super mario 64 bloopers: Yoshrooms.

smg4 intro Ohhh, you touch my tralala… Mmm, my ding-ding-dong… (sexiness intensifies) MARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! WUT?! HELP! HELP! HELP! Mama mia… ( And here we see a wild Yoshi take a very large dump while walking) ( Yoshi sees Mario making fun of his very sexy Dino ass) Yoshi charges at the interloper INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARIOMARIOMARIO!!!! MAMAF**KER YOSHI!!! ( Dammit wario) DED HURRY UP ALREADY ( Dont rush a Yoshi mario) Luigi!!! 😀 ( Ah sheat) ( As Luigi tries to scare away the enemy, he is unsuccessful because hes Luigi) ded HOW. DARE. YOU.
(Mario and Luigi screaming) Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu R.I.P Mario and Luigi ( especially Mario) Yoshi hungers spaghetti NO Yoshi: MORE!
Mario: NO! BUTTFUCK! JUST SHUT THE F– (idea) (It was at this moment Mario fucked up.) Luigi: Mario! No! (Italian I can’t transcribe) Mario: Shut up-a, Luigi! x1 U my god x3 yrubb Wow. (more Italian) Mario: Hmm… WHOA! ARRBBLBRLRBLBRLRBLRBRBL Whoa… dizzy… Yoshi: Woohoo! Yoshi! I can show you the world… Shining, shimmering, splendid… (Look up that Aladdin song, I’m not transcribing the rest of it. D-D-D-D-D-D- DROP THE BASS. Ausihaouheoiwaunkiuahoifjsghdoviuyrgseuoiyghkuioyfgfdsuyaifghalwjrugfaoiuyfteaoufohmygodpiesauidogheiuawrgweifawer Luigi: Mama mia… Waaaah! Mario! Mario: Hmm? [YOSHI PROCESSING MODE] Luigi: Ohh, that’s it! I’m sick of this! Mario: No! Luigi: That’s MAMA luigi to you, Mario! Mario: GAY Luigi? (groans in frustration) Heeere comes Yoshi… Hohoho! Look at this! Oyeah! Let’s-a go! F-Yoshi: (humming) Mario: Hmm… Haha! F-Yoshi: …? Yoshi: What’s up? Other Yoshi: HA! GAY! Mario: Shiiiiiiiiiiii Dr. Mario: Mama mia! Mario: Hohoho… Mama f—er! Dr. Mario: (Italian that I don’t want to transcribe) Mario: (Italian) Dr. Mario: OOF! RRGH! Mario: Oh no…! Mama mia… So cool! Very fun! DED. Luigi: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Yoshi: Yoshi! Luigi: Wow. Weeshee: ITSAMEEEEE. ITSAMEEEEE. Toadgee: ITSAMEEEEE! Peachee: ITSAMEEEEE. Bowgee: ITSAME. Weegee: ITSAMEEEEE! WA HA HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Special thanks to an unknown former caption editor, and Toadlover404 for transcribing (most of) this episode. (Captioning Date: 6/8/2017 for Toadlover404)


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