Sisa: Cocaine of the Poor (Part 1/2)

Greece in 2011, they were carving each other’s heads in,
during riots which would eventually lead to the
resignation of the prime minister, George Papandreou. Three prime ministers later,
and the situation in Greece isn’t much better. Extremist politics, civil
unrest, and of course poverty, continue to rip it apart. Now perhaps the most insidious
problems in Athens are homelessness and the spiraling
drug problem. Just driving through Athens,
it becomes clear that there are a lot of drugs
on the streets. People shoot heroin in
broad daylight, and dealers are easy to spot. But we’ve been hearing about a
new drug that’s taking over, a drug called sisa. -[SPEAKING GREEK] -[SPEAKING GREEK] ALEX MILLER: Sisa is the
worst drug ever? -[SPEAKING GREEK] ALEX MILLER: Reports on sisa are
rare, and little is known about the drug. But most rumors claim that it’s
a cheap derivative of crystal meth, cut with a
cookbook of god awful poisonous supplements. The name itself derives from
the Persian word for glass, shishe, that is often used to
describe glass pipes in Arabic and African countries. Supposedly, sisa sends its users
into mindless, violent states and can end up killing
them within months. We wanted to find out more, so
we went to Athens to meet the people who take sisa, and to
try and get a look at the stuff ourselves. [MUSIC PLAYING] ALEX MILLER: So this
is the library. They don’t have any lessons
here anymore. But what they have got
is a lot of used syringes, a lot of blood. It’s pretty ridiculous, right in
the center of Athens you’ve got such an open smack den. But if anything sums up quite
how much Athens has fallen prey to drug use, it’s the
symbol of formal education just now being a clusterfuck
of needles and addicts. In the past three years, there’s
been a notable rise of addicts in the city center. And now the drug they’re
all after is sisa. It’s new. And as such, rumor surrounds
both its effects and its ingredients. It’s more infamous than
it is understood. We’re on or way to meet the
head of Greece’s biggest anti-drugs organization. We’re hoping he can give
us some answers about what sisa is. One of the most interesting
things has been that nobody seems to know anything
about sisa. We’ve read articles saying that
actually it’s just the Greek name for methamphetamine. We’ve read articles saying
that no, no, no. You can only inject it. And it’s more like heroin. So we’re hoping that this guy’s
going to be able to clarify exactly what sisa is. KETHEA are a government funded
anti-drugs organization. In 2012, their director produced
a paper detailing the ways in which Greece’s economic
disaster had impacted on the drug habits
of the country. Within that paper, he mentioned
the rise of sisa. ALEX MILLER: Sisa, like crystal
meth, is supposed to be smoked, right? ALEX MILLER: This
is Konstantinos. He lives on the streets
of Athens. When we bumped into him,
he was shouting at a traffic light. We asked him if he’d ever tried
sisa and he said yes. KONSTANTINOS: [SPEAKING GREEK] ALEX MILLER: And has it made
Athens a more dangerous place? KONSTANTINOS: [SPEAKING GREEK] ALEX MILLER: At one euro a
hit, the price is right. And in that way, the story
behind sisa’s rise is an economic one, as is the
story of Greece today. Ever since Greece accepted a 110
billion euro bailout from Europe in 2010, the country
has been meeting crippling repayments through cuts, which
have drastically lowered quality of life in Greece. Youth unemployment
is close to 60%. National debt is at
160% of the GDP. And homelessness has risen by
approximately 25% since 2009. Things are getting
worse everywhere. But of course those
hardest hit are the ones on the street. The only reason people started
doing sisa in the first place was because they couldn’t
afford smack. They couldn’t afford meth. They couldn’t afford crack. The other thing about the
economic collapse is that it’s led to a complete destitution
within the health infrastructure once funded
by the government. That now means you have less
needle clinics, less health workers working on the streets
daily with drug addicts, less methadone clinics. It’s a perfect storm leading to
this horrible spread, this epidemic, of this
dangerous drug. One of the health institutions
which is suffering from the cuts is called Okana. They work directly with addicts
on the street and took us out to meet the people who
are suffering hardest. ALEXANDROS VLACHOS:
where he lives? Is this where you stay? Can you show us? -[SPEAKING GREEK] ALEX MILLER: This is where
you stay, right? -[SPEAKING GREEK] ALEX MILLER: There are new drugs
coming onto the street all the time– new, cheap
versions of drugs? -[SPEAKING GREEK] ALEX MILLER: So we’re being
driven through Athens by the guys from Okana. And they’re introducing us to
some of the people who live on the streets and some
of the users. And now we’re on our way to the
sisa hub, the center point where all the sisa
addicts hang out. Sitting on the street
we met George, a 39-year-old from Athens. George, what are
you doing now? ALEX MILLER: The sisa? ALEX MILLER: Does that
worry you, that it’s going in your body? ALEX MILLER: Do you get
scared of that? ALEX MILLER: Can
I see the pipe? ALEX MILLER: Oh, what? Light bulbs? ALEX MILLER: Yeah, it does. ALEX MILLER: How
much is a pipe? ALEX MILLER: I imagine
they break easy? ALEX MILLER: I promise
I won’t. Do you worry about it,
what it does to you? ALEX MILLER: How do
you feel now? ALEX MILLER: If you get a
really good hit, what does it feel like? ALEX MILLER: Everyone in Greece
is really, really worried about the use of sisa. But you don’t seem to think
that it’s that bad. ALEX MILLER: Things have got
so bad for the state sector that today the Okana
guys have staged a protest against the cuts. Right now, all the little
centers where the drug addicts go are completely shut down
while these guys fight for more pay, and rightly so. -[SPEAKING GREEK] ALEX MILLER: Do you think this
state cares at all about drug users or the homeless? -[SPEAKING GREEK] [CHANTING IN GREEK] -[SPEAKING GREEK] [CHANTING IN GREEK] ALEX MILLER: Konstantinos is
one of the people suffering from cuts to organizations
like Okana. Without their help, he spends
his day begging at crossroads for money for food


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