Rogue State – Dreams PS4 Gameplay (Action Platformer)

This could be one of the most overall polished
Dreams you have seen. It is a brand new dream from good old Ed over
at Media Molecule and it sure shows. The quality when it comes to graphics, atmosphere,
fluid gameplay and set pieces is of all a high standard. Ed himself has said that he may tweak the
animations further as well as a few other details but for now this is the first public
release and we were mightily impressed. Take a look and we’ll see you again at the
end of the video. Now wasn’t that something. Check it out for yourself and let us know
what you thought. Share your Dreams with us here or over on
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and extensive coverage of the mega PS4 creation game, Dreams. As well as a bunch of other interesting titles. See you in the next Dreams video.


  • LittleBigAnimation

    It's great to have Mm's own developers working on their own projects!

    Share your Dreams! PSN: LBAnimation

  • Patrick Beard

    Give it up to a developer to make me feel like I suck at making games even in dreams 👍😂😂😂


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