Sir Kadee X Solo attempt 1

Here we see the lowly dumbass attempting to kill Sir Kadee again Little does he know that he is about to get curbstomped to no fucking end A futile attempt to use the Last Prism ..and then the Destroyer. He finally wisens up and decides to use the only actually good weapon in this scenario, the Ferrum Malum… ..only to go back to being retarded and use the last prism again. Here, he quickly sees something’s amiss (the fucking wall is gone) and panics to rebuild it. Back to being brutally murdered. This part here is actually rather good… Nice dodge, I have to admit. Beginner’s luck starts to run out near this point. With another wall gone, he scrambles to get in a few more slices… …only to get absolutely bumfuck obliterated. He screams. After drinking some more potions, and organizing his inventory, we’re back into the action. Sir Kadee seizes the opportunity and starts spiking the shit out of him. In a panic, the man dodges, and attempts to relocate to Kadee’s location. Sir K misses a big shot by chance. The man, having paid nearly no attention, finally notices the lack of walls, and starts rebuilding again. Back at it again with the fucking Last Prism…. Sir Kadee gets sick of the wind on his back, and attempts spiking again. It’s somewhat easily dodged. Here, we see true stupidity, as he attempts to repair the statue, while simultaneously letting it get broken more. The statue starts looking a little bit better here, admittedly. …fucking Last Prism… Sir Kadee’s sick of your shit. Just general fighting for a while… Amazingly, he tanks a direct spike. The statue is slowly dying, as the race against the machine continues. If I can see correctly, there are NO walls in that corner, leading to a big fucking problem that the idiot does not see yet. A nice dodge from a spike. …only to get bullshitted on. Sir Kadee leaves, off to do something else. Sir Kadee leaves, off to do something else, but not before completely decimating what was left of the man’s corpse. Quick organization ensues. And here, the man seals his fate by continuing to fucking heal the statue. He proceeds to let it get smacked in the face by a spike. I don’t even know what to say at this point. *sigh.* He finally decides to get back to the objective. Can’t take it twice in a row. It is right here that his fate is sealed. Sir Kadee proceeds to destroy the last wall. He then does this cool-ass shadow sword beam thing, which knocks the doofus over, sending him into the fetal positon. Sir Kadee decides he’s had enough, and just demolishes the man by sending swords and spikes down at the same time. The resulting attack is so powerful it literally BREAKS THE FERRUM MALUM, leaving him defenseless. He has no choice but to look on in horror and shame, knowing he failed miserably.


  • xKenis


  • Jackscarlett

    You tried though. Repairing is legit one of the most major parts in Kadee, both solo & teamwork based. You'll need to predict his attack patterns and cooldowns a bit better to know what he'll do next. Overall, good run though!


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