeah, Games for Windows
Live removal is a welcome change, but it should have been done years ago and personally, I
expected a little more than this. Maybe it’s time to make GTAIV Re-Install video…


  • Old Nerd Playing Old PC Games

    First like for ya 👍

  • Steve

    Will there be Steam achievements though, otherwise i want my GFWL back, never had problems with it anyways and i still prefer Xbox Live Gamerscore than Steam's simple popups

  • Truvor Sineus

    Обновление, которое нахрен никому не нужно было.

  • Eier Wippe


  • Joedoesgamesandstuff

    Great vid! Good info and sad that no more multiplayer 🙁 At least keep in free roam

  • PC Gaming Inquisition

    Hey guys, it looks like Rockstar actually added Steam achievements to the game! Maybe there are more changes and improvements coming that we don't know yet? Weird that they are not going to fix multiplayer and leaderboards if they are adding Steamworks features, but let's wait and see then. And yeah, going to make Re-Install video about GTA IV once they update the game!

  • İlgaz Kayili

    Removal of the GFWL is a late move. But removal of the multiplayer is very dissapointing. They could remove GFWL before too late so people could play singleplayer and multiplayer without issues. Both of movements are troubling.


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