Statecraft – the Political Card Game

This is my strategy
This is how I’m going to win My political alignment is shown here
The preferences of my supporters come first Confidence will consolidate my government
This tracks my expenditure Careful budgeting and the right policy choices
will allow me to win all 6 voters before my opposition
I will make sure they vote…for me I want to begin taxing on a high flat rate
I’m introducing a new policy Free university tuition across the country
It should give me a vote but my budget will suffer
Let’s launch a campaign for votes New policy, militarise the police force
I’m proposing a clean air initiative Launch another vote campaign
Hello? What?! There’s been a recession
We need to take immediate action We need to kickstart the economy
Launch another voter campaign Run a smear campaign on one of her politicians
One of his voters is wavering, poach them! Hello? Hello, is anyone there?
What’s happening? We’re in the lead
I want a new policy instigated to draw in the final voter
Random ID checks at borders We only have one supporter left?

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