[Sub][Remind 24] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – The Real Opponent

Master… Vanguard really is fun. With just one unit,
you became a powerhouse. Imagination can rewrite reality. So tell me what the true objective is, Master. Let’s go see Ryuzu. I’ll have him explain. Pop! Esuka…? It appears you’re just in time
for the start of the experiment. If the unit summoning experiment succeeds,
the world will know that the planet Cray exists! So let’s make our imaginations reality! Wait, Master! Tatsuya! Our true objective? Yes, that’s right! Sorry. I promised to tell him
if I lost to him in a fight. Pop, you lost again? Don’t rub it in! In that case, very well. You would’ve found out eventually,
so I’ll tell you everything. Director, do you intend to leak
our secrets to an outsider? Outsider? Shinemon is no outsider. What do you mean? Shinemon Nitta… I’m hiring you as a temporary
employee for one night only! What are you doing?! Shinemon, you’re going to
assist me with tonight’s experiment. Assist you? Remind 24
The Real Opponent Me? Help you with the experiment? Correct! Together, we will
open the portal to the planet Cray! What are you doing?! It’s obvious! There’s no sense
in sticking around here! You’ve got the Asia Circuit finals! We require his talent, Esuka. If you’re leaving, you leave alone. And if I said I’m taking Shinemon Nitta
with me, by whatever means necessary? I would respond in kind,
if reluctantly, by fair means or foul. Are those two fighting? Well, I guess you could say that. I disagree with you, Ryuzu. Shinemon should go to the finals. I can do the experiment. Oh, I’m afraid that wouldn’t work. You see, Rive… Shinemon’s Imaginary Score
is higher than yours. We need him to ensure the experiment
has the best chance of succeeding. What do you say, Shinemon? The finals or the experiment,
which do you choose? W-Well… You don’t have to answer. Fight me, Ryuzu Myoujin! If I win, I’m taking Shinemon out of here! But if I win, Shinemon stays.
Will you agree to this? “When you see a crescent moon
at the end of the twilight sky…” What’s this? Huh? Shinemon doesn’t look very happy… I know, but let’s not bother him. Shinemon has a lot on his mind right now. I’m well aware of that! But if he participates in this experiment, he’ll be forced to continue
cooperating from here on out. By fair means or foul… That’s just the kind of person
Ryuzu Myoujin is, right? I can’t argue. That’s why I’m going to fight. Nobody has the right to steal
another person’s future. Can you win? Ryuzu is strong. Shinemon, who do you want to win? I’m rooting for Esuka. I… They’re starting. I… Stand up, Vanguard! I ride! Jet-ink Fox! I ride! Chrono Tigar! Stand and draw! I ride! Prober of Black Jet, Cecile! With its skill, I draw a card! My turn. Stand and draw. I ride! Chronotooth Tigar! Wedgemove Dragon! Here I come! No guard. Drive check. Critical trigger. I give the power to Wedgemove Dragon,
and the extra critical to my Vanguard. That old lady has 2 damage! Keep your voice down, please. Wedgemove Dragon! Triangle Cobra! I ride! Scientist of Black Sheen, Mathilda! I’ll tell you something: Mathilda has– The “Lottery” skill, in which
varying effects are set into motion depending on whether the card you flip over
from your deck is a normal one or a trigger. You’ve done your homework. Then without further ado… Ah well, it’s not a trigger, but that’s fine. Come here, Binoculus Tiger! Silver Wolf! Binoculus! Hammer of Intelligence! Binoculus Tiger’s skill activates! Steam Bomber, Digul! Now I’m up! No guard! Drive check. Critical trigger. I give the power to Silver Wolf,
and the extra critical to my Vanguard. Now the director has 2 damage, too! Silver Wolf attacks Chronotooth! Again, no guard. That makes 3 damage. Oh, yes… Shinemon. I still haven’t told you
what our true objective is, have I? He’s trying to win Shinemon over! Shinemon, we created this lab in order to investigate the meteorite
that caused the explosion at Yumigatake. But that’s just our cover story. The cause of the explosion
wasn’t a meteorite crash! It was something from beyond time and space… A unit from the planet Cray… Our investigation revealed that the space-time
fluctuations in this area are extremely high. Do you understand?
