SUPER MARIO 64 | Nintendo 64 (React: Retro Gaming)

– I’m gonna stay to the edge,
’cause the edge is always safe. No, I’m lying, I’m lying! – Hey, you sleeping?
Oh, [bleep], no! God, I was kidding! ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’re playing this.
– Super Mario 64. – Oh, this is old. – I’ve played Mario Kart 64.
I don’t know if I’ve played this one, though. – No way!
This is one of my favorite games of all time. – (FBE) Super Mario 64
was a launch title for the Nintendo 64
back in 1996 and was the first Mario game
in 3d. – ’96, that’s the year
after I was born. – It’s the pinnacle of
the Nintendo 64. – Super Mario 64 was revolutionary.
It was the closest to open world, I feel like, that we had today.
Let’s go! – This is cute.
I don’t think the graphics are that bad. – It looks very pixelated
and boxy, but I’m not complaining. – I’m sure for any kid
that got this on drop day in ’96, some kid was going ape [bleep]
over this. – “Ciao! You’ve reached
Princess Toadstool’s castle via a warp pipe.
Using the controller is a piece of cake.
A to jump, B to attack.” – “Use the control stick
in the center of the controller” Right here.
“To move Mario around. Now, head for the castle.” – So, here’s jump.
And attacking. Okay, that was cool.
He’s not just jumping on the enemies.
He’s decking them. – This is weird.
It’s kind of like a Wii controller now
connected to a PS3 or 4 controller and I was using it like this.
I didn’t need to know to use it like this. – Let’s do this. – This is kind of–
oh, oh my God. “Welcome.” – “Welcome.”
No one’s home! Now scram and don’t come back.
Gwa ha ha!” I should leave,
but obviously, I’m not gonna. – Oh, I remember this.
You have to go through each door. You have to go through a level
instead of worlds, there’s doors. – All right.
What door are we going through, guys? – Come on.
Let’s do this. – Oh, and I go in the pictures!
I remember. – Let’s go in! – (gasps) That was cute.
He just jumped– hop, skip, and a jump. – “Big Bob-omb on the summit.”
Bob-omb Battlefield. – All right, I’m here.
“Wow, you’re smack in the middle of a battlefield.
You’ll find the Power Stars that Bowser stole inside
the painting worlds.” – “Watch out!
If you wander around here, you’re liable to be plastered
by a water bomb!” – “Can you recover the star
for us? Cross the bridge and go left
up the path to find the Big Bob-omb. Please come back to see me
after you’ve retrieved the Power Star.” – Can I punch this?
Oh, I can, sweet. – Goomba, you get
the [bleep] out. Oh, [bleep].
Oh, bitch. – No, get away.
Wait, it’s one of these trees,
I get a one up. Come on.
Yeah. – Ah, ah. – You can’t get me.
You think you can, but I know you can’t. – All right, come on,
bob-omb bob-omb. Oh, what is that?
Oh, it’s water droplets. – Oh, no, no, no. This is scary. – Oh jeez, oh jeez.
Ah! – Okay.
We’re good. – I remember I died
a thousand times trying to do this
when I first played. – I’m gonna stay to the edge,
’cause the edge is always safe. No, I’m lying, I’m lying! – ♪ (singing along to music) ♪ – What is that?
Oh, that’s where I’m gonna heal up.
All right, so we’re about to reach the big battle. – I’m almost to the top.
There better be a present for me. – ♪ (singing along to music) ♪ Yep, I’m very good at this. – He’s right there.
That was really short. – (gasps)
Do I have to face off against him? – “I’m the Big Bob-bomb,
lord of all blasting matter, king of ka-booms the world over!” – “Can you pick me up
from the back and hurl me to this royal turf?
I think that you cannot!” Well you just told me
how to beat you. – Basically, he tries to grab
and I gotta punch him. Oh, what the heck?
How do I hurl him? – No. – No, no, no, no.
Come on. This is the first level.
Come on. – Ah, damn it.
I can’t grab on, ’cause dumbass Mario,
stop sliding! – Wait, I did it.
Okay, that took a while. – Ah!
