SMG4: The Mario Purge (Halloween 2018)

Hello everybody, it’s Halloween Hey we’ve decided to decelerate with merge All means aside, we are selling new merch everybody But because Halloween is too scary how much we’re selling this time is actually very much Just like the character Tori we wanted to make sure that really captured just chill vibes good time and videogames and I think it’s something that we personally Really like and something we really want to share with your fans. We’re also selling high quality animals Tommy back You can check out the merchant our shop the SME food calm because the badge and shadow of a premium quality We can only make a bunch at a time so you can only get them while stocks last and once again check all of this out of Oh Okay, here we go may God be with you all PANIC! Tim got a wicket Oh God they are coming for my sexy ass, I’m too sexy Please it was all just a prank. I love you guys Hey! Hey, what you doing motherf–er?! Lives to be sexy for another day sweet merciful crap book kids. You are my best friend But hey put me down See I told you there’s nothing to worry about Have we voted for themselves take the wig Bob wait for me Hey! No wait… Bob, wait for me! I Say get up, you know and Hey Okay, ready guys hello room service hello. Don’t shoot please I can’t believe you’ve done this Oh I Don’t want to be too direct but uh, this calculator is going up your ass Suck my sweaty Gerudo balls You better unleash me you bitch or I’ll go Polly titty sandwich it was just a prank. Okay, Lola funny joke, big boot kids is nice and juicy Please don’t I’m still a virgin Well, you look at that, well, I guess that’s it Well, that was fun, oh I did the most badass illegal thing. You could ever think of one day in Teletubby land Oh made a bowl of Lalalalalalalalala Man I’m such a badass


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