Hello! Today I am going to make a Super Mario
Star Cake. Or attempt to, with fondant. So this could get a little Messy. And the first thing that I want to do is grease
this pan. So I always like to spray it with cooking oil spray, because it’s
just really easy and it doesn’t get that messy. So you just want to spray on the inside, get all
the corners, I also like to take a little bit of flour… And I just take about
a scoop because I can dump the rest out if I don’t use it all. And spread it
all over the pan, but you just shake it back and forth, make sure it gets all the
edges. Because when you work with a weird shape like a star or if you do a heart or
something, um, the cakes don’t tend to pop out as easily, so… Using flour really
helps. Done! Next part, cake mix. I’m just doing something
really easy, these are like $1 cakes from the store because I’m more focusing
on decorating the cake versus a homemade made from scratch masterpiece! So we dump all that in there, and then you
add 3 eggs. First egg… And try not to get any shells in there, someone
may have gotten a shell in there 1 time… I don’t know who that was though… Second egg, boom! And third egg. Boom! Now you add 1-1/4 cups of water, wooooo! And now… They said any, any type of vegetable
oil, 1/3 cup. Come on… Boom! Now you’re supposed to mix it for about
2 minutes on low. And if you don’t have a mixer, a beater, then you can just use a whisk.
These work fine too but… I’m kinda lazy, so I’m gonna use 1 of
these. Alright, now we’re gonna pour all this yummy
cake batter in this pan. And when you pour it, try to displace it evenly,
because when it’s a weird shape like this, you don’t want it to rise in the oven getting really uneven. I’ve done that before! Yeahhhhh! Get in ‘dere! We’re gonna stick this fancy star cake in
the oven! And make sure you use hot pads when you take
it out of the oven people… Please!?!? OK? We don’t want anybody’s fingers getting
burnt off! Alright, then we wait 30 minutes. Ta-da! Cake’s all done. So after you remove
your cake from the oven, and you let it cool for as long as it needs, you don’t
want to frost your cake until it’s completely cool. Otherwise the frosting will
melt and it will get really, really weird. And when you work with fondant, we’re
gonna put the fondant over, uh, the creamy frosting, so you just want to make
sure that everything is really even before you put the fondant on. What I did is I had help from my friend Dodger.
We cut this out of cardboard, it’s kind of like a cake plate to match. I don’t know if you can see this, but, it
just fits perfectly to the cake. So now we’re gonna start frosting and I would
never, never, never, when you’re working with fondant, use any type of whipped frosting. The reason, it’s just my own personal preference,
but I realized that it kind of, it uses… It leaves, like, bumps and bubbles. And you
want it to be really flat, so don’t use whipped, um, use anything really creamy,
um, rich, or any kind of cream cheese frosting. That should be fine. And this is the part that takes awhile, so
just frost away and try to make it as even as possible. And that I think is as flat as I think I am gonna
be able to get it. So now you want to put it in the fridge, because
before you put fondant on top of your cake, you just want the icing to be
kind of chilled or cold. While my cake is getting nice and cold,
while the icing is getting cold, it’s gonna take about a 1/2 hour. So I’m
gonna play some Super Mario World! Oh look at these, oh for me! Oh yeah! It’s my best friend! And he’s
hungry! Oh, oh no! I got this, I got this guys. Oh yeah! I’m back on my mighty steed. There’s
nothing we can’t do together! And I made it with my Yoshi! Background: Your second Yoshi… Hey, we don’t need to talk about that, that never
happened! Just took the cake out of the fridge, it sat
in there for about 30 minutes, and look how smooth this is, I don’t know if
you can see it, but just, all the little edges are a lot smoother, it’s gonna, the
fondant is gonna sit really, really nicely on top of there. So I’m gonna put
this down, and before I take out the fondant, I took the cake tray, washed it out, and I”m
just gonna mark, and I laid down wax paper so that the fondant doesn’t stick
to the table. Um, and I just am gonna mark how big I’m going to have to roll out the
fondant to be. So, you can just take a sharpie and mark it off to the side. I’m gonna say about… There, and about that wide,
