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Hello and welcome to Under the Super Scope
where we take a look at some of the most famous games of all time and try to work out exactly
what makes them so good and if they still hold up today. Or in this case, where they went wrong. So far this show’s been a celebration of
the industry’s best but for the first time we’re looking at a more negative finding. Super Mario 64 was the pioneer of 3D movement
and 3D design and even today its influence is everywhere. The majority of stages are masterfully put
together and while 3D controls have evolved, Mario 64 still has a really good unique feel
to it. So how does a remake which mostly has the
same core structure completely squander it? Well let’s take a look at Super Mario 64
DS. If you write a list about all the things Super
Mario 64 DS has going for it then it sounds like a pretty sweet deal:
Launch title – check Updated visuals – check
Great Mini Games that show off touch – check 30 new stars – check
In theory this game has a lot going for it yet in 2018 the original Super Mario 64 is
still the one with a larger following, so why with all this new content is 64 DS not
given its due? Well here comes the problem: the dpad. The n64 was the very first system to ship
with an analogue stick. Sure Nights into Dreams was bundled with this
but it wasn’t the primary controller for the Saturn. Every aspect of movement is catered towards
manoeuvring in 360 directions at different speeds and it’s encouraged from the word
go. When you start Super Mario 64 all you have
in front of you is open space to move. There’s no objective until you work your
way towards the castle bridge. Just listen to the sounds of wildlife while
you adapt to a 3D world. In the second level, Whomps Fortress, you’ll
encounter these sleeping Piranha Plants and sign posts will tell you to sneak around them
and as we’re now adapted to analogue movement we just lean the stick ever so slightly forward
and tip toe past. Now whenever we’re in a tight space we don’t
just pelt the analogue stick forward, we could even spin on the spot like this if we wanted. We have so much control in any situation. We can easily turn around in close quarters,
we can swim at any angle and we’re able to pull off some pretty impressive jumps. So take that away and you’re left with a
very different game. Suddenly the game that pushed analogue movement
is now just a shell of its former self. Of course the DS only has a dpad and so no
matter where you play Super Mario 64 DS be it on Wii U virtual console or a 3DS you are
always limited to just 8 directions. I can move the circle pad all the way around
but it will only respond 8 times. The game is not programmed for 3D movement. Instead 64DS shared very similar controls
with Super Mario 3D Land. The difference? 3D Land was built around its control scheme. Every angle ensured that 8 directions made
sense. The camera was often in a neutral position
where holding right on the circle pad can’t result in you running in a wonky line. You always have very deliberate steady movement
and the control scheme makes a ton of sense for this fixed camera and linear levels. Super Mario 64 is a sandbox game though and
the camera is not fixed. This means if the camera isn’t perfectly
straight, neither will your movement be. 64 DS requires a lot more stopping and starting
than the original ever did. There are so many moments where you need to
just sort the camera out and turn yourself around cause you can’t do this in the DS
version. When you do, you get this and let me tell
you that caused a number of deaths in my playthrough. This control scheme is not good in tight spaces. Depending on your position tapping in the
opposite direction will usually instantly turn you around but if you’re at an angle
your character will go in a wide circle. Then there’s the problem with speed. Your default speed is a slow walk however
there’s a big problem here. 64 DS has the same speed boost that 3D World
had where when you walk forward for a while you get this burst of momentum and this applies
to both running and walking. And so when you sneak past the Piranha Plant
there’s a high chance that you’ll unknowingly wake it up while trying to be sneaky. What you have to do is hold forward only for
a little bit then let go and hold forward again – otherwise you’ll get the speedboost
and have a bite taken out of you. Realistically though you’re not going to
be walking that often, most of the time you’ll be sprinting at full speed and just like 3D
Land there’s a dedicated run button for this. For a game about large open spaces I’m a
little baffled to why running isn’t the default speed and walking having its own button. You’ll spend the majority of your time with
your finger on Y and in most cases it’s actually easily to move this way. The slide turn is way more responsive than
turning around while walking and we of course get way more momentum when running. Unlike 3D Land though, 64 DS has other actions. Punches, slides, tongues. These are all on the A button and so to use
them you need to let go of Y and reach over to A and then go back to Y. For diving which needs forward momentum to
execute this feels incredibly unnatural. In fact just holding so many button inputs
feels unnatural. You’ll have your finger constantly on L
to reset the camera, one finger on Y for running which will also lean on B for jumping and
you may also have a finger on R for long jumps. So you’ve got something like this at pretty
much all times. The DS isn’t to blame as a console – Super
Mario 64 DS is just too ambitious. The PSP was the home of 3D games, DS usually
stayed 2D for a reason. DS games are at their best when they dedicate
themselves to the system’s limitations. It can do 3D but it can’t really control
3D. 64 DS is clearly aware of this as analogue
is actually provided on the touch screen and some have adapted to this and to them I say:
well done, but this has the same problem as virtual buttons on a smartphone. You really need physical feedback with precision
