[Rookie King BTS Ep 5-3] 7 men, 7 cards! The cards hold their destiny!

Live View- Channel BTS-The Final Boss-HD View The Final Boss (Starting episode 5 of The Final Boss with a round of applause.) Why are we clapping? (Last week!) (V had a hard time with a punishment with J-hope.) (So the crew prepared a gift for him – (The position of king for next episode.) (V looks a lot happier with the crown.) V: Let’s see what the mission is. (The first mission is…?)
What is this? (Worried about their images?) Who wants to pick first? (RM is going to take the first card.) (V distributes the cards.) (Nervous.) (V is making them nervous with counting.) (Surprise countdown!) (Of course.) (Can’t miss Jimin out of The Final Boss.) (Complimenting Jimin’s butt.) His butt is beautiful. (Bad hands!) How do you break that? (Strong bunch of chopsticks.) (Welcome, it’s your first time breaking with butt?) (Jimin is setting up.) (High level of expectation.) (Counting down and wishing him a good luck.) (Not enough power, fail.) (The viewers are cracking up.) (Second try.) (Second try fails.) (This is just too embarrassing.) Good thing you’re not showing your front. (Broke into pieces.) (You see that?) (Showing off his butt, mission complete.) It wasn’t that hard. V: I saw the second penalty. (V is creating a fearsome atmosphere.) (The members have caught his bait.) (What is the next penalty?) I’m nervous.
(Put toner and lotion like the CF) Explain the penalty. Cards hasn’t been distributed yet. (V knows how to play.) Let’s let Jimin distribute cards this time. (Passing the cards onto Jimin.) (Suddenly Jimin holds authority.) (Jimin distributes the cards out.) Why did you give it to me last? (RM is anxious.) (What will be the outcome?) One two three! (Who picked the death card?) (Jimin’s penalty companion, J-hope!) As long as it’s not me~! (J-hope always gets hitting penalties.) (Tae demonstrates the penalty.) This is how you do it… (Putting it on with style.) (V’s lesson was sound and clear.) (The standard of skin beauty.) (Jungkook is getting ready to put toner on.) (Baby Kook is getting ready to hit hard.) (Heart beating faster.) (He is pleased with skin care.) (Suga puts toner on his forehead as well.) (That bright sound!) (I got slapped~) (J-hope’s skin is bling bling shiny.) (Jimin is teasing him.) (Jaw line! Like this!) (So nice.) (J-hope holding flowers, end of CF!) (J-hope’s skin is a lot more clean after the penalty.) V: Welcome to stage 3. (Revealing the mission straight away.)

(One shot of espresso) We have to set our mind to it before we start. (Baby lamb doesn’t know what’s going on.) Can I distribute this time? Ah, no. Oh really? (Decisive V.) (Noisy before opening the cards.) (A man should walk on one path.) (Jimin tries to make a deal with J-hope.) One, two three! (J-hope?!) One, two, three! (Nope! It’s RM!) Uneasy feelings have never been wrong. (Long time no penalty, welcome RM.) (A relaxing morning with a ray of sunlight…) (As soon as I woke up I found… a shot of espresso from New York.) (I am a New Yorker. I start the day with a cup of coffee.) (Mm~ The smell of America~) (How does the coffee taste today?) (Taste of America? No way!) (Why do people buy this?) (This is coffee? This is poison!) (Oh we’re filming.) It’s nice. (RM’s acting done~) (RM experienced 20 years worth of bitterness.) (A shot of espresso made him realize the reality of the world.) V: This mission is good for your skin. (Sounds good.) (They don’t trust the penalties anymore.) I have a bad feeling about this. (Stage 4! Revealing the penalty!)
(Shrek pack to take care of your skin) (The group complains to the crew about the title.) Anyone wants to do it? (What are you saying, V?) (Would you do it if it was you?) V: Who wants to take the first card? (Cards of destiny is being distributed.) (Everyone’s feeling anxious. Open the cards!) One, two, three! (Open the cards.) (Jimin, once again!) (Oh life…) (Jimin was able to look back on his life through The Final Boss.) (The judging table is as comfortable as his bed.) (He’s used to the process.) Just put it all on. (V demonstrates first.) It looks like wasabi. (It doesn’t look that painful.) How is it good for your skin? J-hope: Dry and tough skin(yoongi). No ‘yoongi’.