about that wide. And then what you want to do is take powdered
sugar, you can take corn starch, whatever you want, and just put it on top
of the wax paper kind of lightly. La-la-la-la-la-la! And we’ll spread
it around. It’s just so that the fondant does not stick to the table. And then if you are gonna dye your fondant,
which we are not gonna do today, because today I already have, it’s um, pre-dyed
colored fondant. It’s yellow for our star cake. But if you don’t, if you just get the white
fondant, what you’re gonna want to do is kind of dip your fingers into, like a Crisco,
a vegetable shortening, and rub ‘em like this, just to kind of get them a little
bit greasy, so that when you’re dying the fondant, it doesn’t stick to your fingers,
because you’re gonna have to work more with your hands. Or you can wear
gloves. But, I prefer to work with the hands, it’s just a lot easier for me. Because
sometimes the gloves get stuck to the fondant, and then you got a big mess! It’s not fun! So, fondant right now is hard as rock! So you have to put it in the microwave, and
we’re gonna put it in for about 10 seconds. You just want to make sure to not put it in
for too long, because then it will get kind of liquid-y. Alright, just heated it
up, now it’s a lot more easy to work with. And you’re gonna flatten it out a little
bit! And the hardest thing with fondant and why it’s so tricky, and why I think sometimes it’s a pain in the butt to do, rather than just to use yellow frosting, is
that it cracks. And most fondants do not come flavored, so
that if you would like to flavor them so that they taste a little better, kind of
like them, you’re just gonna have to add flavor to them. Roll this out and I might need some assistance…
From Dodge, if you’ll help me. Dodger: Yeah OK. Ro: This is the part… I
call it picking up the pizza pie part. Dodger: I’ve never done this before, but…
Ro: You get your fingers under there, Ro: stick your arms under there, like a big
pizza dough, and you flop it right Ro: on top! Carefully! Dodger: Should, should
I move, like when you pick that up Dodger: just shove it under you? Ro: Maybe,
yeah, yeah, good idea. Dodger: OK. Ro: OK, so, and just hope that it doesn’t
break, we’re gonna attempt to do this. Ro: OK, ready? Dodger: I am so ready! Ro: Oh it’s breaking! We’ll see if this
will work. Ro: Oh no, wait… Dodger: A little bit closer. Ro: A bit closer. Ro: So the fondant definitely broke on this
one. But that is OK! You’re just gonna cut along here… Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! While the fondant is still moldable. And then I’m gonna fill in the little gaps,
I’m gonna take this and fill in these gaps! So we had a little bit of difficulty, it tore
a little bit, but we were able to, um, kind of do some patchwork. So now I’m gonna try to draw the eyes. OK, turn him this way, because this is the
top, I put the part where I messed up on the top, because I’m proud of it! I’m
gonna be like, yeah! It’s OK! I’m gonna outline the eyes, and you come
down to about there. Aw! He’s a little bit special, he kind of
has like a Finding Nemo, like a little fin! But he’s so cute! I can’t help but love him! Now it’s gonna
be hard for me to want to eat this. Perfect! Now I’m gonna make the eyeballs! But you just, open this up, and then, I don’t
have any fancy, um, icing holders or anything, so what I do is I just take a plastic bag
like a plastic zip-lock bag, and then you scoop your white frosting in here. Get
a nice big scoop of that! Put it in there, it’s a little bit messy…
But that’s OK, because it’s yummy! And you push it down to the corner, like so…
OK! And, take a little scissor. And you can decide
how big you want the, um, hole to be. I’m just gonna do a little 1 to start off,
and if it’s not big enough I’ll just make it a little bigger. And I got my picture,
and I’m gonna try to match the little eyeballs so they look like little teeny eyeballs. OK… And there it is! There’s my Super Mario
Star Cake! A-nee-nee-nee-nee! I hope you guys enjoyed this, let me know
if there’s any other cakes you would like to see me bake. I have so many
in my brain right now that I can’t really pick 1, so let me know! Leave me a comment,
let me know what Nerdy baking yummy-ness you would like me to make for you! Bye!


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