Se muoio, il video finisce – Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii

Hello my FD-Members and welcome in a new FD-Video. Today’s FD-Video will be more special than usual. In fact, it’ll be a challenge… When I’ll die, in a level the video will end. Today, this challenge though has been on YouTube for some time now. And I have to say that, it made quite a big success from various YouTubers. So, I finally decided to do it too. Aaand yes, I’ll do it on Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. Now, let’s start, and see how far we can get. Yeah, I have 99 lives, but ok. In this video, let’s pretend I have only 1 life instead. I missed the P-Switch in a way… …that only God knows. Let’s go- I have to say, it’s going really well. Ok guys, I’ll start from saying that I doubt that everything will go well. In fact, sometimes, I do stupid things… …and I can die in the most stupid ways. So… expect me to die anytime. Oh God, ok- Let’s go. Imagine if I haven’t got… …the Propeller Suit. The video would be end by now. But ok, let’s not think about that. So guys, because this is a challenge there won’t be any cuts in this video. I’ll let you see every instant of this video. To be honest too of course. Because I could die once, and then you’ll say: “Eh… no, you cut, you could have died there.” Like… these types of stories. I was trying to make a sort of… …one side walljump that it’s doable. Though, it’s like… …very complicated. I saw this from Mayro. If you want, I’ll leave his channel in the description. It’s a YouTuber, that bring… …hackroms of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and other interesting things on this type of… games. Yeah… I’m a fanatic… …uhh… literally… …a fetishist with Star Coins so, sorry if I waste time trying to grab them. Maybe if I would’ve fallen down… I wouldn’t be dead, maybe… …because the camera folllows the screen down. Wait a moment- Here it is. Here’s our beautiful Checkpoint. I could’ve gone to the other way, but ok. A person can do this way anyways. Here the… uh… Oh god- Making the Ground-Pound Cancel here is more easier than normal Now where’s the Switc- Oh ok. I’m… uh… I’m good as blind. Misters. Oook misters. The space… So… This is obviously a mod, that the original New Super Mario Bros. Wii game doesn’t have. The fact that you can jump more higher. But ok. This background is very beautiful. They did it very well. The Newer Team has really put their effort in this game. Besides it is from 2013. And soon… I don’t know, I think at the end of 2000… Yeah… 2000, I meant 2020, sorry. I’m quite senile sometimes so… …sorry if sometimes I say strange things. At the end of 2020, they should relase Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii PLUS. Ok, let’s proceed. Ok, let’s see here. Double flower. For a moment… …I got an heart attack, I thought that block would’ve crushed me. You can also… do this. Oh god- For a moment, I thought that you can’t make walljumps in space. I don’t know why I had this thing… stuck in my mind. R.I.P.


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