games like Super Mario 64 but even if this version was on 3DS or Switch with full 3D
controls I still think it would be seen as a lesser version. Let’s get into why. Super Mario 64 DS opens with a really unique
twist where Mario jumps out of the pipe as usually framed and then the camera pans out
to reveal Luigi and Wario who have all been invited to the castle. I love this opening and that they gave context
to Yoshi being on the roof in the original game. This is a great scene. Turns out though Mario, Luigi and Wario have
been gone for a while and so we take control of Yoshi to go and see what’s going on. Now here’s what I like about controlling
Yoshi early. He’s the easiest character to start with
as he has a forgiving flutter jump and can deal with enemies easily. He also sets the tone that this isn’t just
a Mario adventure and in fact we’re going to need to earn the right to play as Mario. I think this could have worked really well
but with the amount of road blocks you kind of just want to play as Mario. For instance Koopa the Quick, the second star
of Bob-Omb Battlefield will only race Mario and the little lost penguin, the second star
of Cool, Cool Mountain can’t be carried in Yoshi’s mouth. For a game that touts having extra content,
we sure are given less options. Of course we can still find stars in these
two levels but the specific hints are locked away until we clear the two that Yoshi isn’t
able to participate in and we can’t rescue Mario until we get 8 stars which was the exact
number we needed to face Bowser in the N64 original. So yes there’s more content but there’s
also more padding. We’re made to collect more stars and the
majority of new ones mix in assets from other levels or are as simple as timed challenges. For instance Tiny Huge Island now has Klepto
flying around with a star in his talons, this is the exact same challenge found in Shifting
Sand Land. Kelpto also doesn’t adapt with the size
of the level like other enemies which is jarring and out of context. Another instances is the silver stars. There are five of them scattered around and
when you find them you get a star. Sound familiar? These are red coins but silver, the only difference
is you’re told their exact location at all times so there’s no challenge in ever finding
them. Funnily enough they actually improved upon
red coins by having a Pink bob-omb show you their locations but only when you’re talking
to the bob-omb, so it’s a helpful sway in the right direction rather than just doing
it for you. The game also loves rabbits which was a mechanic
used twice in the original Mario 64. Now there’s a rabbit right at the start
of the game, there’s one here and here and here and ok there’s a lot of rabbits. The point I’m trying to make is 64 DS may
have a lot of new stuff but not much of it feels new. Arguably the new content devalues the game. Mario 64 had its fill of the rabbits and then
it was done, move on. 64 DS doesn’t get the move on part and ends
up recycling so many ideas. Even in its new levels. You know what the level to get Mario looks
like to me? It looks like an unspired jumble of assets
and the level structure doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. It’s framed as something akin to the Bowser
levels with a boss battle star with red coins and a timer star thrown in but it has the
openness of a level like Lethal Lava Land. Luigi’s level isn’t that bad as it’s
hidden inside Big Boo’s Haunt and thus the reused assets aren’t quite as jarring. The level to get Wario is probably the most
inspired of the lot. It reuses he snow theme which was already
reused in the core game but it’s a fun linear ride that makes intelligent use of the wind
found in Tiny Huge Island without feeling out of place. The boss battles of these three are the real
interesting part. Two are really good. The level to get mario brings back GoomBoss
from Paper Mario 64 and has this intelligent fight where Yoshi needs to get behind him
and hurl enemies. The level to get Luigi may reuse what’s
essentially the same King Boo fight only now we have to use two perceptions which cleverly
enough is a visual metaphor for the Nintendo DS. Even the map looks like a DS. And the one to get Wario is one of the most
boring recycles. It’s basically the Bully fights mixed with
Bowser and there’s nothing more to it than that. There isn’t really an interesting new level
in this game with anything substantial. Sure I liked the Wario stage but when that’s
done, that’s done. It’s not a 7 star stage. This one’s filler, this one’s ultra and
this one is mega filler. It’s not all doom and gloom though. In fact 64DS in some areas improves upon the
N64 original. Tick Tock clock and Whomp’s Fortress now
have a new ground level that can prevent you from falling. The “Fall onto the Caged Island Star”
has also been heavily altered from this small, easy to miss platform to this wide open structure. Might be a tad too easy now but it’s certainly
not a frustration. Plunder the Sunken Ship now actually shows
the eel swim out in real time whereas in Mario 64 you had to swim away and come back for
him to disappear. Makes a lot more sense. Some levels have questionable changes like
here in Jolly Roger Bay. There’s now just one chest here which kind
of begs the question to why there’s a chest at all. The camera is also way more flexible, it would
go –camera noise- and refuse to move in Super Mario 64 but now it will usually be
far more responsive. That doesn’t mean it’s more freeflowing
though, you’ll often have to stop to reposition the camera whereas in the original all you
need is a simple tap of the C buttons. It has its pros and cons. And then of course there’s the visuals. Mario’s now long a round collection of polygons
and Bowser’s no longer whatever he was meant to be in the original. I think whether this is an improvement is
all up for interpretation. Sure the characters look better but does the
game still have a distinct visual personality? I asked people if they could recognise games
based on their skyboxes and far more recognised Mario 64 than Mario 64 DS. This isn’t my Koopa the quick, this is just
