RUN FOR YOUR LIFE | Dead By Daylight

really good vid(SUBSCRIBE TO CAPTION AUTHORS) [Wade]: Mark, Bob, Jack you guys do intros anymore? [Mark ]: *laughs* No… [Bob]: I only do intros on solo videos, I don’t for this shit. [Jack]: I’ve n- I’ve never done an intro ever! [Bob]: I usually start it on a dick joke when I edit these together. [Jack]: *laughs* When- when we- when we recorded, Mark or Bob started on fucking booty clap, syncing [Bob]: Oh yeah! [Mark]: *goofy laugh* [Jack]: They’d sync the game with booty clap… [Bob]: I was explaining to Jack how I find it’s most effective to synchronize by farting with your pants- with your ass cheeks exposed to your camera camera because it’s like a series of
very quick- [Jack]: Intermittent bursts *cute laugh* [Bob]: …the ass cheeks clap together and so you can sync it frame by frame and you really get like, like very tight synchronization
with the- with the fart sync. [Mark]: H- how powerful are your farts, that it’s
causing your entire ass cheeks to vibrate in that fashion? [Bob]: If I- if I am, like, sitting on a… on a, like, a vinyl sofa… [Jack]: *laughs* [Bob]: …and it’s like my ass is sealed [Mark]: *goofy chuckle* [Bob]: I can- I can stand myself up with a fart [Jack]: *chuckling* LOVE where this conversation has gone [Wade]: I don’t know whether to leave this in or make this the whole video… [Jack]: *screaming* LEAVE IT IN! [Wade]: …or cut it all out [Mark & Bob]: *laughing in background* [Bob]: This- this is my intro! This is, this is exactly
what I was looking for, for the intro [Jack]: Okay, what do we do, how do we do, and how do we find each other? [Wade]: You’re trying to run around and find gene- generators and turn them on and there’s little like, uh, mini games that pop up
where you gotta, like, click to get it in a certain spot- You’ll see it pop up when you’re turning on the generator [Jack]: Do we have any way of knowing- do we have any way of knowing where you are or where each other are? [Mark]: Yeah… [Wade]: Uh, usually, you can see me because you guys are in third person- I’m in first person- so you
can usually see me coming before I can see you [Mark]: Well, I don’t think that’s going to be true… [Bob]: *in background* Oh my God [Wade]: Your heartbeat will also usually go crazy whenever I’m near you [Bob]: Also, when you start- when you start doing stuff there’s, there’s like quicktime skill checks… [Bob]: Hey buddy how’s it going? [Jack]: You guys found each other? Don’t leave me alone! [Bob]: But you have to- you have to hit space at the right time or you’re- you’re gonna fuck it up [Jack]: Literally just did that *laughs* These take FOREVER to repair! [Mark]: Wait… [Bob]: Mark, don’t fuck it up! Oh, God. [Jack]: AH, FUCK! [Bob]: It’s time to go, Mark it’s time to go. [Mark]: *laughs* [Wade]: Don’t screw up. [Mark]: *still chuckling* Woah… [Bob]: Yeah so, so yeah. [Wade]: It’s too bad everyone screwed up at the exact same time so I saw everything going crazy. [Bob]: *in background* You could see the explosion, like, REALLY clearly. [Jack]: Uh oh, uh oh, uh- uh oh, UH OH, OH, OH JESUS! NO, GO AWAY! FUCKIN’ ‘ELL! GO AWAY WADE! [Wade]: *whirring sound* [Jack]: LEAVE ME A- JESUS CHRIST, THAT’S FUCKIN’ TERRIFYING! [Jack]: GET UP! [Mark]: Is that a body? *chuckles* [Jack]: GUYS, HELP ME! [Bob]: We can see- that’s- that’s Jack’s dead body on the ground. [Jack]: *high-pitched* AAH! [Mark]: Ohohoho God! [Bob]: Jack, you can do it. [Jack]: I- This sucks! [Wade]: Jackyboy… [Jack]: He looks weird! [Jack]: Stop it! Le- Put me down! [Wade]: *deep voice* JACKYBOY! [Jack]: Put me down, ya big smelly!
