Should You Buy a Retroid Pocket? – PSP/DS/N64/GBA/MAME/Cloud Gaming

I just want to do a quick disclaimer at the
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and this is a great time to do so. If you grew up in the 90s and you were lucky
enough to have an allowance and an arcade near your house, then you probably remember
dumping your childhood life savings one quarter at a time. Reigniting those nostalgic memories was the
driving force behind the product in today’s video. Hello everyone, my name is Taki and this is
episode 4 of the should you buy it series. Today we are covering the cheapest device
yet, the Retroid Pocket. The Retroid Pocket comes with a quad core
A7 chip clocked at 1.5 GHz with a Mali 400 GPU clocked at 500 Mhz. The unit comes with 512 MB of ram, 4 gb of
internal storage with anywhere from 32-128gb of additional storage, a 4000 mAH battery
and a 3.5 inch 480p 4:3 screen. The unit supports BT 4.0 and 2.4 GHz wifi. All of this is running on top of a dual or
single boot Android 6 OS. Let’s first talk about the analog stick
because this is one of the bigger changes in this product. The original engineering builds that became
3rd party products actually have this stick mapped as a digital d-pad which is not a good
solution for games that use analog input values. This has now been fixed and I can show you
this by quickly using Mario 64 as an example. As you can see, Mario responds to the full
range of analog stick values in the same way that he would on real hardware. The next biggest change is the new dpad component. Even though I grew used to the older circle
component, this one is a big improvement, and while I do I like it, I will say that
I would have liked to have a small amount of texture on each of the directional inputs. That being said the d-pad itself is very comfortable
to use and I’ve racked up over 100 hours with this component over the last 3 months. If I show you the profile, you can see that
the center has a concave surface that gives you a place to rest your thumb. Most importantly, it’s super easy to register
accurate input on this device From here, let’s move on to the six input
buttons. This style is obviously reminiscent of Sega
and Arcade systems, but it can still work for other platforms. For systems that only use two buttons, you’re
going to be using the a and b buttons. For other systems that use four, you’ll
be using CDXA as X, Circle, Square, Triangle, or BAYX with the Y and B buttons functioning
as L and R buttons. I believe this was done because these four
input buttons on a six button input most closely resembles the diamond shape seen in those
console controllers. It’s as important to mention that these
controller profiles have been mapped to every emulator that comes with this device. I also want to mention that Y and B function
as L and R by default, but you also have the ability to use the volume keys as system-wide
L and R keys with a new piece of custom software that was made a few months back. It’s useful in some niche cases and I’m
going to use the DS to illustrate why I think it’s useful. The DS is one of the newer systems that is
very well supported on this open Android system if you pick up Drastic, but you’ll need
to map a few actions to really make the most out of this device. The biggest challenge is to find a good place
to set a screen swapping key and I have this set to volume up right now with volume down
pulling up the emulator menu. This next change came a little later, but
swapping out your volume key out like this doesn’t mean that you lose the ability to
change your audio levels. You can actually access the brightness by
holding start and pressing volume up or down Or you can change your audio by pressing start + Dpad left or right. I want to go back to the six input keys for
a second because these have changed since the last time I talked about this device. There was some rightful criticism of the prior
board due to how low and tacky these buttons sounded before. This final revision swapped out the original
switches for ones that make way less noise and it’s a noticeable improvement. I will say that I think these keys are also
comfortable to use over longer gaming sessions due to the small amount of travel they have,
but also because they have a much larger surface area than other input keys found in other
retro handhelds. Here’s a quick comparison of those changes
that I’ve been talking about with the release version of the Retroid Pocket first, and now
with the engineering unit. Flipping this over to the side and we can
see another visual change that recently took place about a week ago. This LED light was actually very strong on
the engineering units and the 3rd party models to the point where it would absolutely blind
anyone that you sleep next to if you were to use this at night in bed. But even if you sleep solo, the light on this
was obnoxiously bright for no reason. The light has now been scaled way back
to a level that should be more manageable in the situations that I just described. Now to the top and first to our micro usb
charging port. The original base charging frequency was increased,
but there’s no getting around the fact that this thing charges slower than many modern
devices. Based on all of my testing over the last 5
