much say fuck that bitch fuck that bitch this hey girl what’s up [Music] thanks man you come and look at the red but you don’t leave ah the young Buffalo [Music] number so easy wait who the fuck’s made of that wait the bitch got smite is this some Vietnamese strategy I don’t know about is there a reason you’re walking towards my bread really right that’s ass this is ass dude uh I hate ad carries they really need to change the jungles so that your laners aren’t fucking taking your shit all the time is everybody back bitch you want to stop me from killing that pink yeah I can’t move I can’t move stop being a pussy you can’t get out god freakin ad carry difference Jesus Christ that’s fine sila is on fire dude hmm meditate bugs daddy daddy tell me who’s a good little boy yeah me I am well they’re doing it I I can steal if I got vision all right well no vision but I still went for it boys yeah you guys didn’t know I was a Malphite one trick too huh oh it’s so good you ink you ready the moment I see three together I’m going not yet okay there we go GG cow steps an expert Malphite I’m gonna kill ya asshole did he’s so fast what the fuck whoa whoa no can can I come and help you yeah yeah they’re coming from the bot lane law do you got club oh my god ow sorry well thanks daddy house them that’s some good shit this gave me so free after all huh oh my god what why the fuck does he outrun me like that he has 381 I have what the wait what well why does he have a lot more movement speed than me fuck that guy right oh did it ah oh shit alright go yeah keep him distracted for me buddy oh fuck you headbutt me out no yikes yeah I saw that I’ll start just got a win-win-win-win-win out of that one well I’m here if he doesn’t he’s dead I like it I like it hey only two more deaths until you activate your passive alright good start [Music] what the fuck ding what I did [Music] all right I don’t think anybody’s gonna help me guess Oh League of Legends yeah like in na this shit’s okay in Korea not okay like Korean state this game so fucking seriously [Music] I’m literally the only person playing it’s okay this is my warmup guys they play GU me and TR LCS Oh what the fuck I think maybe I’m getting ghosted oh my god of course there’s a good possibility I’m getting ghosted let me tell you guys how fucking retarded that item is I’m gonna tell you guys how fucking stupid of an item that is that item is so fucking stupid I am willing to bed the zhonya’s is top three most build item in the game ah here we go most popular oh wow sannyas is top three Wow who knew okay Korea number one item in Korea a fuckin talented dude the Koreans know what’s going on Koreans know what’s going on this item is broken it’s not situational it’s mandatory and every mentally nor building every ap mid laner it’s stupid if people aren’t building this item because they’re against a Master Yi know they build this item because it’s over [Music] you


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