[Bob]: We’ll be able to see them when he gets on the- [Wade]: UHUHUHUHUHUHUHUH [Jack]: Dudes, NO! I can’t be the first to die! [Wade]: Come to my… sex dungeon, Jackyboy! [Jack]: You hhhairy sons of bitches! [Bob]: I’m gonna save you, Jack. I’m gonna save you. [Mark]: Ah, goddamnit! [Bob]: Mark! [Mark]: It changes, okay? [Bob]: Just keep goin’, keep goin’. [Wade]: Awww…! [Jack]: YES, YES, YES! [Mark]: Jesus Christ! [Jack]: YES! [Bob]: Mark, you’re fucking with me right now. [Mark]: It just- it changes! [Bob]: You’re fucking me in the ass right now. [Jack]: Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh… [Mark]: *while Jack uh oh’s* I can’t help it. AH, FUCKIN’ COME ON! [Bob]: If you fail, I’m outta here! [Jack]: …I’m scared! I’m scared! [Wade]: *deep voice* JACKYBOY… [Jack]: GO AWAY, WADE! [Mark]: No, Bob, It’s cool! [Jack]: GUYS, HELP ME! [Mark]: *drunkenly* He’s going for Jack, it’s FINE. [Wade]: *giggles* [Bob]: Wait, Jack, are you not dead yet? I thought you already… [Jack]: No, I’m here, I’m here, I’m here, I’m behind you! AHH! GO AWAY! I DON’T LIKE THIS! [Bob]: Hey Jack, how’s it goin’? OH SHIT! [Wade]: *Southern accent* HEY BOYS! [Jack]: WAAAAH! RUN! [Mark]: *chuckling in the background* [Mark]: *quietly* Oh jeez… [Jack]: oh, oh, oh, oh [Wade]: HERE’S WADEY! [Bob]: Oh, Wade, HEY NO NO NO! No, it’s not like that. Wade, it’s not like that. [Jack]: Whew, I got away. [Bob]: Holy shit, that’s fuckin’ terrifying! [Wade]: *laughs maniacally* [Bob]: Oh, my God. [Wade]: *evilly* I’m gonna getcha! [Bob]: Hey buddy! [Mark]: Wade, it’s fine. [Jack]: UUUHUHUHUH! [Bob]: You can’t come get me! [Jack]: *lowly* No… [Bob]: I’M NOT GONNA GO DOWN LIKE A CHUMP! AH! [Jack]: *laughs* [Mark]: Uh oh. UH OH UH OH UH OH, woo! *odd, inexplicable laugh* [Bob]: I, I need help. [Jack]: okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay… [Jack]: You guys okay? You guys alive? [Mark]: *chuckles while speaking* NO! [Wade]: I like how you’re all running around the same generator. [Jack]: I’m not. [Mark]: *quietly* Shit, it’s almost done, that generator. [Wade]: HEY BUDDY! [Mark]; AHAHA! WHAT THE FUCK! [Jack]: *seriously* C’mon x7 AH FUCK! [Mark]: *laughing* [Bob]: Did I really escape from Wade? [Mark]: *laughing while speaking* He was coming after me, you asshole! [Bob]: That’s fine, that’s fine. [Jack]: Then run faster, due! [Mark]: *quietly crying* [Wade]: *deep voice* MARKYBOY! [Mark]: *still crying* [Jack]: *rapidly* C’mon x10 [Wade]: *deep voice* WHERE YA GOIN’? [Jack]: How many of these generators do we need to do? [Bob]: Four of them. [Jack]: FOUR?!?! *chainsaw sounds in background* Oh, God. Oh, Mark, why? Why? Why did you do this? [Jack]: Why, why did you do this?! You suck! You fuckin’ suck! *Mark & Bob giggle in the background* [Jack]: AH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! [Mark]: Thank you, Jack. [Mark]: Honestly thank you so much for taking- [Jack]: Ah, suck the far end of my anus! Mark: K. How far does this anus travel?