months, you should be able to get at least 5 hours of battery life with your brightness
around 50-70% playing n64, psp, or ps1. But the device can take up to 4 hours to completely
charge from dead. You also have access to your TF card slot
and this white unit that I’m using has 128gb sd package, but you can still get the standard
32gb card in the base package, or the 64 gb upgrade. I’m a little torn about the headphone jack. I do love the aesthetic of having this on
the top of the unit since it reminds me a lot of a Walkman, but you’ll obviously have
to have your headphone cable drape around the back of the device, or held in your left
hand to maintain a clear view of the screen. The single best part of this whole section
is the fact that this device has exceptional video out via HDMI, which has numerous implications
that I’ll go over later in this video. It’s sad that there are currently more retro
handhelds that have no video out or bad video out than devices with a good solution and
this is at near the top of the pile in that regard. If I was to pick one thing that I like more
than anything about this device its the fact that it has a 4:3 aspect ratio screen in a
field of devices with 16:9 or 3:2 screens. If you grew up with systems that were played
on old TV sets in 4:3 format, you’ll know how important it is to have a 4:3 screen to
be able to experience them again. The 480p screen is also a big upgrade from
the 240p options in this price range. Like many devices that I cover, it’s very
hard to capture the quality of an LCD screen recorded with a camera, but I will say that
this is on par or better than the devices in this price range. It’s a real 60hz IPS screen with zero screen
tearing, so you will have great viewing angles all around with vivid color and exceptional
brightness levels. As an example, I’ll just quickly dim my
studio lights to show you what this looks like from different angles. Protecting this great display is now a glass
cover replacing the old plastic one that had issues that I already pointed out in another
video. This change actually happened last week because
there were certain situations where it was still possible to have bubbles appear on the
December revision with a plastic screen, so the decision was made to replace the entire
component with a glass one. This means that it will never be possible
to have any of these issues again. The developer also made a custom tempered
glass cover for the new glass screen that feels super premium, especially when you compare
it to the old plastic one. And finally before moving on, here is a speaker
test recording from the speaker grill at half volume. Let’s move on to software and this is going
to be a much bigger section since these are essentially two different products that are
available between the $75 and $85 models. What they do share in common, however, is
the open Android systems that is identical, so I will start with this. Because we obviously do not have a touch screen
on the Pocket, we need a good way of interacting with the system beyond plugging in a USB mouse. To solve this problem, you can use the analog
stick as a mouse by entering mouse mode with a one second press of the home key. You exit mouse mode in the same way. In this mode you can increase or decrease
the mouse speed by using the left or right dpad buttons. You also have the ability to click now by
pressing the A button with B continuing to function as a back button system-wide. This input has improved drastically over the
last 3 months and this is the mode that I use for almost anything on the system because
it’s so easy to use. The biggest use-case for this in terms of
gaming is on the DS touch screen. I already showed you how I have the screen
swap mapped to my volume keys, so I’ll show you how this looks all together. I swap the screen and hold down the home button
for one second. Now I’m in mouse mode and I can select one
of these items with A. When I’m done, I just hold down home for one second and swap
the screens back over. This greatly increases the amount of DS games
that you can enjoy on this system up from the decent collection that can work around
not having touch input at all. Now let’s go over gaming on the open system
and before I do that, I have to make a quick disclaimer that there are no games at all
on the open system. There are also no paid apps on the open system,
even though I am featuring a few paid apps that I’ve put on the device myself. What you do get with this device that I’ve
never seen so far on other Android systems is a fully pre-configured product that you
can get off the ground with in moments if you have your own roms. All of the settings have already been mapped
for the best performance with a few exceptions and everything had controller profiles that
felt good. There’s a mix between standalone apps and
a configured build of RetroArch that had a bunch of cores installed. On screen is a list of all of the systems
that are supported out-of-the-box in the open system. I do just want to quickly illustrate my point about things being setup for you. I just flashed this device and put roms inside the SD directories and If I launch an app, you can see that all of my roms are already available to select. I’m going to go over this later in my getting
