Super Mario 64’s LOST LEVEL?

Super Mario 64’s castle is one of my favorite
hub worlds in any video game. It’s was bizarrely empty and it felt like
a museum, but I spent many nights just messing around in its corridors. There’s just something about this castle
man… I dunno. I also feel like Super Mario 64 is more popular
now than it has ever been before. My Minus World amigos and I play it all the
time and its truly awesome to still be navigating its lands this long after its release. So many close races have taken place in this
castle on Friday nights and it has truly been a blast. [Random talking] Anyways, I’ve pretty much covered this castle
from top to bottom in plenty of my other videos. From the mysteries of the paintings in the
Mario universe, to the perplexing nature of the castle’s current state in Super Mario
Odyssey. However, there’s one thing I haven’t touched
on yet, but it is sorta in line with my childhood imagination. Now this thing in particular would have been
a great addition to my Six Nintendo 64 Mysteries series, but I wanted to spend a little extra
time on this one. Reason being is that it isn’t so much of
an unsolvable mystery that we invented as a kid, but more so just a really peculiar
curiosity. What I’m referring to is the night sky painting
in Super Mario 64. Now for those of you who don’t recall where
this is at exactly, it’s available once you unlock the third region of the castle. After defeating Bowser at his lava level,
you unlock the upper floors. After clearing this region, there is a staircase
with a star door at the top that takes you to where Tick Tock Clock is. At the bottom of that staircase is where this
painting is. It’s a one-of-a-kind painting within the
castle, and unlike all the other paintings in the castle, this one can’t be jumped
into. Now you might be thinking “But Swanky! There’s cloud paintings all around that
upper floor of the castle that can’t be jumped into!” Well, you’d be right, but the issue with
that stance is that the graphic of those paintings is actually used for a few different warps. If you’re jumping into Rainbow Ride or even
wing Mario Over the Rainbow – both of these sky graphics are used as your entry point. For all we know, we’re jumping into a painting
that’s just laying face up on the ground. Beyond that, technically our warp to unlock
the Wing Cap is also that same graphic. It’s merely stretched across the ceiling
of the room. So when it comes down to it, this is really
the only painting in the castle you can’t jump into. What’s even more interesting is that this
painting sorta reminds me of the backdrop of World 5 from Super Mario Bros 2. That was one of my favorite worlds in that
game because of the night sky in the background, so I think seeing this reminded me of that
right away. This graphic we see in the painting is derived
from the walls of the room of Tick Tock Clock though. So that makes me wonder why they would decide
to use it down here since it wouldn’t make sense to frame a backdrop as art if it was
found in the room right ahead of it. In Super Mario 64 DS we have a similar situation,
except the cloud paintings in the room are now the upper parts of the stars of the Tick
Tock Clock room. The painting in question remains the same,
being the same slice of wall it was before. But why put this here? Why not just recycle another painting from
elsewhere in the castle like the designers did for the remainder of the room? What’s so special about this? Obviously it’s been a good twenty something
years and I still don’t have an answer, but I wondered if originally you used this
painting to warp to the upper part of the castle – possibly before the staircase was
inserted. Beyond that, I’d think about where this
painting would go if it could be jumped in. What would the area look like? The closest thing I could envision was a starry
sky and a bunch of clouds. It’d be very similar to the Wing Mario Over
the Rainbow level but you’d be navigating the night sky. I got a similar feeling from the tree tops
of Pianta Village at night, or the infinite cosmos from Super Mario Galaxy. I don’t know what their intentions were
for this painting in particular, or if there was ever an intention – but one thing for
sure is that I wondered about it for years… Thinking about the places it could take me. But now that I’ve dropped that nostalgia
bomb on all of you, let me know what you think. What do you think the original plans were
for this painting? What would the level look like that it led
to? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
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my next video, cheers!


  • SwankyBox

    So as a follow up from this video, I've heard rumors that Super Mario 64 was supposed to have a lot more levels in it but it was cut back due to how much could be fit on a cartridge. This might also explain why this painting exists.

  • Lexan

    How do you get those scenes of the castle like that?