[Jack]: My anus extends to the far reaches, man *chuckles* yes Bob I probably wouldn’t have seen you there if you hadn’t screamed Mark: Aw, you wouldn’t have noticed me would you have? thank you don’t like that I’m a
vegetarian Jack: Okay One Generators Done, One generators done Mark: Okay good for you guys Jack: Are you dead? watch it oh he says chasing you Mark: Yes, Of course he is! Bob: Oh come on Game! Jack: Two Generators done Jack: I fucking got this homies. Mark: *being upset* Running around in a goddamn circle. And everything will be okay. Bob: Well I’m baiting Wade really hard right now….so Jack: A-Are you? Good! Then I’ll piss off. I’m sure he’ll be over here in a minute
Galloway haha I’m not like I wanted to be talking up
the generator repair ok I appreciate it it gives me a really good idea for you
all hey haha fuck yeah I didn’t see you there okay go we need to spread out but what
are you doing ship it to the pop-up alright alright
hang out huh we can do this we can do this ok ok ok
ok get ready you’re right it’s almost on please so
what God yes yes is it yeah 3 not oh that’s not good the I don’t like the music okay he’s
coming white right by the time you’re right . that generator ok ok I’m gone Wow i mean i i’m i mean i’m nowhere that
don’t help him ok god sakes find a pop I found it where
are your friends oh no we’re wait nowhere go by thank you the light it
wasn’t true I was just dismantling for you but them
you yaha put the book of it easy I all proud party I think way to loosen
this shit wait you’re not actually killing mark are you haha ok good okay I got this I got this I’m gonna I’m gonna be the fucking MVP
are you you know that dope out sucks generators are scarier than waited like
a readily admit this is pretty stressful yeah we get Jesus Christ but I mean
nothing I mean nothing happened at all and who are you but it’s not I just saw
something they wear another how to make oh ok ok i know where he is well I’m uh I’m in the basement the
quicker Bob we go look like feet away from the flip I
don’t think I’m gonna make it is right here that looks like i’m glad you got hang
did I pumpkin i would recommend not coming with safety what’s gonna happen I was gonna approach him you leave me
alone please take our power and how God private lab your face is so ugly oh I mean your
fraud I’m gonna help your case you’re pretty wow how i’ve been i’ve
been doing baby fucking doing Jack escaped a ass copy its global her
right to escape take so long to all credit big smelling you up now got no
observer no hay hay day to my Heidi’s I had it
didn’t we were close close I i think i’m a die I had to guess it was it two seconds
away from wiggling oh god just like it’s allowed out why
i’m already date oh jesus oh yeah we’re pretty head come behind wait wait wait i do haha i
do have kind of a question look at this is you how did you know I
was in the basement I heard you of wrapping up and it
sounded like oh you could hear me is it the building I just have to be
cutting through sorry for the late Raiders now for the magic sound like a
more high-end fucking luck yeah yeah my swimming and the reason i
was actually in there because i was chasing mark and I thought he had one of
the closet forever and always something opening or closing which want to be the
chest up it yeah that’s the chest probably but it was marketing into a
closet man like that question it if you if you get hooked are you
supposed to struggle because it just seemed to know how your instructor for
the chance you’ll get all but let’s try for the night so faster however there’s like a halfway
point of the struggling where becomes like you’ve got to do something that’s
what I have to have to resist the things stabbing you in the face but you do not
want to you don’t want to attempt to get off the hook because I’ve never ever
seen that actually work that was that was that was the spider
that was like oh yeah it’s not very often Jesus and rice plants trees james also
hands I like this I like it a lot ok I think I
know what I have to do who I didn’t want to be the moment now when you guys win
and I’m gonna look stupid yay that’s what I don’t really has to
look like it that’s how it works check no imma kill
you guys ok buddy and I can you guys was i know
who called so scared right now you don’t kill guys I’m I kill you Oh No Oh at least let me say goodbye to my
family my chica I don’t awesome you’re gonna get hit
with a squirrel spine thank you I think my strategy is just
going to be hiding in a closet the entire time ok so good strat second strategy of the
tree how long term here love to do with reality is that an option because you
always knew who it is this is a cool guy i like this guy this