started video on the Retroid Pocket, but essentially, all I need to do was put roms inside the premade
folders that were made on the SD card and all of the programs were already set to pull
games from those directories. You can also see that the playstore is on
this firmware, but being that I am in China, I opt for using adb to sideload apps so I
don’t need to install a VPN on the device directly. I’ve already talked about the volume key
function and that can be configured inside the toolbox app. In here, you can clean processes to free up
ram, limit the amount of background processes, change your volume key function, disable apps,
which is very useful for Google Play after you’ve installed the apps that you want,
and a view tips option that basically goes over what I’ve already shown. And here’s just a quick look again at the
app list. Now that’s essentially it in terms of software
for the $75 device, but the dual system on AliExpress has the added benefit of dual booting
into the Retroid games system, but you’ll have to install it via a sideloaded apk on
your sd card or from ADB. When you do so, you’ll be able to click
on this little app that will reboot your system into the closed Retroid system. The first thing that I want to just get out
of the way is the fact that this entire UI has been completely rebranded. There are now a bunch of low-quality pandora
copies here in China and the name really stopped functioning as any meaningful brand, so the
original manufacturer behind the Pandora Games systems decided to do a rebrand to Retriod. On the game side of things, several systems
have been completely redone. There are over 2,000 games in this system
with the majority coming from MAME and FBA. I will just quickly show you some of the titles
in psp, PS1, NES, SNES, GBC, GBA, FBA, and MAME.. Now I want to cover some of the features in
this system. First let’s cover the handheld settings. In this menu, you can connect to wifi and
BT. Inside the bluetooth menu, you can connect
to pretty much any controller that you want now, but the biggest thing that you can do
is remap the keys that are automatically set for you to whatever you want. If you go inside the redefine keys settings
menu, you’ll see the mapping prompt that lets you set the system-wide input keys to
buttons on your BT controller. In my case, my 8bitdo controller was correctly
mapped with the exception of two keys that needed to be switched around. If you head over to the game settings menu,
you’ll be able to change the filtering mode which is on HD by default, but I prefer the
way games look without this. There are few other things here like editing
the difficulty and lives of some arcade games and favoriting games so they are on top of
the entire roms list, along with hiding games which you will want to do since there are
numerous versions of the some arcade games. You can also delete games if you want to prune
back the games list and free up some more space on your sd card for more roms, but the
thing that we care the most about, is the fact that you can now add your own roms to
this system. When you are in this menu, you’ll see a
list of games that you’ve put on your SD card. If you are lucky, the games will already be
mapped to the correct emulator based on their hash value. The fall back is to have you select what emulator
should run the game. Once you do this, the game will update with
the correct icon and it will now be found at the top of your games list. And finally, we still have the game market,
for better or worse. This lets you download games for all of the
systems that run on this device. However this isn’t without it’s own issues. For games that have correct English titles,
it’s very easy to find what you are looking for, but if the English name has been botched,
you are going to be scrolling through a lot of games to find something you are looking
for. Performance between the open and closed systems
is pretty much the same for the most part, but that wasn’t always the case. You used to be able to get huge improvements
in several systems by switching to a standard emulation solution under Android, but they’ve
incorporated some of those systems over to the retroid system, so you should see improvements
in SNES, GBA, and N64, even though you will get better performance from n64 if you customize
your settings under open Android. Finally we are on to my favorite section-
emulation performance. Because it’s common between both models,
I will do all of these tests under the open Android system. I want to kick things off with SNES because it’s my favorite thing to play on this. I originally used the right four buttons for
SNES, but that was total garbage and way too difficult to get used to, so I’m glad they
shifted this over. GBA also runs very well on this device, with
performance that is comparable to the RG350, but there’s the added benefit of being able
to do linked gameplay if you purchase the My Boy! Emulator for wifi or bt connection. I’ve already highlighted the performance
of N64 in an older video and nothing has really changed here for the most part since I was
using the same emulator that now ships with this device. In total, I’ve tested over 40 titles and
