Scanning the Super Mario Cereal amiibo in Mario Odyssey (Special Message!)

What’s up guys, face Andre here. Because if you didn’t see earlier, we got the Super Mario Cereal in today. And how the cameras work, I don’t know how to angle this thing? Um… And yeah, We already did a little taste test there thing on it, but one thing we haven’t checked yet, is how the amiibo functionality works. It’s actually built into the box, actually on the back of the box right here. So I figured that we try it out in Super Mario Odyssey and see what it does, hence the facecam. I get to show you scanning it in. So let’s go ahead and go into Super Mario Odyssey real quick. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hold right on the D-pad to bring up the amiibo scanner, then we’re gonna hold the box up here. I’m gonna hold the right Joy-Con up to the amiibo spot, so let’s see how this works There we go, okay, we got some coins by scanning it right there. But let’s see what happens if we go talk to Uncle amiibo himself. Alright here we go. Gonna do the same thing. “Let’s see that’s a… Oh it’s a delicious amiibo!” so it actually does have a new line that no other amiibo has Your got it I’ll send the delicious amiibo out to look for a power moon He’s gonna take five minutes or so to to look so come back in a bit You’ve run it in trouble out there. You can tap an amiibo while pressing right which we already showed off Can’t promise miracles, but you’ll get a little bonus guaranteed Alright, so there you have it guys that is what the amiibo does it works like any other generic amiibo in Super Mario Odyssey it will help You find a Power moon to give you coins in this case you just scanned it anywhere else The only new thing here is that it describes it as a delicious amiibo Which is a cute touch, but not really anything have to go out the way for but hey I’ll check it in a few other games see if it does anything, and if it does I’ll follow up with another video But I suspect it probably doesn’t do anything. Anyways guys with that Thanks for watching of course stay tuned to GameXplain for lots more on Super Mario Odyssey, and maybe cereal And there’s more and everything else Nintendo as well. Catch you later, bye.


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