map is spooky as hell yeah oh my god i’m i’m i’m already tense and
nothing is currently happening whoo hoo ha ha I don’t like you in my lap again if you
tried to meet you guys who am i following right now Oh happen is it going to take what’s good buddy well i got away the
mice are so slow who make it got a little boy or girl
Lego I’m a curb and i’m so fucking slow sucks my teammates helping me right now they
saw was about oh god it sounds like wait helping you like we used to be getting
in the way that way I think I lost you good Cyril don’t just say that to throw
me off because I’m looking behind me now i will haha that get you Oh mark I’m no idea where actually you
are now I don’t know either how am I crazy vibe you twice as fucking
hates generators on this app yes there are ok that’s the entire point
of why were alive haha Jack I would appreciate if you
found me if you would just give me a chance to to
explain why I’m doing what I’m doing before you judge me ya know I don’t you like it’s on if you come upon I don’t feel like it
looks very much guess what yeah what yeah what did you say T you’re welcome I got like Apple one generator up
because holy shit what was God get out where in check it
when I chasing this douchebag we could but wow ha ha ha ha where is all of this great ship and love
happening oh my god oh my god Martin haha my bones are bruised I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t
think I like this it’s fine mark mark mark i’m going to come help
you ok ya know there ain’t no help me know he you know we’re on our way you
did you eat a dick you guys you dick wait what are you doing to me right now
Oh something’s going on no no nothing’s going on hehe but fun being the monster he’s here wait
he’s here CAN YOU SUCK MY DICK MMM hey you can’t say I didn’t warn you ok yeah but I took before Jack away that
good that I think I used weight as bait perfectly i will try to distract him you
have to sacrifice myself and I didn’t even know what’s happening jack and
Michael wait if you just let me do this but no home that makes me want to know that you’re
in ok but don’t don’t know what if you’re not gonna help my lack of Jesus haha which God or whatever you do let my
sacrifice in vain now I don’t even care where are we
bringing people have to find a book hi I see him wiggling you have to let
him stand it was too violent start with the last thing oh yeah ma’am stop resisting is it all you can handle this wiki
really really haha got our computers to be hooked there he ain’t pretty wait should we
save mark or should not actually came out better guys so different haha talk
about this more in the practical decision remember all the times i called you guys
dicks I’m you know not to get away come here Bob I wanna I don’t wanna I don’t wanna do
you offer my trap that was a clip of crap what might cause
i’d smash way thank you hit the big move with it don’t thank me later don’t think that
helps thank you for saving me with it are you sure suddenly pitches people
haha haha right leg a little bit ago this is awesome i feel like i got off
and no one’s hurting someone and slow come here little girl no boy almost
touching on I almost get to want anything I always get what was happening rather
you know not good for me well as well hey don’t know it’s getting
there is no escape from Jack wait for hope well I just the door no I was open
another door to know where multiple doors you know the rare baboy how do you
like my wheeling is that no no way get your daughter’s much like ya don’t you
dick talking dick all right all right guys guys guys go
again it is are you damaged did you all get out i was clutch Bob I
watched you do it wait makes it out – I was trying to save
your blog how to get off the look I got it when I wasn’t right oh damn it was
ready to head home guys I don’t want to play with you running
more exact seat yeah yeah yeah yeah good to get the hook
so you wake up to level sucks oh my god look I’m really quick yeah
just two seconds done you feel that was you feel surprisingly powerless as the
monster sometimes well I think the monster you are your
only fast when you’re invisible and then you can’t do anything else I think if ya
really learning but forget it takes forever to uncloak you already see me
while I’m on cloaking so there’s no advantage and I customize my pants and
whatnot so yeah it’s nice customizable oh yeah I wanted a
customizable monster I want a custom cleaver I would be all about wasn’t like
applebottom jeans and boots but no fur no fur no fur is outdated ok Oh suffocation pit it’s not cool which is ready yeah kind of maybe I
don’t know give us a look at what he minute head
start haha this is really fucking tank I hate it I’m it’s fine you don’t have to worry