all of my favorite games run well, including both Zeldas, Bomberman, Paper Mario, Diddy
Kong Racing and so on. The typical outliers are difficult to run
on this device, so I wouldn’t pick this up if you were itching to play some Golden
Eye or Conkers on the go. I didn’t expect it, but DS actually runs
very well on the Retroid if you install Drastic and even though I own a modded DSi, this is
serviceable option for people that want to delve into the great library of DS games and
the collection of games that work well with limited or no touch required. There’s a lot of great RPGS on this system
that run without issue. I haven’t tried out many games that need
extensive touch input because at that point I’d just go grab my real DS, but it’s
cool that you have the option at this price point. PS1 performance under RetroArch outperforms
the RG350 and PlayGo, but it won’t be able to run Bloody Roar 2 at good frame rates unless
you install epsxe or fpse. PSP is another platform that performs well
on the Pocket. Over the last 5 months, I’ve probably tested
around 90 or so PSP roms and from those tests I’ve discovered the following. All of the 2d games that run at 60 fps run
without issues, Isometric 3d games that run at 30 fps run
without issues, the majority of 3d rgps that run at 30fps have no problem along with a
bunch of 3d action games. More demanding 30 fps games will require auto
frameskip to run well. It’s also worth noting that there are outliers
that are just too powerful for this system like the God of War games unless you cause
the internal frame skip to kick it to make the game playable. In all, I found only 8 games that I wouldn’t
classify as playable by any stretch of the imagination without really anything at all
in common with each other besides the two Lego games. Dreamcast is our last system and this is one
that just doesn’t run well on the Retroid Pocket. The GPU isn’t good enough to take advantage
of the best Dreamcast emulator that’s out there, so we are stuck with Reicast, which
has its own idiosyncrasies that I’ll delve into in my next video. I really only wanted to run Skies of Arcadia
which does run, but there probably isn’t a large collection of games that will run
well or at acceptable speeds, so you may want to look elsewhere if you have your heart set
on Dreamcast. At the end of the day, this is an Android
device and there are a few games that support physical controls that run well on this device. You’ll have to do some digging for this,
but I found that the Final Fantasy games run well for what it’s worth. The only thing left for gaming are the two
cloud gaming apps that came with the device and I’ve already put a bunch of footage
from both Steam Link and Moonlight in this video. I will say that if you have solid WiFi in
your house, you won’t have any issues playing games that run well with the controls that
the Retroid offers. Games that have fixed cameras, or side scroll
work best, but you can really do whatever you want. I’ve saved the best for last and that’s
the HDMI out. I tend to use my Retroid in handheld mode
exclusively, but the potential to use this as a low-cost home console with BT controllers
can’t be understated. There are a lot of games that come with the
dual model that support 2 to 4 players, so picking up one of these if you have a house
full of people that can use it makes a lot of sense. I want to wrap this up with some of my closing
thoughts about the device after all the time that I’ve spent with it. I was originally drawn to this over how cheap
it was, but also due to the fact that it had a great screen for the games that I want to
play. I think the control scheme is unique and it
can work for more than just the arcade games that it was originally designed to run and
it’s a great value compared to other devices in this price range. I do wish that this thing had a bigger battery
or that it charged faster because I’ve completely drained the battery countless times while
I’ve owned it and it’s a bummer playing tethered or waiting for the unit to completely
charge again. I have 5 of these in total and I plan on giving
away all but one in a future video, but what I will say is this to people that are unsure
of which to get: If you have your own collection of roms already and you don’t mind losing
the UI and video snaps in the closed system, save the 10 dollars and go with the Android
only build. It will be the easiest product that you’ve
ever had to use from day one and there really isn’t anything on the market that remotely
competes with how user friendly this thing is. If you don’t have your own games and you
also don’t know the first thing about getting them yourself, go with the dual option which
will provide you with more hand holding with the ultimate ability of dual booting Android
if you want to run systems that are not supported in the closed system. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review. This was a ton of work to essentially review
two different products in one video, but I tried to make it as concise as possible. If this helped one way or the other, please
don’t hesitate to leave a like below and subscribe to the channel to help support future
reviews. I’ll catch you here next time with another
review. Stay safe out there. Taki out.