some Koopa! Mario 64 relishes in its bright bold colours
whereas 64 DS tries to get a little more detailed but again maybe this is something just too
ambitious for the Nintendo DS and being too ambitious with controls or visuals is a negative
thing. We need to work within and make the most of
the limitations we have. Of course there’s also the new playable
characters. Yoshi, Wario and Luigi. Unfortunately Yoshi is kind of done with after
the initial 8 stars. There’s a few levels made around him but
hardly any and unlike the other characters. Playing as him is a great look into how a
3D Yoshi’s Island game might play and it feels good, I kind of want a fully 3D Yoshi
game now. Yoshi can’t stomp boos which stops him from
even entering Big Boss Haunt so he really feels like the least prominent character. There’s also no Yoshi hat that allows anyone
to instantly transform into him. That mechanic is very weird by the way. I love that you can change characters in the
stage as it stops it from being a Donkey Kong 64 kind of collectaphon but Yoshi in the form
of Wario still makes Yoshi sounds and it just ain’t right. Speaking of Wario, he’s pretty much useless. He runs slow, he jumps low, he swims slow…
he has powerful punches but that’s incredible situational. You may find him useful against the bullies
in Lethal Lava Land but you’ll also probably not have him unlocked by then so that’s
redundant. All characters have a unique function and
Wario’s that he can punch these very specific black blocks. As you can imagine it feels a little forced
and not at all unique. Mario’s the fastest character, even faster
than he was in the original which makes those Koopa the Quick races (which Mario can only
do) a lot easier. He can also wall jump unlike the other characters
which works way better than the original N64 version. I can’t get myself to do it here but it’s
easy as 1 2 3 on the DS. Now Luigi. L is finally real but when Luigi’s not breaking
hearts, he’s breaking games. The propeller jump that you get from jumping
on Spindrifts is a natural part of Luigi’s moveset. When you backflip the world is your oyster. Stars that are specifically for Mario can
be reached faster than Mario can dream of. Rainbow Ride is now Rainbow Glide. It is broken as all hell, it feels cheap and
yet I can’t resist it. Luigi can also run on water but there’s
not a single use for this. Yoshi’s able to breath fire by eating a
flame or hitting a powerup block which is a little boring as other characters have unique
powerups that aren’t part of their natural movesets and these are actually repurposed
cap properties. In the original you had the Flying cap, metal
cap and invisible cap. The flying cap returns which only Mario can
use but the invisible and metal caps are just powerups for Wario and Luigi. The cap mechanic ends with the flying cap. What’s weird though is Mario actually has
another powerup being he inflates up like a balloon just like in Super Mario World. This usually doesn’t really add anything
but I did like it here in Big Boo’s Haunt. That star’s no longer hell to get hold of. I’m not a fan of the character specific
powerups. In 64 Mario could seamlessly do any of these
things and one star actually mixed together the metal and invisible cap which was really
clever but now it feels divided and tedious. The thing is no character handles quite like
Mario did in the original Mario 64. Some jumps can be a struggle for a few of
them and others clear them with ease. Check out how Mario can barely make this jump
in Mario 64 but has no trouble in 64 DS. The different characters are often unwarranted
which makes it all the more jarring when the game feels they are with character specific
stars. Perhaps going the Super Mario Bros 2 or 3D
World routes of them being just options for different playstyles would have worked better
but instead it comes across as a bit of a chore changing characters, especially when
the challenges are as tedious as needing Wario to punch a black box. Where I think Super Mario 64 DS truly thrives
is when it isn’t being Mario 64. The minigames in here are a ton of fun and
as a DS launch title relying on dual screens and touch was a smart move that hasn’t aged
a day. You can still spend a ton of time with these
and likelihood is if you played New Super Mario Bros you’ll recognise most of these
too. As a launch title this whole package was impressive. It showed off what the system can do graphically,
it showed off touch and dual screens. It’s just Mario 64 was not made for a dpad
and the game lost so much when it transitioned to DS. In some areas they improved upon the original
but I think the cons heavily outweigh the pros. There’s a reason the original is still so
revered today and that’s because it’s simply fun to move in Mario 64. It’s fun just to hop around the Castle Grounds
and I don’t feel that with 64 DS. When Nintendo remade Ocarina of Time they
didn’t really change a thing. The graphics were updated but they didn’t
add more cucco fetching minigames or a new dungeon or anything like that. Ocarina of Time doesn’t need more content
because it’s pretty much perfectly paced as it is. And I think that’s true of Mario 64 as well. So even if some new content is for the worse
or some is for the better, it’s all moot because the controls just aren’t good enough
to be Mario 64. Sure, it showed off what the Nintendo DS could
do but it also highlighted why the PSP was better for 3D games and this is likely why
there aren’t that many DS games visually comparable to its launch title, Mario 64. DS games played best on a 2D plane and playing
through Mario 64 DS today I can’t possible say this game hasn’t aged. It’s not even age, this game was always
flawed but perhaps the wow factor of a portable Mario 64 was enough to sustain it. Should you play it over the original? No! Should you play it after? It’s worth a shot but this is in my opinion
the worst Mario platformer. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe
to GameXplain for more from under the super scope and other things games too. Until next time, bye!


