Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to
my virgin kitchen you are looking very well today we have a super amazing recipe for you
super is the key word, these are super Mario cupcakes so the mushrooms that you would see
in the video game personally I was more a fan of Mario kart when I used to play video
games you had the red mushroom and the green one one would make you double in size the
other one would make you go faster. So if you would like to have a go which I really
hope you do you are going to need the following ingredients hit pause on the video now, the
full method and all the bits and bobs and stuff are on my website
now to enhance this recipe I was going to dress as super Mario, but I am called Barry
right, super Barryio right, see B for Barry oh dear, hmm I am not going to wear a hat
because it is a boston red sox hat too some of you Yankees fans may be like oh my stop
wearing that, so we will stay neutral I am actually using an 8 bit mushroom cupcake pan
that I ordered online there is a link below and also at the end of this video I am going
to give this away so stay tuned lets make the cupcakes.
First thing we are going to do sugar for this cupcake mixture and our butter just dump that
in there at room temperature and as you know we have just got to cream it all together
so get yourself a trusty spatula or wooden spoon and mix it at first it will start to
cling to the sugar and it will cream together as one oh yes as one.
There we go the sugar is all merged in there nice and creamed through now of course that
cupcake tray if you can get it will make it awesome but you do not necessarily have to
do it folks ok you can use a standard one and get creative with a knife I am adding
my eggs now this is 4 beaten eggs in total so I am doing it half at a time just mixing
that through a little bit starting to look like scrambled egg but as always it will turn
out ok and remember I am self taught so if I can make it anyone can, a little splash
of vanilla extract too about 2 teaspoons maybe one you can completely omit that if you like
or maybe add some mint, if you are doing a green cupcake mint would be amazing I should
have done that. Yes it is definitely scrambled egg right now but we will now dry it up by
adding in the self raising flour so this will really thicken it so we mix it or you can
fold it through all incorporated together, so this is well mixed together and I love
this about a spatula you can just cling to the bowl and get every ingredient in there,
with the bits at the bottom make sure you really scoop it in there it is a little thick
for me so I will add in a bit of milk and drink the rest, oh yes, mix that through and
the batter will be done. As it is brand new I am just giving it a wash
and drying it slightly, also sitting it on a tray as it says to do that to help it level
I guess we have some spray oil here so will just give it a light lubrication in these
little holes thankyou to everyone that suggested that when I add batter into cupcake trays
I use an ice cream scoop now I am sorry I am pretty old school but this is the way I
want to do it so I will get it in there and give a little tap tap every time get it about
two thirds of the way up so nice tap to level it off we talked about flavouring the batter
but you can also colour it so a brown food colouring to make it even more authentic you
could do that but I am not lets bake it. In they go for around 12 minutes and if you
are wondering you ask me this all the time how do I do this shot the oven is not actually
on right now I do not want to melt my camera. See you in twelve minutes, well a little longer
as I have to pre heat the oven. So while those cupcakes are baking in the oven, well they
are not this is what I do they are there the oven is pre heating right now. We are going
to make our buttercream so here is our icing sugar aka confectioner sugar and some more
butter at room temperature, please try and get it nice and clammy it really will help
make the buttercream so we make one big old batch and then divide up so we have the two
colours stir it gently at first where is my voice going stir it first, my voice is going,
my voice has gone, peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, right I am back in the
room, buttercream. Sorry about that mad moment there folks so
we are smoothing it together with the spatula making sure we get all that sugar up kind
of like when we creamed the butter and sugar for the batter at the start get it all in
there combined that is perfect we will divide it now and colour it up we divided it up in
two bowls and get some food colouring this will be our green one, so a bit of that in
there and then wooden spoon it to the max there we go nice green frosting now I have
not looked but imagine we may want to use a bit of this for the stem to hold the top
of the mushroom so we will do that when we get to it I also made a red icing in exactly
the same way now to make the white spots that sit on top of the mushrooms I have one of
these and that is simply from a mushroom that is not a mushroom that is a marshmallow sorry
going bonkers today I am just snipping it like this shaping it a bit and turning it
over and these will perfect little spots, my backup plan was to roll out some icing
but I did not want to make it icing overkill. There we are nice and cooked through I have
put a skewer through it to make sure they are cooked through I said they could rise
and they have what I will do once it has cooled down a bit is slice it nice and flush before
putting it on a wire rack to cool down fully. Funghi tastic although I do not think I am
going to have mushroom to have them all sorry about the bad puns they are all cooled down
this one got a bit of a sun tan there some oil on it so we will now frost the lids, going
quite gently and took my time with this and I will see you in a minute hopefully with
a nice red mushroom, so there we go all nice and frosted so we sit the marshmallow right
on top using the stickiness of the marshmallow to grip to that frosting too may need to hold
it a couple of seconds like that and a few more around the edges, then all done. There
we go check that out lets do a green one, little change of plan I started to frost my
second red one and thought I would try the icing out instead and it looks way better
with the icing rather than the marshmallow so so there we go lets do the green ones.
Ladies and gents I present to you our mushroom cupcakes how good do they look that is so
cool. Alright so I am going to take the lid, not
sure if there is etiquette in eating these cupcakes. If you would like to win that silicone
mould on the screen right now is a picture of boston and I and what I would like you
to do is turn me and boston into super barrio tweet me your picture @myvirginkitchen I will
pick my faves and put them on my Instagram and social media letting people pick the winner
and I will get in touch with the winner, of course you can order it yourself there is
a link down below let me know what recipes you want to see next time guys I hope you
give these a try and I will see you next time bye for now.


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