(Suga doesn’t feel good.) Yoongi can start because Jimin lacks ‘yoongi’. (Yoongi can put it on first.) (Artist Min is practicing art.) (Everyone’s taking turns at drawing on Jimin’s face.) (Finally, shoulder bro finishes it off.) (Look at that shiny and moist face!) That’s the most handsome Jimin I’ve ever seen. (The best Jimin ever.) (The pain will come in 10 minutes…) (I don’t care about the mission. I will go my own way.) (The boys are worried about the next penalty.) Why do I get anxious when harder penalties come… (Revealing the penalty!)Is it spit? (As they do not know what exactly the penalty is, they’re getting more scared.) (Everyone’s worried.) (V is counting down.) (Open the cards!) (Of course, it’s J-hope!) As long as it’s not me~ (J-hope is losing his smile.) (Flipping the cards makes them heart beat faster.) This is real guys. It’s real. (The rest of them are testing the pens.) (First up, Jungkook.) So mean! (J-hope is lost for words.) So cute~ You’re pretty. (Complimenting to survive.) (Green man is teasing J-hope.) (Third place, shoulder bro.) Jin, why are you so handsome? (Highfives)
(Jimin is feeling it.) I will hit now. This is stingy. (A roar of a scarred lion.) (He is pleased with the reaction.) (The penalty is making him cry.) It feels like I have toothpaste on my face. V: Welcome to stage 6. (Revealing the mission quickly because Jimin is feeling hot.) (I will go my own way…) (The sixth penalty is…?)
(Get over summer with this specially made hot bigsoo) It’s hot bingsoo. Hot! (Not sweat red bean bigsoo, spicy hot bigsoo.) (Who is going to taste the spiciness?) One, two three! Tada~ (Baby Jungkook gets it!) (The older ones are cheering for Jungkook.) (Baby lamb is worried.) Finally, it’s my turn. (The two devils are happy for Jungkook.) (Whatever happens, I will go my own way…) (Hot bingsoo makes an appearance.) (BTS hot bingsoo.) What’s wrong with the color? (Jimin is offering to taste it.) (His vocal chords are as clear as ever.) (It’s making him dizzy.) (The fear of hot bingsoo…) Do I have to eat all? (His rabbit eyes are in fear.) (Everyone’s cracking up seeing Jungkook’s misfortune.) What is it? (Shoulder bro couldn’t beat his curiosity.) (Three octaves in one go.) (His shoulders enlarged from the shock.) (10 spoonful of hot bingsoo, start!) (He can feel the spice just looking at it.) (Jungkook is drinking it fast.) (Soullessly eating hot bingsoo.) His facial expressions are long way gone. (The hotness has reached him at 7th spoonful.) (He’s thinking of his parents again like the first episode.) It’s good! (His body is shaking unlike his words.) (The older ones are finding this cute.) (One last spoonful!) (Busan’s true man.) (Mission complete like a man.) (King V trying to kill the members.) Why do we have to eat it? Because I am king. (The boys rebelling against king.) (The crown doesn’t mean much.) (BTS rebellion!) (King V takes a spoonful to make them calm down.) The hotness doesn’t come in one spoonful. (The hotness came, but he’s fighting it.) (The devils trying to make him talk.) (A creation of a great singer.) (He’s crying from being touched by the spiciness.) Next stage… (The rest wants to hear your voice, V!) Hurry up, will you? (Jungkook wants to drink water.) (Are we on Earth or hell?) (Let’s go to next stage after drinking some water.) (V and Kook can’t wake up from the spiciness.)Please do not be vague. (The boys have no idea what the mission is.) (Suga is the man for penalties!) (The true winner of The Final Boss.) Why? Why me? Because it’s funny! (A wise answer, Jin.) (Let’s get on with the last penalty!) I’m going to destroy everything. (Min Suga, reborn as the king of revenge.) Up next,
the fall of hip-hop charisma, Suga! His sister came for the punishment? The shocking last mission! To be revealed soon. After,
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