[Sub][Remind 22] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – The Day Before

A unit?! That actually happened. The planet Cray actually exists. So does this unit,
and this unit and this unit… …and this one and this one,
and this one, and this one… And even Valkerion! Incredible! The world I had only imagined… is all real! If the unit summoning experiment succeeds,
that means I’ll get to meet these units! Still, if Master is participating in
such a historic experiment, then why… Why did he have that look? Maybe it bothers him that
he’s not able to take part in the finals. No, no! Master! Mark and I will fight to the end in the finals! You need to focus on the summoning experiment. “But your future is riding on this tournament.” The futures of Earth and Cray
are much more important than my own! It’ll be fine! We’ll win even
without you, Master, you’ll see! Right, Mark? “Yes! No progress!” I mean, “No plankton!” Wrong! “No plan!” I think you meant to say, “No problem!” “No plan” just shows that
you’re Slacking-Off Cinnamon! Oh, I didn’t know you two were here. The sign out front said you’re “Closed.” S-Seriously?! I changed it already! Th-Thank you… Weakness is a sin! Tomorrow you will fully realize your weakness… …Team Nippon! And then… Begone, weaklings! That’s my line! Who cares, yo?! Team SSS That was Team SSS, commenting on
the upcoming Asia Circuit finals.
Team SSS Today on the Vanguard Channel, we present: “Which Team Will Go On
to the World Grand Prix?! Pre-Finals Special! Who will go on to the
World Grand Prix?! Team SSS vs Team Nippon! A Thorough Comparison Special”!
Pre-Finals Special! Who will go on to the
World Grand Prix?! Team SSS vs Team Nippon! For that, we’ll be looking back at all of the
previous fights of Team SSS and Team Nippon!
Pre-Finals Special! Who will go on to the
World Grand Prix?! Team SSS vs Team Nippon! For that, we’ll be looking back at all of the
previous fights of Team SSS and Team Nippon! I apologize to you both. It’s not Master’s fault. Working on an experiment to change
the world is acceptable enough to us. Right? If you say so, Shinemon. If Master’s experiment works out,
wonderful things will happen. Shinemon… Why don’t you take the day off? I-I’m fine! I intend to go about my normal
daily business and approach the finals in calm! Is that so? Well, I’m going home. Mark! I’m glad that I came to Japan. Cross-cultural exchanges are marvelous. However, they carry a risk. During the Warring States Period,
firearms were imported via Tanegashima, afterwards spreading across the land. This eventually resulted in a gunfight
that would encompass the whole world. If the unit summoning experiment succeeds,
the world will know that the planet Cray exists! So let’s make our imaginations reality! Wait, Master! Tatsuya! Remind 22
The Day Before What do you think, Ms. Esuka? It’s as I expected. It will be some time
before the final report is ready. But we’re out of time. Cancel all of my appointments for tonight. Yes, ma’am. I’m a terrible woman. How so, Ms. Esuka? I’m about to present him with
two difficult choices yet again. I suspect he may overcome
them this time, as well. I hope so… Shindou Family Are you visiting Tokimi’s grave? Tatsu! How many times do I
have to tell you? It’s “Tatsuya.” You, too? I just came for some fresh air. That was right before I changed schools, huh. Yeah. While she’d always been physically frail,
I assumed she was more or less fine. Until… …she was gone. I’m sure Chrono doesn’t remember her at all. Chrono, do you want to see your mama? Here’s my mama! I told you, I’m “Papa”! Like I always say… My fend said his mama comes pick him up! Your “friend,” huh? Sorry for interrupting. I’ll see you at the experiment tomorrow. Tatsuya. You don’t play Vanguard anymore? Is it necessary that I do so? Sorry for prying, Tatsu. It’s “Tatsuya”! I get to call him that! The big day’s tomorrow, huh? Yeah. Four years in the making… Four years? At the Esu Cup four years ago,
we swore we’d beat Team Capital… …but we never got to go up against them. Forget that ever happened! Or else you’re not getting any snacks
before the fight tomorrow! I forgot already, yo. Once he graduates college, he’s gonna
become the manager of Capital, right? Who knows? Will he be a pro fighter? The manager?
Or will he choose another path? I’m sure he’ll figure it all out
after the finals are over. Wanna go by Capital,
to visit the assistant manager? Shinemon Nitta, huh? I specifically meant the cat! I’m dead sure he’s not minding
the store the day before finals! Welcome! Why are you working today?! He says he’s going about his normal business
so that he can approach the finals in calm. “Normal,” huh? Um, what about my change? Oh, that’s right! Here’s your change. This is the norm? He’s actually making more
work than he’s accomplishing. Thank you. Looks like even he’s nervous
on the day before the finals. That’s not the only issue… Hello? Hello?! Who’s calling?! Hello?! Hello?! He– Hello, Card Capital.
Hello?! He– Yes! Just a moment, please. It’s Esuka. What do you want? Oh, okay. Bye. What was it? She said I could close up early today. Huh… And she’s gonna take me out
to dinner at a good restaurant. D-Don’t tell me… Thanks for waiting. S-Sure. Let’s go. Is this… …a date? How are you feeling? About tomorrow’s finals.