  • Theironsword

    Honestly, the reason the following still goes to Original is because it's nostalgic, glitchy(thus speedruns are fun), and older. I personally disagree completely with this review, however maybe my view isn't any better than the rest, seeing as this was what I spent my days playing when I got my first DS.

  • Kimi1522

    Ok, so this game was one of My childhood games, but when i picked it up again when i'm at shifting sand land 100 coins, i had no idea how i got so many stars with a D-pad! And when i realized it was on VC on Wii U, i bought it and it was honestly, just another good mario 3D game! I'm not saying its bland. I thought it was really good! The D-pad problem was fixed in My opinion, but the game was REALLY unforgiving, but i guess the original is that too if i'm not mistaken. I actually always play as Yoshi and grab an luigi cap to also fix the issue with the characters, and i feel that the rest of the issues here are just based on opinion and/or if you grew up with the original and expectied it to be the same but better. But is it better than Galaxy? Not at all. However i think i may like it more than sunshine. But maybye not, i am just so irritated on the fact that you cant jump off the blooper rider after i get the 8 red coins because i die before i get the shine (RIP). Also when i beat SM64DS, i thought i had all stars, but i didn't so the credits theme just mocked me.. So what i think it needs is so that there is an list of castle secret stars. I know they are secret but NOTHING is stopping it from just having the Star in its uncollected form and the name is invisible in the list when not collected so i can see which ones i have got so i can look up which ones i Missed if i cant come up with it (otherwise i would not know what i Missed). And thats basically My opinion on mario 64 DS and a bit of sunshine.

  • Joan Aguayo Planell

    Hell no. Want a GOOD reason why the 64 is way, way worse than the remake? GAME CRASHING GLITCHES. There are dime a dozen if you know how to do it. Just by collecting the castle coins over and over again and then talking to Yoshi can softlock the game.

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    Huh I mostly much more enjoy that version because of much more content and childhood memories so fuck you with your Ruining a Classic!

