Super Mario Bros Toys: Super Mario Action Figure Collection // Fuzzy Puppet

Oh boy! Are you guys as excited as I am to play my new video game!? I got my pop corn I got my nintendo video game review remote Let’s play this game! It’s so much fun! Except there’s this dragon.. I can never get past him! He always shoots fire.. But tonight I’m gonna do it! Come on Fuz! I can do this! Come on! Oh! I forgot to turn the system on! Alright. Here we go! Up! Down! Come on! I’m almost at the dragon! There he is! Come on I can get the dragon let’s do it! Jump! Double jump! Go left! Go right! Come on! Dodge the fire. Jump! Go left. Go right! Come on Fuz! Focus!! Come on! Oh no!! I can never defeat that dragon.. What to do Fuz.. What to do? I know what to do! If anyone can defeat that dragon, Super Mario can! And I just got a new Super Mario Toy! I’m gonna go get him right now! Got my Mario toy! Here’s a mushroom for you Mario! Mario! Watch out for that bullet! Yay! Mario’s big again! Wow! That cloud guy just tried to hit me with this ball! Donkey Kong! Get lost you crazy guy! Oh no! Yoshi! Wait a second! I know what to do! I’m gonna get you once and for all dragon! Take this! Ooo! Hi kids! It’s me Fuz! Thanks for watching today’s video. And remember… All these toys are gonna go to sick kids in the hospital. So if you like today’s video… Please hit the like button, the subscribe button and tell me what toys you want me to review next time. Bye! Hi kids! Do you guys want this Mario toy set featured in this video? All you have to do is ask your mom or dad to post this video to their Facebook and tag me FuzToyCollector in the post. I’m gonna pick one lucky winner to send this toy set to! Thanks for watching kids! And remember to subscribe, like and share this video! Bye!

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