about me i’m not i’m just gonna walk around hey . happen Bob kill him kill weight first ok what a way to me which one of these
is you it’s blah yeah no no that’s not wait
wasn’t exactly is it hurts can suck suck such dicks Bob Nichols sick several of
them soak a fresh out of my dick that was my daily is carve up for trying
to send him after all I hate this so they can fuck it up the
generator you only do it like once it is quite
silly fuck it up yeah oh oh ok I said how’s that generator working out
for you a friend hey Mark work you wanna have a conversation that wow
yeah Oh grow up so much what all right oh man don’t fuck it up this wall wait does the thing that you hear a
heartbeat I Bailey oh yeah I should have my game sounds
have been fires then I do I no no no no no you don’t worry about it don’t worry and it’s time to go wait time to go Oh
God good go ahead their trap you know that’s character has trapped
thank all bear traps the worst part is I was right there and
watched you set that was all so that was you and I like to use these generators
or something now i cant ungenerous them no got a
really bad at being a homemaker and I travelpod member students just change
your flight I’m not an engineer you’re gonna have to
walk me through this how are you gentlemen is doing why I
call her there’s a bear trap next to us be
careful I mean they’re pretty obvious so it’s not really my fault if you step
into one of my bear traps but you know we have want to say occupied I’m just saying like that was no i
wasn’t sure i feel it can I go investigate that sounds more time no well just leave it up I’m going no bird a fucking burger haha i can i can get trapped in my own
bare traps ha ha ha ha you’re a terrible monster yeah I am pretty bad you guys you guys
should just sort of chilling it’s fine don’t worry about it oh hey I was looking for some friends
and I like you know they had no lo fuck no I’m an idiot oh no I’m not an idiot you’re right there yeah it’s fine which one are you asked her I appreciate
that you walked right near the house that I got a pretty white me it’s cool I jack but it’s far from
fucking fine it’s fine I’ve got a separate value right there
it’s not me that was me what the buck not even on the hook now I don’t want
your own though it’s okay it’s okay we can get you know you won’t you asshole
yes we will we will close for you for some reason i really doubt that they’re
gonna come get you I don’t think you guys are gonna come
get me i’m like like we should all fit like a mile radius of my heart started
pounding so I’m not covered yeah you know it would be really rude of
you not to come help mark I’m just saying keep struggling he was struggling we got you and closer to my struggle and
God it seems to be a spider materializing over my body yeah but he wants to have a meeting of
the children down I don’t know you’re gonna forget this wait you seem to be slower than you used
to be yeah little up little broken leg we’re good good good will you just make this easy on yourself
no keep ya Mac don’t give up keep fighting hard to keep fighting keep
fighting with the harder I can oh thank you going to you don’t you wow
that what we are looking at your next in line for the book come on shake it gave me . so that was
reunited as I was being pulled up into the system fucking shark spot just opened up with
you very generously yeah you’re welcome thank you I can’t use that one that’s funny where’s your idea i’m sorry but but the
fact of the last one to have to redeem myself you got back I saw my was right what was
hide you you guys could hear the bell right no
it’s very now it’s like a church bell just like carrying around a church
filled with you feel like a big Bell is just song and then you’re going to take
a long time to die bang bang we’re big bomb being bombing
it official and that’s boundaries but i believe that little elephant in the
balls example it was a guy that loves to kill Bing
ball a long time cursive look you a thing won’t bring bong oh hey that person look to your right oh
yeah . play nice oh all right let’s all move together in
one group market that’s because the basement where there enough hooks for all of us coming to
move allow you to sacrifice us as a group ok hmm it was great I just don’t want to
it’s a place that we’ve always put in the same map haven’t we we have I love we have a very Three
Stooges syndrome going on right now the last one was different I don’t know
maybe it wasn’t ok but all are left which which are with straight guys going
for you don’t know how are you it’s sort of in a building in the
building yeah we’ll see it oh definitely not
battle ok all right ok i guess you didn’t exactly let me fuck it suck why don’t ya dig ok are you doing that it’s definitely not