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    Next is super Mario sunshine 3DS

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    I liked the ds version more

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    I’ve always wondered, did the cap-swapping mechanic inspire Cappy and the Cap-ture mechanic in Odyssey?

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    I played the hell out of this game when I was younger. I loved it. The extra content was really cool. I still sometimes play it.

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    I really don't mind the pacing or controls. More Mario 64 was always a positive for me, but I agree that those minigames kept me coming back much more than the core game.

  • Coroxus

    I loved this game, and I enjoyed that you could play mario 64 on the go. It was a great, fun game and a nice time waster. It hurts me to hear you ripping this game apart, because ‘b-b-but muh analogue stick’. I don’t really care that much, but this game was mostly a port.
    Crucify me, but I think this game was pretty good.

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    I play this on a 3-DS and it never gave me trouble.

  • ArmaBiologica35

    To be fair the 3D controls in the original version of Super Mario 64 weren't all that good either even when compared to the DS version of the game.

    Hell, even when compared to other 3D platformers from that era like Spyro the Dragon, Ape Escape or Banjo Kazooie.

  • MarioFan587

    I feel like these points were cherry picked. "Ruining A Classic" is too over-exaggerated. You hardly talked about the upsides at all, even if they overshadowed the flaws of the game. Sure, the + Control Pad controls weren't the best, and I've had my share of deaths to it as well. But stuff like the Piranha Plants was just too nitpicky. Did anyone actually slowly walk past them like the game told you to? Sure you did talk about the positives for a VERY limited time, and STILL complained about them. If you can get past the barely adequate controls, there's a lot to love about 64 DS. Saying the extra levels are just "filler content" is a bit much. One of them pays homage to Mario Sunshine, complete with a compressed version of the music, but I still like it. (Although obviously you wouldn't like that level either, with the attack on Sunshine at the end) The graphics were pretty good for the DS, and the top room on the right of the lobby was much improved. You mostly complained about the controls for the video, and that was the problem with it. No, the controls aren't the best thing ever, but they're much better than other games that exist. The game has a lot going for it, but all you're saying is that the controls outweigh everything else about the game and you should throw the game in the trash because of it. There are hardly any points where you need pinpoint precision in the game anyway. But when those points do occasionally show up, just press and hold L until the camera is directly behind you. Then you can just hold up and walk straight. When that's not an option, face a wall and then hold L. The camera will be directly on your side as if it was a 2D platformer, it's not hard at all. Terrible review.

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    I think that the D-Pad only gets annoying against Bowser,but that's why you have a touch screen.

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    D pad really wasn’t that bad tbh and I played the original. To be completely honest I prefer the D pad. I thought control was smoother.

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    You say those levels are just a bunch of assets or something, yet the original was filled with those: Rainbow Ride, Wet Dry World, all the Bowser levels, Lethal Lava Land, the secret stage from Tall Tall Mountain (the Goomboss stage doesn't even feel like one of those).

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    Playing Mario 64 ds on the 3ds and there’s no problem

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    3 things:
    1. When you mentioned Yoshi not being able to do things that Mario could, you forgot that there are Mario caps in stages before you unlock Mario or have the stars necessary.
    2. Loz: The ocarina of time 3ds is a port. SM64 DS is a remake.
    3. You also forgot that SM64 DS was portable aside from the description. So SM64 on the go was/is a huge pro.

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    I HATED the controls. I knew there was something I hated about it.. in retrospect definitely the controls.

  • UrbanPie

    I disagree with this video. Don't get me wrong, its your opinion and if you prefer the 64 version over the DS version than I respect that. I disagree with that but still, it needs to respect an opinion.

    The D pad controls are kinda nullified now thanks to the 3DS. Plus… doesn't the whole "Game wasn't designed for the circle pad" kinda defeats your point of it being a "Launch title for the DS"? When I played 64DS for the first time I didn't need to outright stop and slow down like you mentioned in this video. Plus you can press L and it kinda fixes the camera problem. And to a later point in the video, you can use that while you move.

    I also don't really agree with the whole "Speed momentum" thing, you don't have to go behind that piranha plant and if you go in front of it you won't take damage from it. Hell, Yoshi's flutter jump can help you with stuff like that. You also make pressing A and then going back to Y seem like a huge chore while it isn't that much of a problem. Plus while I don't want to sound like a douche, I feel like you're purposely playing bad to prove your point? Especially with how you seemingly slow down just to get hit.