Do you know what that means? Correct. There is a possibility that
the same tragedy will happen again… …in the near future! What?! However, if we can create a connection
between Earth and the planet Cray, and summon units before that occurs, we’ll be able to avoid the massive damage
from another catastrophic Yumigatake event. That’s why we need the power of imagination
produced by Vanguard fighters, or as we call it, Imaginary Score! And how do you intend to use
the units that you summon? Have you forgotten what he said? There would be no more
unhappy people in our society. Science on the planet Cray
is much more advanced than it is here. They have even taken what
we would call magic or sorcery, and systematized it for practical use! If the skills that units possess
can manifest in our world, sorrow will become obsolete! Wait a moment! That sounds so good, there must be a catch. Aren’t there any risks? Is there zero danger? Tonight’s experiment will establish a
foothold in resolving such disadvantages. You wish to win the Asia Circuit,
and then reach the pinnacle of the world. But if the unit summoning experiment succeeds, the world itself will
undergo revolutionary changes. Vanguard is a wonderful tool
for changing the world! A tool? So instead of aiming for
the top of a mere gaming world, join us in order to change the real world! “Mere”… What are you droning on about?! Let’s get back to the fight! I won’t let you have his future! Chronotooth’s skill activates! I ride! Chronobite Tiger! Wedgemove Dragon, Chronobite Tiger, come here! Chronobite’s skill activates! An extra critical, and for no cost,
Chronotooth’s skill activates. I draw one card. By resting Chronotooth, I can superior call! Chronobite attacks Mathilda! No guard! Drive check! Heal trigger! I give the power to my other Chronobite! 3 damage… Hang in there, Esuka! That’s “Ms.” to you! “Ms. Esuka”! Shinemon, you seriously… You seriously… Go! Dictionary Goat, protect me! Learn well, with wisdom and knowledge,
the truth of all creation! I ride! Holy Great Sage of Black Shadows, Isabelle! Shinemon Nitta’s life
doesn’t end with the Asia Circuit! His future is limitless! Esuka… Imaginary Gift, Accel II! Isabelle’s skill! This time, I got a trigger! I add to my hand… and also… I move Silver Wolf. Come to me, Geograph Giant! You join us as well, Monoculus Tiger! Learn just how powerless you are! No guard! Twin drive! First check! Critical trigger. I give the power to Binoculus,
and the extra critical to my Vanguard. Second check. Front trigger. All of the front row units get +10,000 power! All right! Now Ryuzu has 4 damage! Binoculus, teach Chronobite how strong you are! Steam Doctor, Mar-tash guards! Geograph Giant! Smite Chronobite
with the Fist of Knowledge! Steam Guard, Kastilia! Perfect guard! Boosted by Silver Wolf, Monoculus Tiger
attacks your rear-guard Chronobite! No guard! Chronobite’s skill activates! I draw one card and discard
one card from my hand! I ride! Chronofang Tiger! She has four 15,000 shield cards. So then… Imaginary Gift, Force I! Chronofang Tiger’s skill activates! O soaring tiger of the sky! Praise the workings of time… …and let out a roar of bravery! I superior ride Chronotiger Rebellion! Superior riding a grade 4?! Chronofang’s skill activates. I give Rebellion an extra critical and drive. Oh no! Ryuzu has no cards in his hand! I attack Isabelle! Rebellion’s skill activates! I retire Binoculus and Geograph! Then I give +10,000 power
to Wedgemove and Rebellion! Furthermore, the shields of all of
my opponent’s guardians have -5000 power! Triple drive or not, there’s no guarantee
he’ll draw two critical triggers! I’m guarding here! Esuka’s guard is at 57,000! Ryuzu attacked with 43,000. If the director draws two triggers, he’ll win. Triple drive. First check. Whew! Second check! Heal trigger! I give the power to Rebellion! That makes the power 53,000! Third check! No way… A critical trigger! Rebellion’s power is 63,000! First check! No trigger! Second check! Third check! It seems Shinemon will be participating in
the unit summoning experiment after all. Would you see yourself out, Esuka? Wait, Esuka! I’m not staying here! What?! I’m leaving with her! And then I’m gonna play
in the Asia Circuit finals! Shinemon! What are you talking about?!
You said you wanted to meet the units! That’s true. And I still want
to meet the units face to face. But then you said: Vanguard is a wonderful tool
for changing the world! A tool? So instead of aiming for
the top of a mere gaming world, join us in order to change the real world! “Mere”… You’re wrong! Vanguard isn’t just some tool! I don’t think it’s just a game, either! And that’s my reason for leaving! Then you force my hand. I will do whatever it takes
to keep you with me! So will I. Understood. Ms. Esuka bought me
enough time to get everything ready. And so… Click. Now! Right! This way! Nuts… Leave it to me. Now! This way! All right! Around the back! Why don’t you go to the finals, too? There’s something I have to do here. Oh? Esuka! How do I put this? Um… Thanks a lot! Ms. Esuka, a change of clothing. This is just like the Siege of Takamatsu, after Oda Nobunaga’s forces, led by
Toyotomi Hideyoshi, flooded the castle. As in that situation,
I have been left to fight alone. Since Shinemon and Rive aren’t here,
I’m the only one who can be counted on. But I’m sure Shinemon will come! Onward! Verily, it is time to take the field! Ryuzu! You’re going to participate in the
unit summoning experiment, Shinemon. That is the director’s will. Correct. I will fight you tonight,
Shinemon, and through that, the portal to the planet Cray will be opened. Wait. Let’s revise part of that plan, given that I was originally meant to be Shinemon’s real opponent for
tonight’s unit summoning experiment… What are you saying?! Hey, what are you talking about?! Hey! The 30-second card intro segment! Today’s featured card
is Ryuzu’s Chronotooth Tigar! Chronotooth Tigar
Today’s featured card
is Ryuzu’s Chronotooth Tigar! Today’s featured card
is Ryuzu’s Chronotooth Tigar! If Tigar is the Vanguard, you can draw one card at the
beginning of the ride phase. And when you discard a unit from
your hand during your turn, you can call it to your
rear-guard circle instead! Try combining its skills with
Chronofang Tiger and Rebellion! With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard!
With this card, you too can
“Ride The Vanguard”! Ride The Vanguard! Oh! Please, introduce yourself! I am Rentarou Hitsujida, the butler. Should I call you Mr. Shitsujida? No, I’m Hitsujida. But “Hitsuji” means sheep,
so you could call me “Butler Sheep.” They say that when you can’t sleep,
you should try counting sheep. It’s because enunciating “sheep” serves to
steady your breathing, making you drowsy. But saying it in Japanese,
as “hitsuji”, has no effect at all. To that, a sheep might say,
“Mehhhh, I’m impressed.” Remind 25
The Night at Yumigatake
To that, a sheep might say,
“Mehhhh, I’m impressed.” Isn’t “mehhhh” what a goat would say?
Remind 25
The Night at Yumigatake Remind 25
The Night at Yumigatake


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