that one such a visible right now brother man dude oh fuck man that’s no good god that’s why don’t we
shit I want I like I really know that talk
you can be a good pitch down the hall black I jack off jack you got away okay you’re fine huh why didn’t you
that’s not getting away does it look and sound like getting away
all right here you’re bringing your but you can hear the bell ok hey thank you can hear the bell hey I
heard it fell did you hear the bell here at the Bell
is working overtime he’ll work wait and it helped with the dagger
fucker very good let’s don’t know you’re not like it’s my
free to go where to go rich smart alec don’t stay wherever you
are with them put the best place 13 mark all right take a walk I’ve had enough
fun with Bob where you guys know where you want it I would stop no you’re not i was just
rip bob i’m definitely with bob bob was chasing me through windows I couldn’t
get him so I definitely did not just do a generator not so fast no that’s right there Bob
Ryan ya got it is really hard history i did
also did not just to regenerate haha really capitalized on me fucking with
mark yeah oh haha no matter where you go I
monsters are very excited never see it it’s so you can see me it scares me even more because I see it
coming and I’m just like I’m so fucked yeah you can kind of see a smoke trail
around you it’s like the Reaper when he’s in his
shift walking mode yeah you got it back home but you can never watch stuff yeah oh I was oh I didn’t realize oh my
god I was floating around uncloaked I thought I have to hold it down to
uncloak that is fantastic it was running around closed the whole
time forget it oh god that’s no you lied Oh what did I to mark we’re really close
to me mark I but I don’t know if we don’t know I don’t know we gotta know I don’t know what and yeah
I don’t mark actually playing it correctly and try to swing at you walk
low oh yeah what happened did you get a generator
don’t I got generated and may be nice one more little bit yeah thank you it’s close enough movement yeah hello but but were you there we go that was a hit no where are you not
aware this hour why would you do that but you know where
to go oh you’re crawling on the ground or
struggle a struggle haha i pick you right now I gotta tell you to pick up I
got it thinking about okay space i needed a fuck I’m no generator oh did someone fuck up over there no is
that a fuck was that of someone fucking up now huh that someone fucking up over Bob I’m
hoping that because you’re real quiet it’s because you’re doing amazing things something is happening nothing’s
happening wait stay still somewhere stop wait fucking stop I’m totally still on the look and . haha why are you hurting it go no I was
trying to wrap a bandage on you and somehow I broke your fucking arm haha we go don’t miss Godwin a bunch of
fucking Stooges fuck i will do it generated by an egg’s
it yeah I think I think you might have to
die for our sins but yeah okay wait and don’t like that that one seems like it’s
your fault track no one seems like it was your day when I
Africa place this is a good generator to go to I was like bad play all that was
that was just bad gameplay yes Wow was that over there definitely come over
here I mean does not come over here is what i
meant to say out loud good please don’t come over here bad
guys I need help you can come back and forth
I need help good – fine just with this very one
table but I try so just let me my time is short huh Oh where’d you go god damn it I’m
really sorry jack hi i am sure I’ll get him in a second come here yeah all right I’m coming back
for you haha why my friend oh i just gave you jack I just want to
go . oh it’s cool for my hook go well there it is my hope you can usually
always do you use it a game I don’t want to give you an old oh fuck
are you I you know you don’t know money’s talks
you know how hard it is to get books you know you know how rare it is to find the
hook I mean with this heat like seriously i
was doing so good I hate you guys oh let’s spectate go
bunch of fuckers gonna wait wait girl are you guys doing on my charge me for
not only me but with the hell was that that character is really hard to play
right really like it because you think you feel like you can get the drop on
them but you can’t exactly it takes like five full seconds one cloak which is
like ridiculous it’s way too much time as you can see
the woman in this culture his phone is just the kind of it goes
down things around and come back like a nice show Spencer outta here and i have to
the point object you want another go as a monster
so you can get some better monster for now I’m going I don’t need to win

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