SKT Best plays Worlds 2019 Group C SKT Highlights 2019 | LOL Worlds 2019

HELLO …haven’t had an opportunity to reset
after that play and I think they should just disengage we may have just leashed
this for the sign of SKT will they stay too long will they try to overcome it I
on the barrel change the stun is there Khan hitting for members that is a
massive people plank reckless now chief he is they’re gonna try to turn this one
down will play defense will turn this up this one away plans to do so reckless
fearlessly firing he’s gonna take the blows go now cut will pick up the
infernal dredge light catches on to clean but it’s at Vulcans cost his life
is down support for support hextech ultimate from throwing up my faker as
he’s locked up de montagne some damage thrown down and carne and faker grinding
through clutch gaming Demonte his finished off is lit decides not to chase
further that’s a lot of damage on to Demonte cleared looking for yet another
gang flashing arcane shift is used again it’s clinical it’s clean its flawless
even when the level 6 comes through from scar on it’s like where does the action
happen it kind of has to be both side from a clutch perspective is again kill
really nicely dance porn loses his mind on the debt as Vulcan gets caught out
and sunk down by cleared 1/6 the responses just yet beerus down to 50%
teleports finally coming in fakers gonna be joining the fray so his card goes up to 3 North Americans are down SKT only
lose one and hooni is running for his life or kills already who he won’t be
able to escape they actually do is marginally higher clutch then you’re
making a bold call into power in here we go they’re gonna do it again oh man here
come SKT fakers can be able hook shot over the
looking for the hexakill tomato the mega Thomas damn Mooney has already killed
faker what course because cleared and sick you interfering Cody Sun goes
golden and this fight is scattered across multiple fronts ski telecom get
the Baron and they get the kill and you can see SKT not going to fall for that
trick they will continue to chase hooni as well they want to take down their
former top laner he’s going to try the TP here I think good will get him
definitely the case kaku’s for although faker again let’s find out get over here
and spawn said what do we get faker what did it cost everything fake is still not
yet dead as he will take out Kody son there’s the engage from Vulcan and he
goes down to Teddy inhibitors are being pressed middle and bought top tower will
be next Baron empowered siege is on to the Nexus
and clutch at gaming will be eliminated the first North American team to go
winless in groups but more importantly SK Telecom guarantee the first

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