    Also what about you know – the caps. You can use them for the Koopa the Quick and Penguin mission. The voice not changing does feel odd at first but I got use to it.

    Also I feel like you're nitpicking the newer mission, Super Mario 64 by itself had some repeat missions, according to your logic, all the 100 coin and red coin stars are bad because they're repeats. I do agree with the silver stars being easier red coins but if you're complaining with how easy it is then…. You are aware that this is Mario? This isn't Dark Souls. Plus later stars are much more difficult, the silver stars can be seen as a break from the difficulty.

    I also feel that you're forgetting that 64 is a remake, not a sequel, they added new stuff but they kept the core gameplay because its a remake.

    The Mario level isn't that open… Again you're nitpicking the game too much.

    The owl star is meant to be easy because, you know, it's in the 2nd course in the whole game. You can't complain the very early game being too easy.

    The skybox point is again, a nitpick. What so changing the skybox automatically ruins a game?

    I'm assuming the Koopa the Quick looking different is a joke… Pretty sure he used the same model as other Koopas in Super Mario 64.

    I get a feeling that… you have rose tinted glasses on. I never played Mario 64 with the actual 64 controller but 64DS never felt THAT unbearable.

  • Summoner Arthur

    I gotta agree with every sentence in this video.

  • Marcos Barros

    I disagree with your opinion but I upvoted your video. The game was remarkable for me, it was insane to play such a game in a handheld and, at that time, the controls weren’t a problem. If I had played for the first time nowadays, I would probably be on your side on this one.

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    Am i the only one that belived in WALUIGI in sm64ds

  • TheSpicyIce

    I see it as a mess of random things; the entire mario 64 game with a lot of other random things that make it better and a better package in general

  • Kaneco

    This game is meant to be played with the very large and very comfortable D-Pad of the ORIGINAL 'DS', the only iteration of the DS that was out when Super Mario 64 DS came out… not lite, not DSi or any 3DS.

    Also… above all else, never use the Circle Pad if you're going to play it on a 3DS. It doesn't translate into an actual 360 degrees stick with full range of motion… it mimics and translates the 8 directional D-Pad.

    That's probably the reason why lots of people have an issue with the game's controller, aside from the need to adjust as you play until you're completely used to it.

  • Randy Valdivia

    A lot of people seem to think bad controls are not enough to take points away from a game, they couldn't be more wrong. That's the whole point of a videogame, the fact that you have control over your actions, mess that up and you will significantly lessen the experience.

    That's the reason I had a better time last year playing Breath of the Wild than Odyssey, since Miyamoto seems obsessed with shoving useless, gimmicky motion controls down our throats.

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    The controls weren't that bad. And if you play it on 3ds the controls are even better than the original; you can use the joystick and said joystick isn't stupidly placed

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  • YEdwardP

    I never played the original Super Mario 64. I got an original Nintendo DS with this as a packaged game and honestly, I loved it. I knew it was a port of the original game and I knew people loved the original, but that was it.

    I can totally believe that the original may have had better controls, but having nothing to compare it to, I felt SM64DS had great controls. I think aligning the camera while on the move became second nature as did holding the run button while shifting the thumb slightly to jump. Miyamoto and his team worked tirelessly to make sure it felt good to just move as Mario in SM64. If you want, you can say that it's a testament to the quality of their work that even once crippled by removing the analog stick, SM64 still feels really good.

    For my part, I think it was a really fun game that made it feel like getting my DS was totally worth it. And for what it's worth, in an age before Virtual Console was a thing, I was very thankful to have a chance to play what I heard was an excellent game.

  • Ace D.

    You are overreacting. Its a good game. The controls are not the best but the 64 stick was equally bad or worse. Now you can play the ds remake on a 3ds which has the better circle pad. All in all its great

  • Sean Devine

    I feel like a remake is definitely in order

    Adding back the original 360 movement as well as adjusting certain star placements would definitely go a long way.

    As well as maybe a new stage or two could definitely be amazing.

  • Connordore

    I honestly enjoy the controls when using a 3DS, despite the fact that it still only uses 8 directions. With the circle pad, it feels significantly more fluid, and I will definitely continue to play for years to come. I’ve yet to play the original (I do own the Wii U VC, but it has input delay, so it’s not really the authentic experience), so I’ll definitely need to try to get an N64 in the future.