  • Redpeng11

    I think it was just to show where the stairs lead…

  • ThatguycalledJoe

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  • NotRoleplayer Rodriguez

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  • Gimpler Da Happenin

    Answer. The world is a cube.


    Legend has it you can glicth in the painting and unlock Luigi

  • Wonky Whomp

    I think that painting was supposed to foreshadow what the next room is

  • Chris Roberts

    It's obviously the Milky Way Galaxy! (The first person to reply with a proper understanding of that obscure reference, I will sub to you.)

  • シャットダウン

    In the beta of sm64 they planned to have 140+ levels. that probably explains this painting.

  • Kris18

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  • JBG

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  • Lugbzurg

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  • trapez77

    That background was from the snes and gba version of smb2, not the original

  • Yoshi HD

    can somebody link me a picture of this painting so i can put it in my rom hack, pls?

  • fantastic voyager 20

    maybe it would have led to a level where luigi is in a cage and you had to rescue him then he would be a playable character.

  • hainsay

    It could just be like a signpost

  • ButtOnAStick

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  • Noah Prince

    I actually remember looking at this painting when I was younger and wondering the same thing.

  • TrashKing MashupThing

    If you don't want to waste your time watching, here's the summation:

    There is a texture of the night sky at the bottom of the massive stairs in a painting. It doesn't lead to anything.

  • Lunarand

    To be honest, when I was younger I never spent one second looking for Luigi in this game. It never crossed my mind that there should be a reason for Luigi possibly hiding in this game. But this painting. Oh yeah, that was a big mystery in the game for me!

  • colum bannon

    It can also be seen as a secret map of getting stars (from as you are standing in front enterance room) from the floor below and the two upper floors.

  • R.

    How about the 2 Peach paintings surrounding the door to the final Bowser fight? Those are inaccessible too.

  • RecoveryPlayz

    No one realizes the title is questioning, not speculating
    That's what swanky does, not the title

  • Kelly Wang

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    Another speculation based video :/ Also could you please show your face less? I dont understand why half the video im stuck looking at the narrator..

  • Trey Peek

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  • Cole Dooley

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    It just felt really mystifying and meaningful.

  • Henry Mullens


  • Damian Marter

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    place with 100 of all the entities in tick tock clock

  • BroadswordMedia

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  • Paper Aragoza

    i think the painting was the beta slider moved;

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  • Gogu Tibi

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  • Silent_Shotz

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  • ふぇに


  • Stephen Ritchie

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    Maybe it could have taken you to a dream land. You know, happy feelings you get in your sleep like maybe sparkling stars, the land consisting of dream clouds, a wing cap challenge, and maybe even a Boo or Kamek mini-boss that wants to turn dreams into nightmares.

  • Michael Paulsen

    it might have been a warp for wmotr level

  • Branny Cedeño

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  • Rrrush

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  • Draik Maskell

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  • The Fox

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  • フランドナルド

    i have a theory, one of Super Mario 64's beta trailers had a room that never did it to the game, so maybe this painting was the entrance, or something like that.

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  • Gcrab71989

    As a kid running around that castle during the day was a blast, and at night was nightmare inducing. Funny how time of day can effect the way music makes you feel.

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  • panamajr7

    My brother once told me that Yoshi would lead you to this painting whenever you'd meet him on top of the castle with 120 stars. He said there was a secret flying bowser fight to reward you for beating the game 100%. Had me fooled for years! If only it were true. :/


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  • Origin Spirit of the Wind, Zyphos

    The painting has several golden glints on it. If you were playing the Ocarina of Time, the pattern would perfectly fit the Song of Storms.

  • Tadashi Satoru

    There are really no unused levels in the final game, according to the Level Select code. Any blank levels will take you straight back to the title screen.

  • Moinul Alam


  • Sarah Star

    I wondered about those 2 cloud paintings. This video is very interesting. Looks like the 1St one did look the Cloud ceiling on the first floor. The way that he pictured the Night sky Cloud painting was beautiful! 👍😎

  • Sonja_yu

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    The painting is a reference to the Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time(before it was released).

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  • Fixture

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