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(humming) – Hi guys, it’s Amiyrah and I’m back with more tips for you to conquer Summer. You guys ready, I’m ready. Let’s go. If you guys aren’t subscribed
to Millennial Moms, be sure to subscribe right now, click that button down there. And if you enjoy videos like
this where we give you tips on how to conquer Summer with your kids, give us a thumbs up! I’m gonna give you three simple
Summer games for your kids! And for you, sort of. You can play them too, if you would like. I do, just saying. These games utilize things
that may be right in your home, or right at your local dollar
store or grocery store. Game number one is called Balloon Battle. Now it sounds very epic, but guess what? It’s super simple. All you’re going to do
is blow up a balloon for each of your kiddos, and you’re gonna tell
them to keep the balloon in the air as long as possible. They’ll have to bounce it, bounce it, bounce it, bounce it, and whoever keeps their
balloon in the air the longest is the winner! I guarantee you your kids
are gonna love this game. The only thing is, you may be
blowing up a lot of balloons. Just saying. Game number two is called
The Ring Toss Plunge. That’s a play on words,
because you use a plunger to play the game, anyway. You’re gonna see, you’ll see. So you’re gonna get a plunger, you’re gonna get shower curtain rings. You can get both of those
from the dollar store. And you’re gonna tell your kids you guys, go outside and
let’s toss some rings! The key to the game is to get as many rings on the plunger as possible. You can actually color code these, so that way each kid
has a different color. Who ever has the most rings on the plunger by the end of the game is the winner! Our last game is called Water Jump Rope! Can I just say something very quickly? This game is more for the
parents than it is for the kids. You are going to laugh watching your kids trying to keep this cup of water from spilling while jumping rope. Yup, that’s exactly what they have to do! They have to jump rope 10 times, and whoever has the most
water left in their cup is the winner. No one’s really gonna have
water left in their cup. I’m gonna tell you right
now, I’m ruining it for you, no one’s gonna have
water left in their cup. It’s gonna be all over their shirt, the kids are gonna giggle,
it’s gonna be so cute. It’s one of the most fun games you guys can play as a family. So everyone can play this one. But be prepared to get wet. Thank you guys for tuning in this week! If you missed yesterday’s video, be sure to click right there! And if you love this, be
sure to give us a thumbs up. Until next Saturday, I will see you guys! Bye friends!

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