I’m asking whether you think you’ll win. O-Of course I’m fully confident! I can’t find any factors
that could make me lose. The same for the other two? Y-Yeah! You don’t need to worry
about Mark or Master! Your team had a weird loss
during the semifinals, though. But I’m in such top form, I may not even
give Master a chance to play in the finals! Well, it doesn’t matter to me who wins. Either way, it’s still good publicity
for Card Capital and Cardshop Esuka. Both teams making it to the finals
is a major success. As always, you’re only thinking about business. That’s not true. This place looks really expensive! Hey! Shinemon Nitta! At times like this, the man escorts the lady! It’s common sense for adults. Fine! What’s that?! They look like a couple! I-I was just curious about
what restaurants Esuka goes to! You’re not fooling me. But that’s fine. Ms. Esuka may have money,
but we have youth! What good does youth do? We don’t have a reservation… It’s okay, you’re a regular. Please, this way. You sure have grown up! This is one of Ms. Esuka’s
favorite restaurants. It’s got five stars! I’ll have this. An excellent choice. Well… It’s just the two of us now… …so how about doing it before we eat? My thoughts exactly! Stand up, Vanguard! Is that really enough for you? I’m not all that hungry! I mean, I’m blowing a whole day’s
worth of food expenses on this alone! Just thinking about that makes me feel full! High school girls have it rough. Who’s in “top form” now? I’ll have you know,
I haven’t played in some time. What hope is there for someone
who loses like this right before the finals? Again! Please, just one more! Here you are. I’m not asking for another helping! Is there something you’re concerned about? Yeah. Um, well, like what
comes after graduation. Certainly, I can imagine you being conflicted. Of course it’d be tough
to give up being a pro fighter, but lately I feel like I’m truly
starting to enjoy running the shop, so I don’t want to let that go either… Anything else? Well, either way… There’ll be a crescent moon tomorrow. Yeah. Apparently there was a beautiful
crescent moon two years ago, as well. On the night of the explosion at Yumigatake. A meteorite crashed into Yumigatake,
resulting in a bunch of casualties, right? That’s the official explanation. But I wonder if it really was a meteorite. What do you mean? If a meteorite impacted,
claiming numerous victims, it should have been visible as a
“shooting star” that lit up the night sky, and there would’ve been
a huge flash as it hit ground. But not a single person
witnessed a shooting star that night. No such photos exist. However, someone uploaded
this picture to social media… …which was deleted soon after. That’s… It’s hard to judge from the photo alone,
but it resembles a Vanguard unit. Yes… You visited Yumigatake recently, didn’t you? H-How did you know?! This is Ryuzu Myoujin. For better or worse, he’s famous
in the world of Vanguard research. Ryuzu was building a research facility
at the site of the meteorite crash. Of course my curiosity was piqued. So I did some digging. Y-You mean…?! A meteorite wasn’t the cause
of the explosion at Yumigatake. It’s more likely an accident caused by
the appearance of a unit from the planet Cray. Space-time fluctuation values climbing. At this pace, by tomorrow night,
we’ll have reached the highest values on record. All systems checked. All green! I’ll perform the final check 12 hours from now. Wonderful! Just as I calculated! All we need now is a fighter! I don’t believe that Yumigatake was
the first time a Cray unit has appeared. All over the world, legends are told
of dragons, giant creatures, and fairy folk. To a fighter like you, the existence
of Cray must sound very appealing. Even more so when thrown the concept
that units could actually appear here. But don’t forget what happened at Yumigatake. Ryuzu said it was safe! There are too many mysteries
surrounding that laboratory. I couldn’t even find out where
they get their research funding. It’s dangerous to swallow
anything Ryuzu tells you. But Master’s there, too! Rive Shindou… What is that man thinking? I wouldn’t take what he
says at face value, either. Shall we go elsewhere? What could those two
be talking about all this time?! Is she another one
who goes berserk when hungry? Hey, they’re leaving! Where’s my wallet… Your bill has already been paid. By Esuka Hibino. She noticed us?! I should’ve ordered a full-course meal! Only a handful of people know the truth. Ryuzu, his assistant, and… Master Rive! He wouldn’t answer honestly if you just ask. But Vanguard fighters have other means. I’ll beat Master in a fight…
and force the truth out of him! You have a choice to make, Shinemon Nitta! Fight Team SSS here tomorrow
to win the championship… …or fight Rive Shindou in the lab
tomorrow to find out the truth! I’ve prepared a special weapon
for if you intend to fight Rive Shindou. So… which will it be? Isn’t it obvious? I’ll defeat Master Rive! And then come right back here… …to beat them! Over there! Ms. Esuka, where’s Shinemon Nitta? He left. Where did he go? After getting some new cards,
I’d assume he’d go tune-up his deck. This is the first time
anyone’s walked out on me… The 30-second card intro segment! Today’s featured card
is Ryuzu’s Chronotiger Rebellion! Chronotiger Rebellion
Today’s featured card
is Ryuzu’s Chronotiger Rebellion! Today’s featured card
is Ryuzu’s Chronotiger Rebellion! When it attacks, the fewer cards in hand,
the more powerful the skills activated! If you have one card or fewer, on that turn,
all of your opponent’s guardians weaken! And if this unit appeared
via Chronofang Tiger’s skill, discarding your hand will earn you
an extra critical and an extra drive! With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard! I just don’t get it. Get what? How is it that Shinemon is surrounded by girls? There’s Esuka, and you, Nanamin, and Misaki… And you, Mikurun… Leave me out of it! But you don’t have to worry. Why not? As they say, everyone’s popular
during three periods of their life. For him, there was right after birth,
then during preschool for the second period, so right now is his third period of popularity. Meaning ten years from now,
he’ll be totally free! Remind 23
Clash between Master and Student
Meaning ten years from now,
he’ll be totally free! If you’re gonna target him,
that’s the time to do it, Mikurun!
Remind 23
Clash between Master and Student I said, leave me out of it!
Remind 23
Clash between Master and Student Remind 23
Clash between Master and Student


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