  • alex contreras /negative ned

    I prefer the ds version over the n64 version.

  • Chicken Winna

    How would you like it if Mario 64 DS did a review on game explain?

  • hidazip

    I actually used to hate the original 64 character design.

    I also felt I had better control over mario on the DS version.
    The original had it's own problems and a lot of them where fixed in the DS.

  • BrickBuild-LegoStudio

    Please tell me I wasn't the only one who spent 40hrs of my life playing wanted.

  • The Appleflaps

    I had a wonderful time with this game

  • The Appleflaps

    You can just crawl to sneak past the Pirahna plant

  • Dolphinboi

    You play like a game journalist

  • Heisted

    Tbh it’s not bad. It adds extra content and is a good alternative? Bad controls? Just play it on the 3DS

  • Larry Koopa 64 DS hacker

    I played the N64 version pretty recently and hated it, 2nd least favorite 3D Mario only next to 3D Land, because the N64 version has this gosh awful skidding issue and absolutely abysmal camera control (say what you want, but I will never say that the DS version has up to par/worse camera control because that is simply not true) not to mention the physics feel quite odd in the N64 version, and I don't know why, but it makes me dislike the game even more, not to mention the N64 version feels so dang stiff, and what's worse is that I enjoyed 3D World more than the N64 piece of garbage version of Super Mario 64, and that's saying something because I dislike course-clear 3D Mario games

    my top favorite 3D Marios are Odyssey, Super Mario 64 DS, and Sunshine

    my least favorite 3D Marios are 3D World, Super Mario 64, and 3D Land

    and I haven't touched the Galaxy games

  • TopFurret

    Oh… Oh my the like to dislike ratio


    This is just a lot of nitpicking. No real reasons why DS is inferior

  • Mrcoolblingbling Johnson05

    Fak you

  • IdiotGamer

    Oh wow, I'm reading some of the top comments and I didn't expect this many people to like SM64DS so much, I get into debates with my brother about which version is better and I was so sure that I would have a hard time finding anyone who didn't think the original was superior. My biggest problem with it by far is the controls, I kinda wish they re-released it on the 3DS with good analogue controls, that alone would make everything so much better for me, but as much as I try to find negative things to say about it, I can't deny that I really enjoyed playing it on my DS when I was younger, discovering all the new content.

  • Pompompela

    You get used to the controls, I did get the 150 stars within 10 hours on a blind playthrough…

    It's not as good as the original, but it's still a masterpiece in my opinion.

  • The Rogue Maverick

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I personally think the DS controls just feel better overall than the N64 original.

  • jack lisenby

    I don’t agree with this, super Mario 64 ds is one of my favorite games and I’ve never had any problems (except it being hard) with it.

  • BeggiChozo

    I can't agree hey and normally you are on the money. This was a great game and was such a big deal when it released! A Nintendo 64 but handheld, just win. And the rabbits added so much more, most peeps I knew when it came out loved finding who had what for mini games, characters ect. Dissliked And from the likes/diss I am not the only one.

  • Animator Bro Man

    I tried the controls on a recent playthrough and they are good on both a circle pad and a Dpad.
    Edit: The vastly superior camera makes the controls superior to it's original counter part.

    Funfact: The polygon structures and platforms in the original actually work in the remake's advantage when in comes to controls.

  • ThatOneLoserAnimator /Youtuber

    This game is overhated and if you wanna know why watch the remake and rebreak episode of this

  • C.J. O'Dell

    A lot of people in the comments just can't seem to respect other people's opinion. I've seen hardcore original Mario 64 fans insulting people who like the DS remake (like me for instance).

  • NIck Air

    You are just shit.

  • sondre vatland

    So the fact that the ds version uses a d-PAD ruins the game???

    Like that makes sense

  • Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailers

    oh no i dont like the dpad wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailers

    this is so nitpicky

  • Jon Dunn

    The control problem is definitely overstated. The d-pad was definitely not as precise as the analog stick, but it was far from unplayable. Considering they added 3 more playable characters, added tons of new content and much improved graphics I'd say its a must have. Especially playing now with the 3DS, I have pretty much no problems.

    And the graphics are objectively much better on the DS version. Distinctness and identity is just your nostalgia and people being able identify the sky is just because they have probably played the original mario 64 not the new one.

