Should You Play Metal Gear Online?

Metal Gear Online, is the standard multiplayer
extension of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain available on Playstation 3, Playstation
4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One but as of recently it has finally released on Windows as of January
2016. The previous Metal Gear Online titles stretch
back to the first appearance on Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence on the PS2,
followed by Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots on the PS3. Metal Gear Online, abbreviated to MGO is available
for the first time on non-Sony hardware. The basis of the game works around the progression
of your characters, who will fall into one of three classes. Scout, a beginners class, specializing in
long range and tagging enemy combatants. Enforcer, the intermediate class specializing
in taking punishment and dealing it out. Infiltrator, the advance class, specializing
in non-lethal takedown and stealth. Each character’s level is locked to that
character, but you’ll earn Gear Points for all of your characters to spend on cosmetics
to make your character you own. The currently active gametypes are: Bounty Hunter, a twist on the traditional
team deathmatch with the goal to reduce the opposing team’s spawn tickets to zero. To earn tickets for your team, you’ll have
to extract enemy attackers from the battlefield, the more kills they have the higher their
bounty Cloak and Dagger, this elimination gametype
involves the two teams tasked with either defending Data Disks or stealing them to upload
at their Evac Point. Defenders can only use lethal weapons and
attackers must use non-lethal. Communication Control operates around the
attackers holding capture points long enough to upload all of their data before the time
limit. Another feature of MGO is the Rush version
of each game type which reduces the size of the battlefield for faster actions and quicker
rounds. The gameplay is fantastic at building team
dynamics quite quickly and working together is a lot of fun once you get a feel for the
combat, if you enjoyed Phantom Pain’s style of action, MGO is going to feel like a natural
extension of that. When it comes to servers, You can create your
own matches, join a game type or choose automatch if you just want to get into combat. One of the special match options is the unique
characters, for each side, one player would be chosen randomly to become either Venom
Snake or Revolver Ocelot, both their signature weapons and special loadouts. As of recently, the first DLC pack and the
free content update has been announced for March of this year. This included Quiet as a unique character
with three new maps based the single player locations of Mother Base, Lamar Khaate Palace
and Cradle of Spirits Other revealed information shows a new mode,
dedicated hosting, tweaks to the ranking system alongside more cosmetics, taunts, weapons,
the inclusion of the wormhole fulton with more stuff to be announced MGO’s iconic Metal Gear gameplay working
perfectly in the live team format. But it all comes down to the final question. Should you play Metal Gear Online? Yes. Excluding my own personal feelings on Konami’s
business choices, Metal Gear Online brings a fantastic alternative multiplayer experience
in great form. I’ll be returning to cover the new content
in March but til then I’ve been Tom and I’ll catch you guys
next time! Adios.


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