Ah, bitch. Aw [bleep].
I got hurt ’cause I ran into his butt? – Camera angle sucks.
There we go! Here, bitch!
There we go. “Wha–
What? Can it be that a pipsqueak
like you has defused the Bob-omb King?” – “Here is your star,
as I promised, Mario.” – He just burst into a star. – (Mario impression) Here we go! Just him saying that–
I wasn’t trying for coins. Don’t be showing that. – “You’ve recovered one
of the stolen Power Stars! Now you can open some
of the sealed doors in the castle.” – “Save us, Mario!
Keep searching for stars.” Okay, it’s my job. – So now, I should probably
try this one, too. – ♪ (humming along to music) ♪
But I also like how the label–
whoa, are you– oh, he’s using a star
to open the door. Here we go. (Mario impression) Let’s go!
Wahoo! Ah, why can’t that be real life?
Why can’t we just jump into pictures? – This is Whomp’s Fortress.
“Chip off Whomp’s block.” – You know what?
I’m starting to– It’s a sleepy little boy. “I’m sleeping because I’m sleepy.” – “I don’t like being disturbed.
Please walk quietly.” Oh, sheesh.
I shouldn’t have done that. – [bleep] you.
Yeah! Dead, bitch.
Oh no! It was only worth five coins.
That wasn’t worth it. – Honestly, that’s me
in the morning. Walk slowly.
Don’t wake me up. Ah, oh my God.
I need warning for these things. – Wait, I can–
oh, crap. Just go over here.
There we go. – Okay. – Oh, bitch!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. I was like, “Oh,
I’m doing pretty good.” – I feel like this game
is so simple, it makes me–
I was gonna say it makes me feel good
that I’m not– wait, I have a chance.
I have a chance. Aw, I thought I died. – Huh, okay.
Whoa, what the [bleep]? What just happened?
Did I discover something secret? – Oh, here we go.
What up, bitch? Hey, you sleeping?
Oh, [bleep]. Oh God, I was kidding! – Can I go on this?
Ah, oh my God. Oh no. – I’ll probably die at this part.
Oh, maybe not. Okay.
Oh, ’cause people want to get the red coin.
I ain’t [bleep] with that right now. – Come on, come at me. – What the–
he’s coming. Please go. – Whoa, he’s huge. – Oh, [bleep].
“It makes me so mad!” – “We build your houses,
your castles. We pave your roads,
and still you walk all over us.” – Okay, come on.
Come at me. – Don’t smush me.
Oh my God, oh my God. He’s fast. – Do I have to stay still
and then he’ll wiggle or something? – Oh [bleep]!
Yeah, he’s gonna [bleep] me up. – Jump.
That was good. No!
Oh God, I almost fell off. – Oh crap, no.
Okay. – Wow, that’s a record.
That’s the first time I beat a boss within a minute. – “Here, you win.
Take this with you.” Sweet.
Oh, he just blew up. – I love it.
It’s so much fun. – (FBE) And that’s actually all
we’re having you play today. – No, you’re not. – Really?
No more paintings? – Why?
I could play this for days, man. – (FBE) Sorry man,
we’re cutting you off. – We can cut off the video,
but don’t let me– – (FBE) No, I gotta.
I gotta. – Initially, I didn’t have
a fondness for it, but now that I’ve played it,
sat down and enjoyed it, I get it. – If it was on
and my friends were playing it, but I think that–
I don’t think I would go out of my way to buy it.
Pretty sure it was super cool in the ’90s, though. – A lot of people that maybe
not have played it when they were young
or when it first came out might have been like,
“Oh, it doesn’t hold up,” but it plays just as good.
I gotta dust off my N64 and get back to playing this game. – (Mario) Thank you so much
for playing my game. – Thanks for watching us
play Super Mario 64 on the React Channel. – What’s your favorite retro game?
Let us know down in the comments. – Bye! – Hey everybody, Derek here,
one of the React Channel producers. You know, I’ve always had trouble
with the N64 three handed controllers, but I figured out
a trick. You grow a third hand.
Here we go. There we go.


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