  • J.J. The Great

    Thank you for the review! I was just thinking of picking this up, but I had gone online and saw how the controls weren't good. So I went on to YouTube, and on this review, I learn that there are a lot of other issues besides the controls – with regard to the story and gameplay. Therefore, this for me, will be an unfortunate pass. I want to respect the original. Perhaps some day, I will replay the original N64 game.

  • Emanuel Theodorus

    Ok, can you please change that title? You can't expect people not to be pissed with the title with a sentence : "Ruining a Classic". That's way too hyperbolic. There is flaws in the 64 DS, but it's not even close enough to ruin such a classic game. Also, looking at the like to dislike ratio, I'm not surprised.

  • Aragon

    Mario 64 for DS was the first game i ever bought.

  • Joeyster5000

    I'm really late to this video, but this is really stupid. Complaining about the d-pad like the N64's analogue stick is any better. Anyone that says the original game is better is nostalgia blind up the ass. Also, the butthurt whining about the video being disliked and every comment that kisses your ass and agrees with you getting hearted, lol.

  • the patriot

    This game needs a real remake on switch/3ds

  • cark

    The beta of sm64 DS was better than the game, it added so much more, sm64 with four player would be awesome. And they redesigned the outside of peach's castle, but Nintendo was like "hey let's remove all this new stuff and just remodel and retexture"

  • Drew Yancey

    Strongly disagree

  • ALL_Star_Isy YT CODE : Gold-Sail


  • Frank Lin

    I never really minded the D-pad scheme. The only cumbersome move would be the dive but they give you some leeway between switching the buttons. The touch controls had so much potential but the bullseye control icon dragging along with your stylus/thumb pad ruined it. Naturally your finger will slide towards a corner and you will eventually have to re-center your stylus position. The thumb pad form the original DS was helpful, bur still slides towards the corners easily. I wish they had kept that and encouraged its usage for more games though. It should have been like Animal Crossing Wild World, where the touch controls were constantly centered on the screen.

  • notinservice


  • Just Venom

    I just recently got this game and I hate it the controls suck and I always die due to lackluster controls and slippery movement just play the original.

  • imSUPERcereal0

    Yes the right handed stylus controls. I’ve never had any issues playing the DS version of 64. In fact I loved it. I could pull off the same moves with the stylus that I could with the analog stick. Everyone I hear talk about this game complains about the controls. Anyone else agree with me?

  • A Random Person On the Internet

    As someone who got SM64DS and a 2DS in 2013, and having never played the original, I have no problems with the controls. They feel right to me.

  • Oleg Cherkasky

    I initially played a pirated rom of Mario 64 when I was 15, I used the arrow keys to move around and I played the whole thing all the way through to the end. The DS' control scheme isn't much of a hurdle, it improves the controls.

  • Hubert

    Wow. The ds version ruined everything. Nobody should be able to enjoy it whatsoever, and the original will never be the same. Fuck off

  • Jacob Black

    I love mario 64 ds all 4 characters and I love paying it when I had a 3ds.

  • Jacob Black

    I love the ds version I wish it was remased for the 3ds with all 5 characters.

  • Jish

    I never knew people hated this version. Don’t get me wrong. The old one is far superior, but I didn’t know that people thought this was bad

  • Cameron Dowd

    Mario 64 ds is my first and favorite Mario game

  • Tickmayham42

    This is where I'm conflicted. Because you're right, the ONLY reason why I want the game is for the idea of a portable Mario 64, but with all the things they added and changed that are mostly for the worse, I'm extremely hesitant to buy it. I'd love for a real port of Mario 64 to be put into the 3DS, but I don't it'll ever happen and that sucks. A portable, real Mario 64 would be amazing

  • Cheese Man

    B-but L is real!

  • The Ultimate Maker

    Even now, I still prefer Mario 64 DS over the original. Better visuals, more content, and even 3 other characters. While flawed with it's controls, it's better than using an awful stick on the original. Yes, I know virtual console on the Wii U exists and the problem there is the sensitivity of the joystick is far too high, and virtual console can't save bad visuals. Mario 64 DS has far more pros then cons and is easily preferable for me.

  • perretti2006

    I actually don’t like it mostly because of the added stuff. It feels completely unnecessary.

  • Luke Taylor

    Super Mario 64 da is fine. The controls are fine. The graphics are fine. And the sound is ok!


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