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    If I was to offer a stl file for a 3d print for a case this that gives a bit of a grip to hold onto it while playing on it and not hindered any ports or buttons who would pay $10 for the file? Email me at [email protected] so we can discuss it…

  • Math Dantas Tav

    so there is no L and R button? Thats a no for me dog

  • JackyYudes

    what are the differences between the dual system and the single system

  • galy0

    Thank you very much for the movie. I am interested in the console and this film has helped me a lot.


    512mb can run tekken smooth?

  • MrAl67

    Thank you.

  • HanzoHimemiya

    only for arcade fighting games its great

  • archie labausa

    is it really running that tekken 7

  • Marc Carran

    Why couldn't you just label this video "Retroid Pocket review"? Why do people need to make review video titles into some kind of unnecessary rhetorical question?

  • TesHX9x9X

    Funny they replace all these things but no back buttons. : / I'd prob get this for the price If I was gonna get one but no back buttons makes me still think of the powkiddyx18 I know its software sux but it can play allot of things and ips 5.5 screen bluetooth and hdmi to tv . Thanks taki I do luv this device too bad just one game breaker. No back buttons.

  • John Hommel

    This or RG350?

  • ryan Unknownerror

    I’m sold Pokémon mystery and dragon fighter z here I come

  • RetroPaul

    Hi Taki, I purchased one of these single systems a week ago and it is still not shipped to myself, Andrew Liu keeps asking me to wait for a tracking number but I am starting to get a bit worried i will never receive it. every email he keeps asking me to wait longer and longer, maybe do a follow up video explaining to your fans not to order at the moment as there is a chance you may loose your money. I am now having to contact my bank to try and get a refund Retroid Pocket do not seem to want to help.

  • shawn thomson

    i still wish it had l and r on the back

  • J0k3r

    If it can play ps2 emulator that would be perfect

  • Mathew DA

    Such a gorgeous portable handheld system love it ❤️👌

  • Filipino Gamer

    taki i know this is an old vid but can you reply
    the first clip was it real and does it run smooth?
    pls reply im deciding to buy one

  • patty

    My phone can do all of these and more, I can even run GameCube and Wii games. Why the hell would I need this?

  • Tony Nabais

    512 sd card is compatible witch this new device ?

  • Istanbul Kop

    Can you install emulator front ends like Arc Browser on this? I really like that on my Nvidia Shield.

  • Pit. Baldriz

    Thanks for the review! Is there a way to update the software from my Pandora Box Mini into the single mode of this new version? I have the old one.

  • preamstrikbiz0

    Finally ! A handheld console with a six button spread to play street fighter alpha 3 and street fighter 3 third strike !

  • NicoSensei

    I'm really tempted to get one. Android means great RetroArch distro, plus a 4:3 screen ratio…

  • NicoSensei

    Have you tried flycast core in RetroArch for Dreamcast? On my XD+ I had much better performance with it than with standalone Reicast (not maintained in years). Can we install Redream on this unit?

    Also can you test AM2R, the extraordinary Metroid fangame?

  • Viktor Zehner

    Did someone tested two player gaming? (HDMI out and two bluetooth controller)

  • damarlboromans

    Thanks for the review but no right or left bumpers why the hell not ill pass!

  • Steven T

    Can I use MY SD card? Is the OS and roms stored on the same card? The 32gb is $85 and the 64gb is $108. Am I paying for the card, can't i just use my own card and save a few bucks?


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